Fantendo Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi is a game for the Nintendo Wii. It's a game like Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi, but it has Fanon characters and the the Dragon Balls are Fantendo Balls.


  • 3.14 - 4.13's brother is ready to fight! He can beat up his known persons, like Heart.
  • McBoo - This pink Boo from the McBoo's Mansion series returns! He is the stongest character, so watch out!!
  • Lemmykoopa24 - Joins for the fun of it. A palette swap of Lemmy Koopa with a green suit.
  • Nightwolf - This black wolf from the Nightwolf series appears to find the Fantendo Balls!
  • Nugg - A blue Yoshi that joins the rest to save his village.
  • Purple Koopa Bro. - A Koopa that is purple appears in Fantendo Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi!
  • Clyde - A orange Yoshi that appears in this game.
  • Ace Venturboo - A wisecracking Boo who joins to make new friends.
  • Tommy the Penguin - Joins for some adventure. A blue Penguin with giant red pants.
  • Dupmal - Joins to fight baddies. A Black Dooplis.
  • Lumarry - A luma whose forced to come along when his friends disappear.
  • Fisherman Pianta - Nugg's guardian joins to look after Nugg.
  • Chump - Nugg's Chain Chomp rival who joins for the same reason as Nugg.
  • Dashed Koopa - A Koopa who has a blue shell behind him.
  • Mick Cool - A Shy Guy who is a Micool Guy, and his mask looks black and his eyes are blue.
  • Kooprina - This girl who lives with he father in probably a town of Koopas... she's your average playable koopa...
  • Micool the Master - This sword man who saves his Princess from the villain of the Micool series.
  • Groudous Maximus - The main villain of the Micool series appears in Fantendo Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi!
  • Flame - This Yoshi who is one of Clyde's Yoshis, and has a F on his tummy.
  • Moyan - This black sticky guy with red hair is ready to fight!
  • YoshiEgg Nook - This green Tanooki from the YoshiEgg series, though he is not a Yoshi.
  • Bloop - YoshiEgg Nook's best friend, though he is YoshiEgg's sidekick!
  • Helen - This red-haired girl with a pink dress appears!
  • Nekorus - Helen's rival is ready to fight!
  • Karma - This Black hair Yoshi girl is ready to join!
  • RedYoshi - RedYoshi, the Yoshi in the RedYoshi series appears in Fantendo Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi!
  • Bakachu - This Pkachu with green skin and blue eyes from the Mariofan45 and Pokemon series.
  • Kree Guy - This creepy Shy Guy in the Helen series, though he is Helen's boyfriend.
  • Clever Knight - This little Meta Kight who is 7 feet short.
  • Juicypuff - This little orange Jigglypuff is ready to fight!
  • Lucas Koopa - One of Bowser's Koopalings, young, but older than Sammy.


  • Wasteland - A land that is filled with Waste.
  • Fantendo Ball Hill - The place where the Fantendo Balls are hidden.
  • Dark Ruins - The ruins in the desert, though it's dark in there!
  • Kree Guy's World - Kree Guy's home village where Kree Guy creeps out.
  • Helen's House - Helen's Hometown appears as a playable stage in this game.
  • Nugg's Village - Nugg protects this village, but watch out for Ringout!
  • Sword Land - Micool's Land in the Micool series were he gets swords, watch out for the sword attack!


  • Defense Up - Unlock Defense Training to get this Z item.
  • Attack Up - Do up attack in Training mode to unlock this Z item.
  • Aura Charge Ultimate - A purple earing that charges ultimate Auras.
  • Fantendo Ball Attack - Through the Fantendo Balls on the opponent, and a Spirit Bomb.


The Fantendo Balls have been stolen from the Fantendo Ball villain, the Fantendo Fighters run to find it.


  • Scubbish - This evil Yoshi is here to steel the Fantendo Balls!@
  • Nanky -
  • The Demon Queen - The main villain of the Fantendo Ball series. She's a queen looking a lot like Princess Peach, but she's evil and her gown in blue.
  • Chanchy -
  • CrackedEgg Nook - YoshiEgg Nook is his cracked form appears as a villain.
  • Haherf -
  • Evil Toady - A Evil Toad who is Evil Toad's sister and her rival is Ghost Toad.


  • This game was released in January 4, 2010, the day before January 5.
  • Note that all users need to put in their characters.