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Fantendo Assault is a real-time strategy game developed by Laughball Interactive for Wii U and PC. It features several Fantendoverse characters commanding armies in combat.


Fantendo Assault is an RTS inspired by Halo Wars. Players choose a commander, each commander having unique traits in gameplay, and fight it out on a top-down map, full of bases and map-specific threats.


In an alternate Fantendoverse (colloquially referred to as the Warverse), tension mounts between Zeonian and Doomulus forces, bringing the universe into an age of war.


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One of the few survivors of Zeon, Unten is leader of the Zeonian forces. Though he is a great leader on the field, he tends to handle internal matters rashly.

Unten is a Neutral Good leader who's playstyle is focused on an all-around approach, balancing offense, defense, and economic strength. His Special Building is Beorn Temple, which produces resources and ups tech level, and his Commander Power is Judge, which buffs units based on tech level.


Doomulus Grime

A powerful warlord who seeks to pilage worlds for his own gain, Doomulus Grime is cruel, cunning, and revered as the greatest tactical mind in the galaxy.

Doomulus Grime is a heavily offensive Lawful Evil commander, focused on hitting hard and fast with poor long-term defense. His Special Unit is the Giga Drill, an anti-building ground unit that converts damage to health, and his Commander Power is Grime's Greed, which doubles resource gains.



Advisor to Unten and general of the Zeonian Army, Netnu is a former gladiator with aspirations to usurp Unten and finally kill Doomulus.

Netnu is an Chaotic Neutral offensive commander with a focus on scouting out foes, keeping an eye on the map. His Special Unit is the Gladiator, an anti-infantry infantry unit with incredible health and strength, and his Commander Power is Doppelganger, which allows him to copy his foes' tech level and resource count.



A Catonean leader reluctantly allied with Unten, Zerita is very self-driven and proud, a natural fighter and talented commander.

Zerita is a Chaotic Good commander with a focus on quickly moving out and setting up bases, allowing her to control the map. Her Special Building is Boot Camp, which increases the strength of nearby units, and her Commander Power is Catonean Pride, which cuts upgrade times to 75%.


Leah Needlenam

A mysterious recluse who has amassed an army of 'experiments', Leah Needlenam is a manipulative and cunning opponent with mysterious motives.

Leah is a Neutral Evil commander who's playstyle revolves around precise attacks and lulling foes into a sense of false security. Her Special Building is the Hospital, which heals nearby units, and her Commander Power is Blood Drive, a bomb fueled by killing enemy units.



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