Fantendo Art is a game in which you can add anything, built from the ground up by the Fantendo community as long as it can be taken seriously. It is inspired by Fantendo Mush.


The gameplay was inspired by games like Banjo Kazooie, as it is a collectathon platformer. You go through 8 different worlds trying to collect Makiras, golden keys that can open up dimensional doors to enter new areas. You can also collect Kitas, tiny puppies that have been scattered throughout dimensions. Every 50 puppies you get, you can give them to certain NPCs to get Makiras. To actually find the puppies and earn Makiras, you'll have to use the powers of the 3 main characters - Eagira the Eagle can fly and reach higher places, however he is unable to attack until the third boss was defeated.  Milly the Mole can dig tunnels underground and encounter some secret underground areas, however there's a chance of there being a cave in and crushing Eagira or Lari if they went in.. The final main character Lari the Snake is the main attacker and can slither into small spaces aswell as bite enemies and learn cool abilities.


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