Rule of Cool is the first episode of Fantendo Animated! It is being written by SuperSonicDarkness and Hamclub13. 


Opening Theme

Title Card

(Shows the team getting ready to fight Netnu and an army of robots)

Squav: Alright guys, we need to think of a plan! Unten and I will take them on land. Fandro, you-

(Fandro is seen flying around the robots with his laser gun)

Squav: And of're gone.

Netnu: *charges large cannon* Who's laughing now?!?!?!

Fandro: *dodges cannon blast* Uh, still us, I guess. 

Unten: *charges up energy beam* Beorn Blast! *shoots energy beam at one of the robots*

Robot: *explodes on impact with the blast* 

Squav: *uses his sword to slice a robot in half* 

Fandro: *sticks tounge out while flying around* Can't catch me!

Umbra: Fandro! Get down from- Oh, why do I even bother? *kicks a robot*

Mika: Umbra, *throws fire at some of the robots chasing Fandro* you should know that Fandro plays by his own rules by now!

Starla: I'll help him! Mika, got my back?

Mika: Okay, I'll try to defend you!

Starla: Great, thanks! *flies away*

Netnu: Aargh! You pesky little- *gets punched by Starla* AAARRGH!!!! NOW YOU'RE IN FOR IT!!!

Unten: What are you gonna do? Send more robots after us?

Netnu: *no longer smiling* Um... Actually, I was...

Squav: Well, this is... awkward...

Umbra: So, are you going to send them, or...

Netnu: Wait, give me a second... *walks away, into a door. Comes out seconds later* ROBOTS, ATTACK!

Robots: *every time they say attack a recorded message of Netnu saying attack plays* Command given: ATTACK! Initiating ATTACK!...

Heroes: *walk closer together*

Robots: *all fall to the ground*

Data: *walks out of building holding a wire* Too easy!

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