Not to be confused with Fantendo the Animated Series.

Fantendo Animated! (working title) is a cartoon show based on the Fantendo Characters made to replace Fantendo Neobomb. It is inspired by shows like Fantendo the Animated Series and Fantendo High. The show is still an action show, but focuses more on character development and humor. It will be written by Dark (tbc), but he might get more writers for the show. 


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Season 1

Season 1 will have 20-25 episodes. Writers can submit their episodes on the official forum thread. 

  1. Rule of Cool: The group wants to get more people to join their team, but the problem is all the other Fantendo Heroes are better at fighting bad guys then them. The team thinks they should train more to become better heroes, but Fandro has something else in mind....
  2. Dreidon: The group finds themselves on a mysterious planet called Dreidon where they are thrust into a society based off ratings. Ella finds herself at the top fairly quickly, and now Mika plans a revolution against the system.
  3. A Nutty Situation: Netnu tricks the Squavocado tribe into thinking their leader, Squav, has betrayed them. Now it's up to Unten and Squav to clear up this mess. 
  4. To The Stars Above!: When most of the team gets captured by the Nebulains, it's up to Data, Tada, and Starla to fix this mess! This should work out fine. 
  5. Double Trouble: Clones of Unten, Umbra and Squav appear, much to the dismay of the three. Umbra-II impresses Mika, making Umbra jealous. Squav-II replaces Squav as the leder of the squavacado and Unten-II becomes the leader of the team. None of the others realise the swap, so how will the trio beat the clones?

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