Fantendo Alliance
Developer(s) VictoryStar
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) WiiULogo
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan August 2014
25px-Flag of USA July 2014
25px-Flag of Europe July 2014
25px-Flag of Australia July 2014
Single player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action

Fantendo Alliance is an action role-playing game developed by VictoryStar and published by Fantendo for the Wii U. The game was initially released in July 2014. It features many characters from the Fantendoverse—the setting of games published by Fantendo—like Unten and Henry the Moose. The purpose of the game is to celebrate Fantendo's history and look into the future.


Fantendo Alliance is an action RPG. Players form a team of four characters from the Fantendo universe. As the story progresses, more characters are unlocked. Up to four people can play the game. Players can fight each other through online play, but cannot use online multiplayer when in the story mode.

As characters defeat enemies, they gain experience points. Players must use experience points to upgrade each character's special moves. Players can execute them by pressing WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu/XButton/Ybuttonwiiu.

In addition to special moves, the player can use a number of combos. They are:

  • XButton XButton XButton Strong Combo
  • Ybuttonwiiu Ybuttonwiiu Ybuttonwiiu Quick Combo
  • XButton XButton Ybuttonwiiu Quick Thrust
  • Ybuttonwiiu Ybuttonwiiu XButton Short Pop
  • XButton Ybuttonwiiu Ybuttonwiiu Four-Hit Smack
  • Ybuttonwiiu XButton XButton Four-Hit Twirl
  • XButton Ybuttonwiiu XButton Pop-Up (Strong)
  • Ybuttonwiiu XButton Ybuttonwiiu Pop-Up (Weak)

Players can change their team and upgrade their characters' moves at save points. During gameplay, the player can switch to a different character by pressing WiiU ZR + the direction of the desired character.

There are two bars displayed by a character's icon—one for HP, and one for SP (special points). When enemies are defeated, they drop green orbs that refill HP. SP is replenished by using combos.

Players will occasionally find items called Summon Orbs. When these are used, a Summon character will appear and assist the team for a short time. Some Summons attack, some defend, and some give off helpful items.

Playable Characters

130px Unten
An average, well-rounded character that is perfect for beginners.
Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu Roundhouse Kick
- WiiU ZL + XButton Beom Power
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu Magnitude

Henry-In-3D Henry the Moose
Series: Henry the Moose
A more advanced form of Unten. He is also good for beginners.
Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu Hammer Swing
- WiiU ZL + XButton Boxer Punch
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu Horn Attack

Zerita FRL Zerita
A speedy character with good scratch-based combos.
Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu Swift Attack
- WiiU ZL + XButton Slash
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu Twister

PurpleNvF Purple
Series: Purple
A Dark Koopa that can use ninja-like special moves and combos.
Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu Sword Cut
- WiiU ZL + XButton Shell Slam
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu Fireball

EllaFOC Ella Metals
Series: Ella-Metals
A metal-bending characters who uses her surroundings to her advantage.
Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu Iron Sweep
- WiiU ZL + XButton Wrecker Throw
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu Metal Tide

MondoArend Mondo
This game would be really boring and uninteresting without him.
Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu Chatter
- WiiU ZL + XButton Spear Throw
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu Spear Stab

McBoo MMWii McBoo
Series: McBoo
A master of fear and fright, capable of stunning foes in fright.
Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu Lick
- WiiU ZL + XButton Bounce
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu Terrorize

YoshiEggbyWS YoshiEgg Nook
Series: YoshiEgg
A character that has more surprises up his sleeve than you'd think.
Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu Podoboo Whip
- WiiU ZL + XButton Keyblade Kut
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu Tail Strike

Litle P Cartoon Litle P
Series: Litle P and Sandslash
This character brings a fresh Pokémon touch to the game.
Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu Quick Attack
- WiiU ZL + XButton Thunder Punch
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu Thunder Shock

Sandslash P 2 Sandslash P
Series: Litle P and Sandslash
This character is the opposite of Litle P, being slower but more powerful.
Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu Spikes
- WiiU ZL + XButton Dig
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu Slash

TransparencyMicool Micool the Master
Series: Micool
Wielding his sword, the Crimson Fang, this character can deal good damage.
Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu Quick Jab
- WiiU ZL + XButton Sword Slam
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu Circle Flame

ItadakiYoshiRed RedYoshi
Series: RedYoshi
A quick character that has a simple yet effective gameplay style.
Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu Tongue Attack
- WiiU ZL + XButton Headbutt
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu Berry Pluck

EmeraldTeamGemstones Emerald
Series: Team Gemstones
This character has fast, reliable moves and is perfect for advanced players.
Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu Leaf Blade
- WiiU ZL + XButton Solar Beam
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu Dragon Claw

RubyTeamGemstones Ruby
Series: Team Gemstones

Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu
- WiiU ZL + XButton
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu

SapphireTeamGemstones Sapphire
Series: Team Gemstones

Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu
- WiiU ZL + XButton
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu

BloopbyWS Bloop
Series: YoshiEgg
This floaty character is capable of ink shots and tentacle attacks.
Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu Ink Shoot
- WiiU ZL + XButton Tentacle Squeeze
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu Tentacle Whip

PalmMan PalmMan
Series: PalmMan
A more advanced character with complex special moves.
Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu Arm Cannon
- WiiU ZL + XButton Tree Sprout
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu Electric Burst

Indi555ByEGC Indi
A Kirby-like creature wielded with an arsenal of weapons.
Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu Dive Kick
- WiiU ZL + XButton Grenade
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu Blaster

Spaghetti Spaghetti
Series: Gridlock
A technical, middle-of-the-road character.
Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu Charm
- WiiU ZL + XButton Tackle
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu Spy Power

TaBooki3 TaBooki
Series: TaBooki
A character that is more powerful than he looks.
Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu Tail Whip
- WiiU ZL + XButton Bite
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu Tongue Strike

NightwolfNG2 Nightwolf
Series: Nightwolf
A powerful character and master of darkness.
Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu Kick Thrust
- WiiU ZL + XButton Shadow Punch
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu Ravage

PlumberFull2 King Plumber
The ruler of the Fantendoverse himself becomes playable after completing Story Mode.
Special Moves:
- WiiU ZL + Bbuttonwiiu Authority
- WiiU ZL + XButton Ban
- WiiU ZL + Ybuttonwiiu Promote


Name Rate Special Move Combo
Uncommon Keyblade Sweep Four-Hit Twirl
Mick Cool3D
Matt Mick Cool
Common Ice Twister Short Pop
Bombell LMDM Style
Uncommon Explosion Quick Thrust
Andy Pasta
Common Pasta Shoot Pop-Up (Weak)
Princess Cleffa
Princess Cleffa
Rare Wish Four-Hit Smack
Uncommon Reflect Pop-Up (Strong)
Common Ball Throw Short Pop
Common Claw Scratch Four-Hit Twirl
Uncommon Sword Swipe Quick Thrust
Chief Dongorio
Uncommon Body Slam Pop-Up (Strong)
Little RedYoshi
Little RedYoshi
Common Berry Pick Pop-Up (Weak)
Rare Pie Throw Pop-Up (Weak)
Uncommon Comet Kick Short Pop
Skyler the Riolu
Common Bullet Punch Pop-Up (Strong)
Uncommon Creation Four-Hit Smack
Common Electric Ball Short Pop
Purple Guy
Uncommon Purple Shadow Four-Hit Twirl


BlackYoshiNew BlackYoshi
Series: RedYoshi
With RedYoshi's Island conquered, he'll do anything to get rid of his nemesis.
- Headbutt
- Bat Throw
- Dark Storm

DoomulusGrime2014 Doomulus Grime
One of the main villains. He plans to revive the Doomuli and conquer the Fantendoverse.
- GigaDrill
- Pure Evil
- Cloak Fade

NetnuNew Netnu
He is the complete opposite of Unten. They are the last of the Beoms.
- Fire Spout
- Beom Power
- Twister

SunnyscytheNvF3D Sunnyscythe
Series: Litle P and Sandslash
Litle P's polar opposite. He's psychotic, sadistic, and powerful.
- Torture
- Thunder Punch
- Thunder Shock

Series: Henry the Moose
He has been Henry's mortal enemy since childhood. Now he has a chance to defeat him.
- Can't Have My Chocolate
- Not-So-Superior Intelligence
- Llama Attack

TatanNew Tatan
Series: Purple
He's never been truly evil, but the temptations of power and conquest won him over.
- Wind Gust
- Shell Attack
- Shell Slam

Tranzformez Tranzformez
Series: McBoo
He was lost after King Boo took everything away from him. Now, he can take it back.
- Shapeshift
- Ghost Rush
- Haunt




  • Baseball Bat
    Gives combos some extra oomph.
  • Blaster
    Fires charged orbs in quick succession with XButton or Ybuttonwiiu.
  • Super Bomb
    Causes a massive explosion that damages anyone within its radius.
  • Summon Orb
    Summons a special character to give you some help.
  • Soccer Ball
    Can be kicked at enemies multiple times.
  • Flare Gun
    Spews a stream of fire in front of the user with XButton or Ybuttonwiiu.
  • Homing Missile
    Fires a missile that targets and chases a random enemy.
  • Health Stone
    When broken, it completely restores the HP of the whole team.
  • Special Stone
    When broken, it completely restores the SP of the whole team.
  • Shield
    Gives the holder temporary invincibility.
  • Cloaking Device
    Makes the user temporarily invisible.
  • CD
    Unlocks a song that can be listened to in the Gallery when picked up.
  • Photo
    Unlocks a new image that can be viewed in the Gallery when picked up.



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