Fantendo All-Stars Show is a (roleplay) fanon crossover show. Anyone can participate, unless that one breaks one of the Roleplay Rules.


  • No god-mod nor power playing.
  • No pornographic pictures.
  • Minor cursing is allowed, unless the Roleplay leader disallow it.
  • Get on the present. That mean don't judge a character acts by past, unless your character can read past!
  • No Mature Contents.
  • Do never flame or troll someone.
  • Any memes aren't allowed. We only want funny but not-overused jokes! (Sorry meme fans.)
  • Only Fantendo Characters are allowed. (This rule is optional, in case you wanted to make Fantendo-Only Roleplay)
  • Add extra rules in your roleplay if you want.
  • Do not steal the plot. If I'm correct, that means trying to make it's characters taken the Roleplay of the original Roleplay Leader. (In other words, when the non-leader tried to be the most important of that Roleplay.)
  • Any users who made a violations will get a warning. If it keep going, I will kick you out of that Roleplays and can't comeback until the date depending how grave the situation you caused!

Banned Users:

Those who don't respect the rules will be kicked out and banned from this page and Roleplays. There's three information; the banned User's name, the reason and when it's ban will expires.

List of Episodes (AKA Roleplays)

Episode #001: The Villainous Hero (Series Premier, you can now edit this page)

Make yours if you want, but make sure you numbered it in the correct order.

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