Fantendo All-Stars Racing is a racing game developed by GemGames Co. featuring various Fantendo characters participating in races with each other. The game is confirmed for the Nintendo IC and SP1DR and will be released in late 2012, there is also the possibility of it being ported to the Wii U.




Playable Characters


Beorn Cup

Course Name Description Series Staff Ghost Expert Ghost
Peaceful Plains These vast plains are home to the Baraenion Tribe, they are a simple circuit lap around the plains with no obstacles other than the occassional rock on the track. This track is best for begginers. TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR Zerita Unten
Castle Street This large street, as it's name suggests, is the location of Cleffa Castle and is home to Litle P and Sandslash P. Castle Street is a basic course winding through the main road and the forest's detour route. Litle P & Sandslash Sandslash P Litle P


There are various items available for characters to use during a race, obtained by smashing an item box.


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