Fantendo All-Stars:Corruption is the sequel to Fantendo All-Stars:Heroes of the Generations. It is slated to have 45 characters. The game will be for the Wii U and ShadowChrome 66, and will include many things it's predecessor didn't have, such as items and a soundtrack.              

Story Mode

Main Article:Fantendo All-Stars:Corruption/Story Mode

The story is about Super Nova (From Super Smash Bros Alpha) forming an army of villains (That has Netnu, Matrix, and Project 384, among other ones) to take over the Fantendoverse, and the heroes (Unten,Pesh, Lectro,Mika, Squav, etc.) need to stop them. 


Each character will have 3 special attacks: A neutral,side,and up attack. The gameplay is very similar to the Super Smash Bros series. Some items are shared from that series, such as the Ray Gun and Beam Sword, but there will be new items as well, mostly from existing Fantendo series.

Playable Characters

Default Characters

Artwork Name Game of Origin Moveset Description Alternate Costumes
Cunten Unten Fissure

Neutal: Energy Blast

Side:Beorn Blaze

Up: Energy Dive

The Beorn Hero and mascot of Fantendo is here for another All-Star showdown! Spunten
LectroYE Lectro The Lectro Chronicles

Neutral: Electric Blast

Side:Thunder Kick


An electric cyborg hedgehog from an alternate universe, Lectro is here to protect the Fantendoverse! Sonic
Mewshi New 2 Mewshi Super Smash Bros Overdrive

Neutral: Egg Throw

Side : Scratch

Up: Upward Pounce

The Cat/Yoshi hybrid hero is here to fight against evil! Yoshi
Mika Mika Sho The Uncanny Adventures of Mika Sho

Neutral: Fire Blast

Side: Flame Rush

Up:Burning Meteor

The girl with the fire powers is here to defend more then just her school, but her entire universe! Classic Mika Sho
YErubberYE Rubber Rubber and the Quest for Diggy the Happy Troll

Neutral: Rubber Punch

Side: Motor Dash

Up: Rubber Jet

The Rubbery hero with the power to shapeshift rejoins the battle! Red Variant
Fafpesh Pesh Pusher's Pile

Neutral:Sword Jab

Side:Quick Slash

Up:Upwards Strike

The knight of Pushopolis wouldn't miss a battle like this! Black Variant
White White The Adventures of White


Side: Splash Potion

Up: Jetpack

The young white Popopo is here for another Battle Royale! Black Variant



Quest of the Ninja

Neutral: Shuriken

Side: Sword Dash

Up:Tornado Slash

The Ninja hero is ready to take down all of his enemies! White Variant



The Strange Life of a Schoolboy

Neutral: Laser Gun

Side: Laser Sword

Up: Green Ring Thunder

The schoolboy who has experience with facing extraterrestrial threats, he is ready to face whatever is coming at him!

Silver Armor

Scratch cat

Scratch Kat


The Adventures of Scratch Kat

Neutral: Pixel Blast

Side: Power Beam

Up: Teleport

The heroic cat is ready to rumble! Shadow Kat
Applepeachia1 Princess ApplePeach Princess ApplePeach

Neutral: Apple Throw

Side: Frying Pan

Up:Magic Blast

The princess of CookieVille is here to have another go in the fray!

Super ApplePeach

Nyntendo X Nyntendo X Fantendo Ultimate Alliance

Neutral:Ynergy Blast

Side: Power Kick

Up: Teleport

The hero blessed with the powers of Xerneas is ready for battle! Takashi
Pyro 1 Pyro The Lectro Chronicles

Neutral:Flame Slash


Up:Meteor Blaze

Lectro's partner, the brave and cocky hedgehog will use his sword for victory! Blue Variant



Flip the Frog Neutral: Banjo Whack

Side: Cobby Whip

Up: High Jump

The awesome frog is here to fight! Pilf
DerbyDashBrawlRing Derby Dash


Sonic and Fantendo: Universes Meet

Neutral:Horse Kick

Side: Horse Dash

Up: Gallop

The Brisk Horse enters the fray! Blue Variant
Fyre Fyre the Fox The Adventure of Fyre Neutral: Fire Breath

Side:Fire Dash

Up:Burning Blaze

The Flaming Fox is ready for battle! Blue Variant
Waddlenote MNASOTGF Waddlenote Mewshi's Adventure!

Neutral: Acorn Toss

Side: Waddlenote Spin

Up:Squirrel Fly

Mewshi's Best Pal is ready for action! Red Variant
Sqauv Squav A Nutty Adventure

Neutral: Sword Slash

Side: Avocado Blast

Up: Tails Swipe

The hero of the Squavacado forest returns! Squeberry

Cookie Crumble


Sweet Tooth
  • Neutral: Cookie Throw
  • Side: Cookie Kick
  • Up: Plate Smash
the student at Sweet Tooth University is here to save her universe! Red Variant

Zerita FRL

Zerita Fantendo - Planetary Implosion
  • Neutral: Claw
  • Side: Shadow Kick 
  • Up: Claw Spin
Unten's fierce sidekick returns to battle! Green Variant
SSDSki Ski Gauntlets of Fire
  • Neutral: Flame Blast
  • Side: Flame Punch
  • Up: Flame Kick
Ski is here to prove his strength! Blue Variant
SSDColt Colt  Gauntlets of Fire
  • Neutral:Thunder Blast
  • Side: Thunder Kick
  • Up: Thunder Strike
Ski's best friend is ready to rumble! Black Variant
SSDAmusari Amusari Final Shogun
  • Neutral: Sword Slash
  • Side: Sword Dash
  • Up: Jump Kick
The samurai from Blossom Village is ready for battle! Green Variant

Unlockable Characters

Artwork Name Game of Origin Moveset Description How to Unlock Alternate Costumes
NetnuNew Netnu Team Fanon

Neutral: Laser Monacle

Side:Fire Blast

Up: Burning Meteor

Unten's archnemesis wrecks havoc on the tournament! Win 30 times as Unten UNT3N
TaBooki8 TaBooki Mario Kart Pro Circuit

Neutral: Tail Swipe

Side:Ghost Dash

Up: Tanooki Jump

The friendly Boo returns to the ring! Win 50 times as Mewshi Grey Variant
Mutant Project 384 The Adventure of Fyre Neutral:Scratch

Side:Slide Kick


The evil mutant creation is ready to beat not just Fyre, but all of the Fantendo Heroes! Win 75 times as Fyre. Red Variant
MC in Madnesscrazy adventure 2



Madnesscrazy's Adventure

Neutral:Shadow Blast

Side:Shadow Dash


The 15 year old hero is ready for battle! Use the explosive capsule in battle 20 times. Classic Madnesscrazy



The Lectro Chronicles

Neutral: Darkness Cannon

Side: Shadow Rush

Up: Wing-Bot

The evil robot soldier of the Silver Empire is here to show the Fantendoverse who's boss! Win as Lectro 90 times Metal Sonic
Mylan 2

Mylan Starlight


Smash Sisters Unite!

Neutral: Star Skies Wand Shoot

Side: Skies Spin

Up: Flying

The princess, who is now a queen, who helped Peach,Zelda, and the others in SSU here to join the fray! Win Target Test as both Ujori and ApplePeach in under 25 seconds.

White Variant


Matter Man


Matter Man

Neutral: Fire

Side: Thunder

Up: Steam

The form-changing robot is here to protect the universe again! Beat Target Test as both Fyre and Project 384 5 times each Mega Man-ish variant



Blushi the Warrior

Neutral: Magic Egg

Side:Magic Blast


The hero of Yoshi is here again! Beat Target Test as Both Mewshi and Waddlenote Red Variant

Bloo Beary


Fantendo All-Stars:Corruption

(this game)

Neutral: Pallette Beam

Side: Claw

Up: Pallette Jump

Being a joke character can't stop him from kicking some butt! Win as Rubber 45 times.

Blakk Beary

Donald -Duo- Skitz Duo The Uncanny Adventures of Mika Sho

Neutral: Energy Blast

Side: Omega Kick

Up: Ultra Uppercut

Mika's best friend is ready to battle! Win as Mika Sho 50 times Blue variant
DiggyMole MNASOTGF Diggy Mole Mewshi's Adventure!

Neutral: Digger Claws

Side: Flashlight

Up: Dig Spin

One of Mewshi's sidekicks is ready to fight! Win as Waddlenote 60 times Green variant
SSDAdrian Adrian Gauntlets of Fire
  • Neutral: Shadow Blast
  • Side: Shade Shield
  • Up: Teleport
The scheming enemy of Ski and Colt joins the fray! Win as Ski 75 times. Red Variant
SSDDarkShogun Dark Shogun Final Shogun
  • Neutral: Shadow Sword
  • Side: Dark Swing
  • Up: Upwards Stab
Amusari's evil nemesis joins the fray! Win as Amusari 90 times.  Blue Variant


Image Name Franchise Effect Rarity
250px-RayGunBrawl Ray Gun Super Smash Bros Can use as a projectile weapon, can only use 15 blasts. Common
BrawlBeamSword Beam Sword Super Smash Bros Can use as a Melee weapon Common
Fish MA! Fish Mewshi the Dinocat Makes you faster for 45 seconds and replenishes 50% of your health  Semi-Common
GoldenFish MA! Golden Fish Mewshi the Dinocat double the speed boost (both in time and speed) of the normal fish and replenishes 85% of your health Rare
RPGGunmen Rocket Launcher The Strange Life of a Schoolboy Can shoot up to 5 explosive charges, but using it slows you down Semi-Comon
BrawlCapsuleFA-S Explosive Capsule Super Smash Bros When thrown, it explodes once it lands.  Common

Assist Trophies

Image Assist Name Series What it does Rarity
Silver. Silver Sonic the Hedgehog Throws harmful items at your opponents with his telekenesis. (e.g:explosive capsules) On rare occasions, he can throw to you helpful items or throw energy blasts at opponents. Semi-Common
Kirby Popstar Crossover Kirby Kirby Will suck up all the nearby items and enemies, and then spit them out, dealing damage. Common
1186px-Bowser HUGE Bowser Super Mario Bros Shoots Fire and Hammers at the nearest opponents. Rare
Knuckles the echidna by mintenndo-d5n7ab1 Knuckles Sonic the Hedgehog Attacks the nearest opponent with a series of punches, ending with him picking up the Master Emerald and smashing it on them. Common
Mario Party - Island Tour Waluigi Artwork Waluigi Super Mario Bros Pretty much the same as in SSBB: runs into everything with his tennis racket.  Common


Default Stages

Stage Name Series
Verdant Grasslands Mewshi the Dinocat
Silver Empire Lectro the Cyberhog
Fantendo Arena Fantendo All-Stars
Pushopolis Pusher's Pile
Ninja Central NinJon
Sky City The Adventures of White
Car Cruise Super Scratch Kat
Ejoroka Arena The Strange Life of a Schoolboy
The Kingdom Ship Princess ApplePeach
CookieVille Princess ApplePeach
Squavocado Forest Squavocado

Unlockable Stages

Stage Name Series How to Unlock
Princess Yuki's Palace Princess ApplePeach Win as Princess ApplePeach 15 times
Crazy Canyon Fyre The Fox Win as Project 384 20 times
Darkest Skies The Adventures of White Win as White 33 times
The Top of Maikai High The Strange Life of a Schoolboy Win as Ujori Kasami 20 times
The Skies of Wonder Smash Sisters Unite! Win as Mylan 15 times


  • Single Player Mode
    • Story Mode
    • Arcade Mode
    • Mini-Games Mode
    • Stadium Mode
    • Boss Battle Mode
    • All-Star Mode
  • Multi-Players Mode
    • Free-for-all
    • Stock Survival
    • Team Battle
    • Coin Match
    • Special Match


Boss Name Originated From Who You Fight It With
Hyper Matrix Lectro the Cyberhog/Fantendo All-Stars Unten,Lectro,Blushi
Bleck Rat Mewshi the Dinocat Waddlenote,Fyre,Rubber


Character Themes

Stage Themes

Other Themes


I own none of the music shown on this page. All music belongs to their respective owners.


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