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Everything eventually rots to nothing.



Welcome to the my Fantendo 9th Anniversary Showcase preview! My name is .snickedge, as the majority of you know, and here, I am presenting plans of my company, TimeStrike. Something that you should note before continuing is that SOME OF THE LISTED WILL BE ON THE LAPIS WIKI.

I won't go into high detail with what I'm listing but expect the following:

  • A game based off of TimeStrike's villains, including Endal the Monkey, King KrunchKake K. Krunch, the Echeno, Lord Garchomp, and Lapis-exclusives like Valerie and Mallory.
  • A stealth based game using mechanics from Sonic the Hedgehog and Portal of all things. It will star the character Silver.
  • A battleship, chess, checkers, scrabble, etc. themed game collection based on the characters of the Zaxinian lifts.
  • Probably the most unhealthy adventure ever, starring Captain Crunch.
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ??? ??? ???
They came
"No team outworks teamwork." - Dwyane Wade
Captain crunch
"and kill me now" - .snickedge

Those two teasers, and the above list are what I'm doing for this preview. See you next millennium for the true showcase!

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