1. "This problem is bigger than anything I've faced so far, Oracle; and judging from the evidence at hand, it's widespread farther than what Arkham had rooted. To solve this and fix the damage, I'm going to have to go beyond these islands. Beyond the archipelago. Beyond all of Gotham." - Terry McGinnis.
  2. "Lucius and I did manage to upgrade Terry's suit armor significantly; it wasn't hard to make, considering we just recycled the armor off the old Batmobile ." - Barbara Gordon.
  3. "First the Bat, then the Law, then the corrupt system!" - Anarky.
  4. "Can I not go anywhere where I don't have to escape from some crazy, Riddler-Made trap?!" - Catgirl (Kitrina Falcone)
  5. "He gave the lizard TITAN?" - Bane "Unfortunately. As if Croc wasn't ugly enough." - Catgirl
  6. "Well, forgive me if I can't trust as well as he can, but Gothamites like myself have a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns." - Terry McGinnis.
  7. "No need, Anarky. Batman can be considered good as dead."  - Prometheus.
  8. "The old Bat couldn't solve my challenges without cheating, but the new Bat won't cheat his way out of my new series of puzzles!" - Riddler.

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