Hello, everyone. My name is Gemerl, and I am here to present some previews for Lone Planet Productions' brand-new projects. Let's start with this one...


Zim's Invasion Log. Entry #342.

Over the past few years of me trying to invade the Earth, the bothersome Dib has stopped me countless times. He is like a povur in my rakzite.

...Don't judge me, OK?

Anyhow, when I was searching through the lab of the father of the Dib, I encountered a strange device that not even we Irkens have ever designed.

Oh, but of COURSE we have! Irkenkind is FAR superior to humanity!

...Wait, have we? I'm so confused.

I pushed the big red button and landed in a... much brighter world. A world where people actually went outside and DID things, rather than... fusing their butts to chairs.

And of all the people there, I set my sights on a robot. A robot that pretended to be a human. Does she even KNOW she's a robot? Or does she not know she's a human? I don't get this at all.

Then I realized: if I couldn't conquer the Earth I traveled to by Voot cruiser, then I might as well take control of THIS Earth.


That was a TELEPORTATION DEVICE!! Who knows what I could do with it? Better yet...

Who knows what my ENTIRE SPECIES can do with it?!


So, how's it coming?

Apparently, this hedgehog was found... throwing everything around.

And how about Dr. Robotnik? Do you know what he's up to?

Well, nowadays people call him Dr. Eggman. But he's created a new variation of something I've never seen before... I think it was called Emerl?

Well, what can this new robot do?

He can absorb the energy of Chaos Emeralds and combine it with power from other gems, such as my Peace Amethysts and your Code Opals... not to mention seven OTHER gems no one on Hex Planet or in Little Planet's Core knows of.

I see. And who protects THOSE gems?

Some purple feline... I forgot her name.

Well, either way... if the energy of all 28 gems is forced together, it can literally alter the cosmic fabric.

True. And we all know what happened with the Chaos Dimension...

You know what?

What is it?

We need to bring in that hedgehog you were talking about.


Dexter and his friends have had the spotlight far too long.

Now it's my turn.


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