Let's rock & roll!


The trailer begins with a establishing shot of an alien planet. The camera zooms in, as it focuses on two groups, one composed of humans wearing futuristic armors and the other composed of alien troops. The female human with a black armor steps forward and places her sword on the ground. The following song starts playing as she does so.


The music plays quietly as the camera focuses on the human, whom takes a praying position as she closes her eyes and starts talking.

"Oh, merciful God, I have such need of your mercy now."
"Not for myself, but for my knights, for this is truly their hour of need."
"Deliver them from their trials ahead and I will pay you a thousandfold with any sacrifice you ask of me."
"And if in your wisdom, you should determine that sacrifice must be my life for theirs,"
"so that they can once again taste the freedom that has so long been denied to them,"
"I will gladly make that covenant."
"My death will have a purpose."
"I ask no more than that."

She stands up and takes her sword out of the ground. Pointing her sword towards the alien troops, she orders her troops to advance. The alien captain does the same, as both advances towards the center to start their conflict, the song reaches it's chorus and the trailer ends, revealing the logo.


Originally, Galactic Knights: Para's Shadow was a project created by YoshiEgg in 2011 and one of his lesser known projects for a good reason: it never really advanced any further than just a basic concept. The project was put for adoption and so I decided to do something: I'm going to do it.

Galactic Knights will follow, in the gameplay department, the same ideas as YoshiEgg's concept for it, a mix of spaceship combat and on foot exploration gameplay. The game will be mission based, with players having to complete story missions to progress the story or side missions to earn items and upgrades.

Galactic Knights tells the story of Captain Para, the leader of a group of fighters known as Galactic Knights. Para is sent to investigate the doings of an alien criminal group. However, their initial encounter ends with many of the knights dying in front of her after a surprise attack from the alien group. Having not only to cooperate with the fact that she is the replacement of the world's greatest captain, she now has to deal with the death of soldiers that she could had saved. Para's psycho is affected by the situation that she is put in, and thus it leaves her with a "broken" mind, which takes form as the titular shadow. Under hallucinations from the stress and the physological effects of war on her, Para needs to regain her compusure as she needs to lead a team of warriors to war and back home, with her promising that no one will die on her watch.

That's all that I have to show, sorry. Oh well.