Hello and welcome! I have some stuff to show and here it is!

Day 1

The silhouette is seen while a voice is heard.

"Fuck this planet."

The silhouette becomes clearer as a hand is shown, clenched.

"Fuck this universe."

The hands then light up in flames as two brown eyes are shown, flaring up in rage.

"Fuck everything!"

The person is shown to be Jess Pierce as she incinerates the camera in rage. The title then shows up.
Jess's Quest
Coming soon...

Yeah, I'm making something based around the alcoholic, angry vampire that is Jess Pierce. It's gonna be a platformer and all the weapons are gonna be like alcoholic drinks for Jess to pick up. It's gonna be an absurd but fun to work on side project, to say the least.

A shadow is seen riding on a bicycle across rooftops as a voice is heard.

"This universe is filled with mysterious stuff."

The rider continues on as they continue to ride among rooftops.

"This universe is normally serious."

The rider stops on a building.

"But hey."

The rider is shown out of shadow, revealed to be Krystal Pérez, who is also revealed to be the voice.

"It's always nice to fuck around."

The camera cuts to black as the logo is shown.


Yep, number two in Fantendo-meets-extreme-sport, Krystal Pérez's BMX is happening. I made a sign-up thing a while ago and I am finally making it! I hope you enjoy it when I make the page.

Day 2

Sorry, forgot to make something for today :P

Day 3

A young woman is seen lying back in an office.

"We don't fuck around."

She is seen taking her feet off the desk in front of her.

"We may be from the brashest, most foulmouthed universe, but we get down to business."

She turns around as she is revealed to be Alex Schmidt.

"We go by the name of the Not-So-Wonderful 75."

A second room is shown, with Robyn Palmer, who has rocks all around her.

"It's a harsh world, we've just gotta play harsh."

The camera then goes to Jennifer Oaklyn and Anna Edmondson.

"What're we doing?"

Anna sighs as the logo appears.

The Not-So-Wonderful 75

Yeah, I announced this last showcase. But this is a show, not the game. It focuses on some characters in the team and is an attempt to make something serious.

Day 4

Day 5