Day 1 - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ruin Seekers

I teased at the plot of this in the preview. This Pokémon game will contain all Pokémon shown in the current generations! I will not reveal much about this, and don't espect a page soon; I want to wait until Pokémon Sun and Moon, since they're releasing (somewhat) soon.

Why is the game named "Ruin Seekers"? There's two reasons. For one, sometimes, while wandering in dungeons, you will enter a "ruin chamber". These areas contain rare items, but they're guarded by powerful Pokémon. Sometimes you might also need a key to enter the areas! The other reason is plot-based. But I'm not revealing that just now.

About starters, the selection is similar to Super Mystery Dungeon's, except there's even more choices, as there's seven Pokémon for each generation! Expect some odd choices. Also, partner limitations are lower; you can now have any starter, except the Pokémon you are yourself!

Now, obviously, the game will have more characters then you and a villain. So I'm gonna reveal two of the main town's characters (as there will be multiple villages):

703Carbink 548Petilil

Carbink is the town's miner! He gets precious stones. You can buy some of these; they're useful for evolving! He can also make you go on a minigame: you and your partner are riding on a minecart. Your partner mines stones while you have to use attacks to scare Pokémon that try to steal your stones! Carbink is pretty shy, but he's always mining so he doesn't haves to show himself too much.

Petilil is a farmer who cares a LOT about plants. If you dare to break her plants, you probably won't make it back clean. She can sell seeds and berries to you, and you can plant those yourself to get more of them! Like Carbink, you can go in a minigame where you and your partner have to inspect Petilil's farm and scare off bug-type Pokémon that try to steal her plants.

This is about it for today. The last thing I'll reveal is that the number of chapters in the story mode is not 100% determined, but expect around 30 chapters. Anyways, ciao.