Okay, since I don't really have anything else that I can think of introducing, here's a Parasol.

Parasol is the current name of an umbrella I'm working on. My first umbrella, actually. So... Yeah. Here, have four really random characters.

KTD Waddle Dee artwork

The mascot of the game, for obvious reasons, is Parasol Dee. A noble, silent, and resilient warrior that never gives up. He receives his name from the parasol that he carries, which he uses in a combination of offense and defense. He can block attacks with his sturdy weapon, or rapidly spin it to hit opponents. He is a jack-of-all-trades, albeit one built more for aerial combat.

Frederica EOU

The Millennium Girl, Frederica, is a Gunner-class adventurer hailing from an ancient civilization. She has an insatiable appetite and amnesia. In battle, Frederica wields two rapid-fire handguns with some interesting attacks. Most notably are her Binding attacks, which are capable of sealing enemies' body parts and preventing them from attacking with that body part.

Monsoon MGR

Monsoon is one of the Winds of Destruction, a group of cyborg terrorists named after winds. He wields a pair of sai and magnetism, which holds his segmented body together. Monsoon is a quick melee-fighter who can disconnect parts of his body to strike multiple enemies at once, at the cost of defense. Predict opponent's movements and place body parts in strategic locations!

Death Discworld

A personification of death itself hailing from the Discworld - a strange flat realm on the back of four elephants, which in turn are on the back of a turtle. Death wields a slow but powerful scythe and has no defenses to speak of. He's also accompanied by his counterpart, the Death of Mice, who extends his already-impressive range to astronomical proportions.

P4AU Junpei Iori

When he was in high school, Junpei Iori was directly involved in the exploration of the labyrinthine Tartarus, which appeared at the site of his school at midnight every night. Though he's no longer an active member of the Shadow Operatives, Junpei is still able to summon his persona Trigemestus. Together, the two rush down foes with quick melee attacks and fiery projectiles.

Xion Keyblade Days

Xion is a Nobody - the emotionless shell of a human that remains after their heart is lost to darkness. She was custom-designed and infused with the memories of others so that she could eventually replace her best friend Roxas. Xion wields the magic of the Keyblade, which primarily manifests as elemental projectiles of various natures. When in a pinch, she can also use her Limit Break.

Vegeta DBZ

The Prince of All Saiyans, obsessed with being the strongest. Vegeta is clearly compensating for being weaker than Goku (if only marginally) with his flashy moveset. His primary speciality is in barraging the enemy in Ki Blasts, which rack up damage but don't have any knockback. Given enough time, he can also use powerful beam attacks like his Galick Gun or Big Bang Attack.

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