Day 1

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.
H.L. Mencken

Zim peers into the portal he has just created. He sees a bright city with pleasant townsfolk... and he is more than eager to take it for himself.

Five hours later, Jenny Wakeman rushes into the downtown borough of Tremorton to fight back against the invading Irken forces, with Dib and Gaz helping her. They come across Zim and GIR, and soon it becomes a battle. Suddenly, they see a Cluster fleet approaching. Vexus, having caused a civil war amongst the Cluster species, attacks The Almighty Tallest.

Vega, Brad Carbunkle, and Sheldon Lee break into the Cluster mothership and hack into the shield system, disabling it and allowing Jenny to break in as well. Zim sees this as an opportunity to terrorize more townspeople, and captures Tuck. However, Professor Membrane blocks him, with the CIA behind him. Zim drops Tuck and flees into a hiding spot, where he encounters Brit & Tiff. The two friends grab him and throw him into a garbage truck, where he finds Killgore. They team up to get rid of their enemies, until...

A dark blue portal opens, and a strange spacecraft looms over Tremorton. Black-and-blue creatures soar around, grabbing citizens. They are The Other Ones, and they are aliens that destroy rather than conquer.

Jenny lands next to Zim, and they look at each other for a moment, understanding that there is a much bigger disaster to come...


Day 2

Dr. Eggman gazes at all of the gems he has found... the Chaos Emeralds, the Code Opals, the Venom Amethysts, and the Sol Emeralds. Now that he has access to all of them, he can use them to bring about a universal apocalypse. But for now, he gazes at the holograms of the gems we mentioned, alongside his most trusted allies: Metal Sonic and Gemerl II.

Meanwhile, Chill the Cyberwolf and Krujeemi the Komodo Dragon sit in a dark chamber, making plans to get help from an expert of interdimensional travel...

...and his name is Silver the Hedgehog.


Day 3

Things are quite strange in Gloomsville. And not strange like bats and spiders and zombies...

...but strange as in...

...not the same.

Ruby Gloom has lived in Gloomsville all her life, and nothing strange like this has ever happened in that time. But now she stares at the world around her as it crumbles. She can see a Japanese rock band, an ape with a staff, a... squid-girl?... and almost everyone from all over the Exalian Rift.

One in particular is a simple, black-and-white, two-dimensional drawing. And Ruby can see it through a hole in the sky. It looks like a little boy...

...and it is staring back at her.

Nothing lasts forever...