Schedule and Introduction

Gss pres schedule

So this begins my presentation. I do have quite some stuff to show. On day 1, i'll get some of the announcements for my current projects done. Days 2 and 3 will be some new stuff.

Hope you enjoy the presentation!

Day 3

UD - Banner

So today is the final day of my presentation and I'll be presenting a new game. It's called Universal Deity. It's a fighting game i'll be making inspired by various fighting games such as the BlazBlue series, the Guilty Gear series, and Skullgirls. Not as much to take in as the Soul Cutter presentation but read at your own pace!

UD - BoxArt

UD - Gameplay

UD - Sound

UD - Characters

This concludes the presentation. Thanks for checking it out!

Day 2

SC Banner

Today is exclusively a Soul Cutter day. Soul Cutter is a project that takes huge influence from various RPGs that I love and my goal with it is to create something great story-wise and overall as a game. I have some big gameplay features to present. It's alot to take in so read at your own pace!

SC - Setting

SC - Gameplay Details

SC- Soul Drive Battle System

SC- Lvl Up System

That's all for now.

Oh, and by the way, the Soul • Cutter: Dread Hive page is a go! Check it out!

Till next time..

Day 1

SSBV Banner

I started this project almost a year ago and it's almost that time to conclude it. In the holiday presentation I announced that there'd be 3 final DLC characters before the game's development ceased and I have one of the three to reveal here...


With Linkle's playability in Hyrule Warriors being announced, I couldn't leave her out of Smash V. I absolutely adore the character and there's also a rumor going about that Linkle apparently will be a female alternative to Link (yes, gender option) in Zelda U so that just solidified her addition to Smash V, honestly.

SSBV - Linkle

• • •

MidOut Banner - NEW

I sadly have just a few things to show for Mid and Out but by the next presentation I have some pretty big reveals coming. But for now, have these.

MO - Starter Re-Designs

Mascot Legendaries!

MO - Legends - Pridectric

MO - Legends - Dazzelium

Big, upcoming project, Soul • Cutter: Dread Hive news tommorow!