The Fantendo 9th Anniversary Showcase is a showcase to be held from April 11 to 15, 2016 in order to coincide with Fantendo's ninth anniversary. If you need help with starting your preview or presentation, follow the example I set up.

Presentations & Previews

These are the presentations previews of the showcase.

Toroko & Xenoro · Preview
by Exotoro
Inora · Preview
by Sr.Wario
Presentations: Things go from bad to worse.
Pyro Enterprises · Preview
by PyroStar
Presentations: Project F Zone, some old projects getting updated, and some new ones being revealed.
Power Team Preview
by ITVdude2000
Laughball Interactive
by PabloDePablo
Lone Planet Productions · Preview
by MeGa eXal
Presentations: Stuff.
Cryobyte · Preview
by .etherealknight
Presentations: Firball info, Kirby game, and three other obscure hints to something.
Ninkancho · Preview
by AgentMuffin
Presentations: Mostly updates for old projects, more Umbrella Waffle edge, and there will also be quite a bit of discussion about the Display itself.
Boss Games
by TerrariaBoss
PBP · Preview
by KirbiMiroir
Presentations: Showing off all five of my projects, and a collab I'm doing with Thektdude
Feel Good Inc
by Peppermint Princess and Lenneh
Phazonworks · Preview
by Darth Phazon
Presentations: Expect a lof of Batman: Arkham World info, but truthfully, that won't be the main event. Granted the main event is Batman-related, but it's not Arkham World.
Blender Maximum · Preview
by SuperSmashBlender17
NovaPen Productions
by NovaPen
Presentations: Get ready for some weird shit. Final batch of downloadable content for Super Smash Bros. Golden Eclipse, no new game ideas just some updates and presentation of my Be the Booker on a wrestling forum! Hype :)
Transparent Interactive
by StarYoshi
Fluffy Productions
by FluffyYoshi
Fuzzball Productions · Preview
by TheFoxyRiolu
Presentations: Lucky Charm, Soulless Dreamland, Shattered Star, Sunrise, and more!!!
Phinix · Preview
by LegendaryIce
Presentations:  Phinix Sparks Volume 1 comes out directly after presenetation, Article of the month revealed, Epic Story news (potential DLC), and a brand spanking new universe made by none other than me!
MMC · Preview
by Monstermanchego
Presentations: "Expect some stuff for Ben 10: Evolution, FireEmblemxFantendo and either One-Hit Wonder or Featherweight. If I'm really feeling it, maybe even some Shards of Reality!" --MMC
GD Gaming Studios · Preview
by GamingDylan
Presentations: New character reveals for Penta and Danny's Adventure: Concord, information on the recently rebooted Shroud Control Garnet, and the reveal of two brand new projects.
Fritez Franchise
by Plazzap
Hammy Games Inc. · Preview
by Hamclub13
Presentations: Happily Ever After, T-Verse, Fusion Fray and more!
TE Studios
by Thektdude
Presentations: Well, Upon Us and Mother Online are what you are going to see. 
GSS · Preview
by GreatSageSpike
Presentations: ◘ ◘ ◘
Playright Games Inc. · Preview
by LegendaryHero1023
  • / NYAN /- An upcoming webcomic about cats, computers, and cats living in computers.
  • MegaMecha Speed Strike Adventure- A racing game with transforming robot mechas.
  • NAVI- ???
Zeta Labs · Preview
by .vectorDestiny
by DoodleFox
Iceboys12co. · Preview
by Iceboys12
RTA Games · Preview
by RTA fan
Dark Heart Games
by DarKingdomHearts
by Tigzon the Tiger-cat
by Jordansims2025
Poisonshot · Preview
by Poisonshot
Presentations: New Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game, and P.O.I.S.O.N.
Gear Games · Preview
by Samtendo09
Presentations: Things you might expect, but the game you would the least expect is a Wario Land game. Wa ha!
OtherWorld Studios
by AngryLittleYoshi


  • Returning projects: Motorcity: LiberationSuper Smash Bros. Nexus, and Mario Kart NX.
  • New projects: A new crossover game based on YouTubers, a Sonic the Hedgehog game, and the sequel to a 2007 shooting game.

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