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Legendary Fire Frog

Day 1 (April 13)

Hello, and welcome to Legendary Fire Frog's introduction to the Fantendo Anniversary Showcases! I'm your host, EnderLegends, and I am in charge of most of the projects presented here!

To start this showcase off, i'd like to present our(my) main project,

Mario Kart Turbo Tires

The mushroom cup is finished. Like always, it consists of 4 courses. The mushroom cup is, again, the easiest cup.

Mushroom Cup

  • Beach Park- A simple course which introduces all of the gimmicks to the player, with anti-gravity, underwater racing, gliding and turbo zones. It is located beside a beach.
  • Toad Village- A track which runs through a town, similar to toad harbor.
  • Sunset Valley- A valley track set at sunset, with coinhoppers and goombas roaming around, as well as a turbo jump over a canyon.
  • Waluigi Stadium- Sorta like how Wario Stadium got 2 courses (NDS and N64). Waluigi Stadium is similar to the first Waluigi Stadium

So, we did that.

Now, we'd like to announce a few playable characters-

  • Baby Luigi (Light)
  • Toadette (Light)
  • Bowser Jr. (Light)
  • Paratroopa (Light)
  • Kamek (Medium)
  • Birdo (Medium)
  • Dry Bowser (Heavy)
  • King Boo (Heavy)

well, im kinda bored for now. Stay tuned for tomorrows showcase!

Day 2 (April 14)

I don't know what was with me. I don't know how i got here. All i know is that there is a evil inside me, and its growing slowly. 4/18/15

Day 3 (April 15)


Day 4 (April 16)

Day 5 (April 17)

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