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Day 1 (April 13)

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Welcome to the wonderiously maddening world of Shadow Inferno's Mind, founder of Dark Flame Studios, that company that can't stop making games because Shadow Inferno has a very small and insignificant filter on his mind. So let's start today or what's left of it with a welcoming return to Spore 2.
The Types

You remember Spore, the highly anticipated flop made by Maxis (RIP 1/5th Maxis, the best fifth). Well this sequel designed by yours truly hopes to remedy the situation with highly focused editing, an issue brought up with the original Spore was its simplicity, in a trade off, Spore 2 hopes to improve on its predecessors failures by introducing Sub-Stages, which function similar to the original stages from Spore however due to the large amount of them they provide a more fluid transition as the player will watch their creature evolve from a single cellular creature to an ocean dwelling fish through to a proto-amphibian onto a Reptile/Mammal/Bird and beyond to the stars above.

What awaits your decisions is up to you, are you a friendly leaf eating pacifist who spreads the word of spode or are you a war-torn bone crushing brute who's intent is to rule the universe (or should I say, Multiverse) with an Iron Fist (or two or three). There's more creativity, more diversity, more abilities, more possibilities and more decisions in the sequel everybody thought was Darkspore, Spore 2.

Day 2 (April 14)

Day 3 (April 15)

Day 4 (April 16)

Day 5 (April 17)

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