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The Fantendo 8th Anniversary Showcase is a showcase to be held from April 13 to 17, 2015 in order to coincide with Fantendo's eighth anniversary.


Comet Gaming, Inc. Presentations: A wide array of new titles. See more.
Toroko Presentations: Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, Kid Icarus: Mythis, Kingdom Hearts: Denial in Oasis, mystery games, and more.
Dark Flame Studios Presentations: Spore 2, Pikmin 4: Growth, Fire & Ice 3 & a Secret
Brock Productions Presentations: New info on Super Mario Galaxy Odyssey, official reveal of Paper Mario: Pen Power, details off a new Fantendo Kart game, and two secret games that will knock you off your seat.
Suplex Studios Presentations: TBA.
Phazonworks Presentations: In-depth character analyses for Super Smash Bros. 20XX, Plot discussion for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (Spoiler warning), a few tidbits on Star Fox: Invasion, and the rebooted display of Pokémon Prism Version.
TTY Inc. Presentations: Super Smash Bros. Epic Battle, Pokemon Sparkle VersionPokemon: Special JourneysKid Icarus: Legends, Dream World, Legend of Zelda: Reign of the Shadow King, Sonic Time, Paper Mario: Crayon CreationMario Kart 53Mario Party: Forever Fun.
Poisonshot Presentations: The Pokémon Terrarium and Five Nights at Fierce's.
Tropico Enterprises Presentations: Radioactive, Pokémon Devious Diamond and Pandemonium Pearl, Karmatic Revolution, The Temple of Dreams, Pokken Brawlers, Super Smash Bros. Anarchy DLC, and a few surprises.
The Soupy Equation Presentations: TBA.
Hammy Games Inc. Presentations: TBA.
Red Foxx Productions Presentations: Revealing DLC of Super Smash Bros. Electricity, as well as Poké Emblem, Super Broque Monsieur: Blitty Hunt, Kirby and the Sun Feather, and Nintendo Land: Carnival.
Zentech Studios Presentations: TBA.
Green Productions Presentations: The Guap Squad II: The Legend of Wild X, Fantendo Brawlers, Fantekken Tournament, Eternal Adventures, and a New Series!
N Studios Presentations: Light, and 2 new Wii U titles.
Lightning Studios Presentations: Stonewood Squares, Tourmaline new features, Retro 2, and more news about Lightning Studios.
Violet Enterprises Presentations: Info on World Chronicles. (More being revealed tomorrow)
Electric Enterprises Presentations: Bagon Bacon: The Game, Paper Luigi: The Watch of Eternity, Super Smash Bros. Darkness, and Epic Warriors
Daydream Interactive Presentations: Motor Chickz (possible DLC, sequel and spin-offs), Mr. Know It All, Pom Gets Wi-Fi 3DS, INHIBITION, Fairy Garden, Radioactive Shampoo, The Hairy Adventures of Willy Dickson, Battlefield Of The Great (stages, bosses and final DLC characters), Behind the Bush, Delusion TempleDreamscape, Style Savvy: Breathtaking Boutique, DAYDREAMER & possibly more.
Dreams Inc.

Presentations: Wario Land: Gold Rush, Fear Hunters, Dungeon Crawlers, Kasa no Sentoki II, Blast Radius and maybe more!

AzaCraft Entertainment Presentations: TBA.
FEB Studios Presentations: TBA.
Bomb Productions Presentations: TBA.
Legendary Fire Frog Presentations: Info on Mario Kart Turbo Tires, Super Smash Bros. Elements, a text trailer for Paper Mario: Erased World, a new original series, and some more..

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