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Day 1 (April 12): Vermilion and Azure

Hey there, we haven't really updated our games but we are here to announce even more information about Pokémon Vermilion and Azure Versions.

New Pokémon

Once you reach Plassla City in the game, also where the 2nd Gym (Electric Type Gym) is you will have two fossils, the Mount Fossil and the Pulse Fossil, these fossils unlock:

  • Strassa, revived with the Mount Fossil is a Rock/Grass Stegosaurus Pokémon with the ability Chlorophyll, it has great defenses but lacks speed. It learns moves like Rock Tomb, Seed Bomb, and more.
  • Raptovolt, revived with the Pulse Fossil is a Rock/Electric Velociraptor Pokémon with the ability Solar Power, it has some decent speed and high special attack but the defense of this Pokémon is its easiest weak point. Despite having a 4x weakness to Ground type attacks it can learn Magnet Rise and other moves like Charge Beam.

Somewhere deep in the game you will find special areas with these Pokémon

  • Lyakko is based off the White Tiger and has the Electric/Psychic typing. It doesn't evolve and it has some high stats.
  • Torciela is based off the Black Tortoise and has the Water/Steel typing. Like Lyakko, it doesn't evolve and has some massive defenses.

Drasylon is the new psuedo-legendary of the game, with Fairy/Dragon typing it has great Hp, Special Attack, and Speed. There is actually another psuedo-legendary that could be related to Drasylon somehow.

Small Changes

  • Revenesse is now Ghost/Normal, Jackopot (now Gamblegeist) used to have this typing but now Gamblegeist has the Steel/Ghost typing.
  • Knightmare was removed from the Pokedex.

More coming soon

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