Day 1 (April 12)

Plunge in the Past is one of the first and best game by me. In this game, the player revives the good-old fashioned Mario Games, through a story mode, minigames, and the main mode of the game: Plunge in the Past.

The Plunge in the Past mode is a group of demos from older games (and some more recent), some of them are default, some other are unlockables and others are downloadable.

Plunge in the Past features a lot more modes and special features, such as quizes and many different sub-modes for the minigames mode.

There's also the party mode: one of its sub-mode is the Sticker Research, the players must collect stickers by playing various minigames that can been played by going in specify locations of a reduced version of the Mushroom Kingdom.

The plot of the game isn't complicate, but I'm still working on it since the summer of last year :P

Bowser has created a time machine with which he can go back in the time for prevent the Mario Brothers to save the Princess Peach for the first time in the 1985, so to marry her and become the king of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and his friends must stop him, "jumping" from one game to another in a number of different years in the old games for complete missions and mini-games to save the future.

The story mode is divided in 8 chapters which have their own bosses and mini-bosses. Each chapter inspired in one of the old classic Mario games.

Day 2 (April 13)

Day 3 (April 14)

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