Day 1 (April 12)

Lunar Prophecy logo

Hello everybody, and welcome to our day 1 panel for the 7th Anniversary Showcase! I am Jake, the founder and current CEO of the company. Today, I'll be talking a little bit on our biggest project for the moment: The Lunar Prophecy, and later, I'll give a few more details on our new series: Blacklight.

Now, people are getting sick of the "Umbrella" game genre. I understand that. But this, isn't like most of the other umbrella games that people are developing these days, because...... well, it's not a fighter. So, that's something, right?

Anyway, Lunar Prophecy. Yes. What is it? It's an umbrella game, heavily based around it's story. It's also - like most of our games these days - an RPG. So, that's cool, right?

Kan S-Lunar

Kan Seuomto

Okay.. So, the story. The Lunar Prophecy focuses around two people: Kan Seuomto and Sophie Noapha. Kan - despite his appearance in his Nexus Fantasya concept art (right) - is a fun-loving 16 year-old who often created adventures for his best friend - Sophie - and himself when they were children. He was born in the city of Vale, which people may know as the city in which Beacon Academy resides, and the main setting of the anime RWBY, and moved to the tropical Lost Isles at a very young age.

Sophie? No one really knows much about her and her family. They moved to the Lost Isles at the same time as Kan, but they won't say where from. Sophie is outgoing and fun, and a combination of a girly-girl (as she likes to be fashionable) and a tomboy (as she also doesn't care about getting dirty). Her family travel a lot, but she stays with a mysterious old lady while they are away.

Now that you've met the protagonists, maybe it's time to tell you the story. Basically, every 1000 (or so) years, a magical comet flies through the sky, and is said to bring wishes to anyone with a pure heart who wishes on it. In reality, it actually flies through the galaxy, choosing the six new Lunar Sages: the six who must balance the order of time and space from all evil.

But then, in lieu of being a video game, some bad things happen and Kan and Sophie must go and help them. Why two random people from a random island, you may be asking? Because plot.

No, not really. That's something I'm not allowed to say at the moment, actually.

Okay, so we have a trailer for the game that we would like to play. It's just a few simple conversations - combined into one - but it sets the atmosphere and setting for the game. Take a look.

/a simple piano song starts. Upon inspection, it is the Snowpeak Ruins theme from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, though slowed down./
/fade from black, to see Ruby Rose - zoomed in on her face, who is sitting atop a roof/
Ruby stares up at the moon and the stars, which cut through the dark void of space like holes in a sheet.
"Hey." he says, from somewhere behind her.
"Hello, Jaune." she says, keeping my eyes on the stars as she kicks her feet against the side of Beacon Academy.
Jaune plops down beside her.
/cut to Ash Ketchum, Brock and Dawn, sitting around a camp fire/
"The stars sure are beautiful, eh?" Ash says.
"And mysterious." Dawn mutters in awe.
The Pokémon - Pikachu and Piplup (the ones that won't go into their PokéBalls) - sleep beside the campfire. Pikachu looks up groggily, before falling back into a deep slumber. The three trainers just look at him for a moment before bursting out into laughter.
/cut to Elsa, watching snow flurries dance down upon the stars/
"I always wonder," she starts.....
/cut to Oliver, Esther and Swaine walking out of Al Mamoon. They are in mid-sentence when it cuts, as only Oliver's final words are heard/
"...why are we here?" he says, finishing Elsa's sentence.
/cut to Inori, as she relaxes at a café/
"Oh well." she says, placing her cup of coffee down on the table. "Better enjoy the freedom while it lasts."
/cut back to Ruby and Jaune/
"Or, we could make our mark on history." Ruby says, smiling at Jaune.
/cut a screen, where Ash, Elsa, Oliver and Inori all nod/
"Right." Ash says.
/cut to Luigi and Daisy, looking over the Sarasaland Kingdom/
It is silent for a moment, as they look up at the sky.
"Why do I get the feeling something bad is about to happen?" Daisy asks.
And an explosion rocks the building. "Mamma mia." Luigi mutters.

Not much, we know. Maybe even a little confusing. "What does this have to do with anything?" you may ask. Well, these are actually parts of the opening cutscene that we edited together to make this trailer. Though we remade the renders and graphics to make it seem like every character's series of origin when it cuts to them.

Sophie N-Lunar

Sophie Noapha

Oh yeah, that all happens on one planet. The planet, known to every character as either "earth" or, it's proper name, "Gaia", is much larger than the Earth that we live on, and consists of many continents. To name a few, there is the technological region of Monséra, which is - essentially - every Pokémon region, combined into a continent. There are also the continents of Kuni (containing the countries of Ninuko (Nee-new-ko) and Icheoko (Itch-E-O-ko)), the strange futuristic/medieval world of Agren - based upon a combination of many series, including Brave and the Hunger Games, Mushuro (based upon a combination of the Mario series - and includes the Mushroom Kingdom and Sarasaland as countries) and the Phineas and Ferb series, and, last but not least, the strange home to many anthropomorphic animal characters, known as the country of Suinoku (Soo-E-no-koo).

We are also quite aware of some people being... confused on the character choices we've shown so far; specifically in [LEGO] Deadpool. "Why is he LEGO?" is a question we've been getting from a lot of people, and it's finally time to explain it. This takes place in a different universe, with many characters not being exactly the same as their real counterparts. That being said, Deadpool is a LEGO minifigure due to the plot that revolves around one of the main antagonists of the game, Dr. Eggman. In this universe, Eggman is a deranged scientist bent on enslaving the entire world....... so, not too far off from his appearances in the Sonic series, huh?

Dr. Eggman - like his canon counterpart - has an obsession for creating robots to do his bidding in a matter similar to Dr. Wily. Deadpool is his first robot: a serial killer who feels no remorse. This way he can get rid of all of his enemies quickly and efficiently. That being said, Deadpool isn't right. He's a comedic robot that often makes fun of the situation at hand, with his sanity long gone. We've based his attitude off of his appearance in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, where he narrates the bonus stages, and also makes comments beforehand and afterwards.

Surprisingly, we haven't had anyone as about the Katawa Shoujo girls, Hanako, Rin, Lily and Emi. They play a really big part in the game.

But we'll expand on that on a later date.

We're certainly not done with revealing stuff for The Lunar Prophecy, but that's all we're allowed to say right now. We'll start updating it's official site with more details periodically, starting tomorrow.

Blacklight logo 1

The Blacklight series of ours, starting with Dawn of a New Darkness isn't even past the first planning stage of development yet. Why?

Well, we've been having a little big of trouble creating the rest of the Insurgents.

Nintendo gave us permission to use any species we wanted in this game. Well, that narrowed our choices down to........ 500 and some?

One of the characters we had early on was a scout for the Insurgents. His name is currently Paperboy. We've gone through a lot of changes with Paperboy. For one, he started out as a Metroid. Thinking that may be a little weird, despite his appearance including a face for such Metroid, he was later remodelled and made into a Birdo. Right now, we're sticking to Birdo design, but that's not the only thing we changed about him. We were going to show you finished art for Paperboy, but his appearance has changed so much over the past week that, even should we show off the concept art, it wouldn't even be close to his final appearance.

See, we contacted Zentech Studios a few days back, and we discussed making the Blacklight series take place in the same universe as their flagship series: The Adventures of White. However, as that world consists mainly of Kirbies, we've been trying to figure out a way to get other Nintendo species into the world without destroying the world that Zentech has graciously let us be a part of.

That being said, it takes many years after said series. But it still revolves around a now-dystopian Sky City. Ruled over by a mysterious man named Schatten, Blacklight and the Insurgents seek to take back Sky City, and reform it to the beautiful city it once was.

I know, it's not much, but this game is almost entirely a work in progress. We're still deciding on the team members, enemies and other "fun" stuff.

So, this concludes today's showcase day. Check back tomorrow for more details on the first game of the Light Team series, Light, and a brand new IP: Time Souls.

Day 2 (April 13)

LiGHT logo

Welcome to day two of the Fantendo 7th Anniversary Showcase. As with yesterday, I'm Jake, the CEO and founder of Orange Productions, and I'll be giving you some insight on two more projects that we hadn't properly discussed in the past. The first of those is "Light".

Light, the first (and likely only... for now) entry into the Light Team series, we tried to use the cliché "light vs. dark" theme, but much more expanded upon. That being said, this isn't one of our favourite productions and has almost been scrapped twice.

Without further ado, here's a trailer:

/a small, anthropomorphic raccoon looks down into a hole/
/a slow, cheery - yet somewhat creepy - song plays in the background/
"Hello!?" he screams, his voice indicating he is of young age.
The raccoon stumbles down into the hole, screaming as he falls.
He lands on his butt on a dirt platform. A strange light glows off-screen.
The raccoon stands up, and walks towards the orange light, which is revealed to be emanating from a small orb.
"Cool." the raccoon says, poking the orb. As he makes contact with it, an explosion of light bursts out from the orb, and he stumbles backward, crying.
"Ow." he says, looking up at the orb. He touches it again, but this time there is no flash.
"Yaaang!" a voice calls from above, echoing down the hole. Yang turns and runs away, but the camera stays focused on the orb, slowly zooming into it.
As the camera gets very close to it, with the orb taking up the entire screen, the screen flashes white.
/dramatic music starts up/
/various in-game clips, showing the raccoon, now much older, fighting various creatures made of inky shadows/
"And all for that one, stupid sphere." echoes, as the game clips stop, and a cutscene showing Yang and a shadow version of him. The orb is on the ground, with a crack running down the middle.
/zooming quickly into the orb, the game's logo appears, before zooming back out/
/the dramatic music stops, being replaced by crickets/
"...and that's how I found the Orb of Light." he says, holding the orb out in front of him.
"That's a lame story." says the cat.
"I dunno, maybe it was fate or..." says the gorilla.
"He was a stupid kid."
Yang rolls his eyes, stuffing the orb into the brown bag that hangs lazily at his side.
"You guys..." he mutters, walking off.
/cut to black/

Unlike with the trailer for The Lunar Prophecy, which we showed yesterday, we tried to incorporate a large focus on the gameplay. You may not realise it from that trailer, but this is, by definition, a shooter game, though with an adventuring feel to it, making it play similarly to Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Up to three players can play simultaneously, as the three main characters - Yang the Raccoon, Abner the Cat and Lucius the Gorilla - must stop the forces of darkness from venturing too far into the Light Realm and destroying the orb.

We will start updating the "Light" website quite soon.

Time Souls logo

The next project we'd like to showcase is the new IP, "Time Souls". As you may, or may not, know, my online persona is "TimeSoul". The reason for that is because of this game. We've kept it under raps for a long time, two years, to be correct, as we were attempting to develop other games as top priority. Now, however, we feel like working on many projects at once may decrease the time in-between two of our titles being released.

And now, for a story. We were going to put this into a trailer, but we wanted to showcase the main story, instead of the prologue.

Time Souls will be an adventure game starring around a sixteen-year old aptly named Tim. Tim is a DJ, working at Club Oră for some extra cash. One day, as he closes the night club for the day, he discovers a small android that is buzzing around him. Putting it off, he starts to walk to his house, which is only a handful of blocks away, before being robbed by a thief. Too tired to do anything about it - as he only stole $40 - he grunts about his bad luck, shooing the thief off.

But, discovers he has magical powers, as he opens his eyes to see he is staring once more at the android that was buzzing around him when he was at the night club... which just so happens to be where he stands.

Long story short, he discovers he has the ability to time travel, which makes for some interesting things for a 17 year-old.

But none of his ideas come to fruition, as he soon takes a "wrong turn" while time-travelling, and ends up...

well, you'll see that part.

/doing a slow, blink as the transition, showing that the camera is currently in first person/
"Hello there." says a teenage man with a British accent, who stands in front of him.
"Um... hi."
/slide over the wall as a transition, showing time has passed/
/the camera cuts to third person, with a techno soundtrack playing in the background/
Tim and the man walk through corridors.
"Welcome to the CTC:" the British man says, as a door opens in front of them. "the Centre of Time Contamination."
Tim looks at him curiously, but the guy waves defensively. "Not my idea. We just fix things that... shouldn't have happened. Ever heard of the Battle of Vancouver Island?"
Tim shakes his head. "Of course you haven't." the guy says with a smirk. "It never happened. The only people who have heard of it are in this building."
The guy turns to a hologram projector. "How about the Yorkan War?" he asks, as an image of bloodied soldiers in what looks to be New York City appears as a hologram in front of them. "Or the White Invasion?" another photo appears in the place of the "Yorkan War" one, which shows three men, two of which bear the Nazi insignia on their arms, holding another man in a suit at gunpoint. The man is American, as evident by a small flag pinned to his chest.
/the hologram projector turns off, which transitions to another room/
"Our job is to keep history going the right way."
"Our job?"
"Oh yeah. There are six of us stationed all through time. We're here, in 2009. There's another in 2001, one in Victorian London, one with the Aztecs, one team work in Ancient Rome, and are bodyguards for Emperor Caligula.... I can't remember the rest."
"Wait, but why am I here."
He grabs Tim's wrist, pointing to a small, wavy line that ends in what looks to be XII. "This, my friend, is The Mark"
The man moves his sleeve out of the way, and reveals that they have the same mark. "Hm. I always thought this was a birthmark."
"Well, it kind of is..." the man says, as a siren goes off behind them.
"Whoa. CTC is needed. Come with me." he says, running towards a large door. "This'll be your training."
Tim stands still, looking at him.
/cut to black/
"I've gone nuts."

Time Souls takes place in the past, and future of Earth, with gameplay varying depending on the situation. Many historical events - some "forgotten", while others remembered clearly - are visited in the game, with some being quite different due to the time contaminations that take place.

The story of the game, is that Tim and the Time Souls must stop the EGOL - Environmental Green Order League - from destroying humans from ever existing, and rewriting history to their thoughts.

I'm not allowed to say anything else about this game, but I will say this: you'll like it. It's single player at the moment, but that may change with time.

Anyway, we hope you have enjoyed our second day of the 7th Anniversary Showcase. Check back tomorrow to see the final day of our conference, where we will talk about the reboot of the Faitingu series, and our first hack-and-slash horror game, Twogether.

As always, thanks for being here.

Day 3 (April 14)

Faitingu 2014 logo

Welcome back to the Orange Productions F7A Showcase. Today, with this being the final day, we're talking about our Faitingu reboot, and Demi Mitad's debut game.

Pokémon is one of Nintendo's most popular series, and we were approached by Game Freak to try and make a more.... creative game for the series. Hence, Lee Koroshi-Ya and the Faitingu series was born.... though it wasn't exactly that great. Despite this, we really liked the characters, and the universe - where every Pokémon has a unique typing - and we've decided to reboot the franchise.

Faitingu's world could have been a lot more developed and unique. While we created a history, with a great war occurring sometime prior to the series, we never really developed the "current age" of the world.

That being said, we're making the series a little different. Actually, we're just taking the characters and redoing everything. The main characters from the older games - Lee, Julie, Sam, Guru and Mokuzai - are all returning, though they may not be exactly the same. Sam, who was distant and quiet in the old series, for instance, is now an angered teen with a lust for vengeance. Another example is Julie. Before, she was a secondary protagonist and Lee's girlfriend (how cliché), while she is now a quiet woman who is often lost in her own thoughts, very rarely showing any emotion aside from caring about her friends' safety.

We're also taking the two main antagonists of the series - Akuma Kodai and Krad Segno - and completely re-working them, as well. They will no longer be the same species of Pokémon - a Darkrai and Dugtrio, respectively - and will, like with Akuma in the older series, both be demons from millions of years ago.

The new game in the series, simply titled Faitingu, will feature the five friends meeting each other due to them learning of powers deep inside themselves.

This iteration will be more geared towards teenagers, and will include swearing, small traces of blood - as on Sam's claws - and gruesome backgrounds that may not be suited for the younger audiences.

Twogether logo

Okay, for our first M-rated title, Twogether is all about Demi Mitad and the demon that lives within her: Bortgång.

The story is quite simple, really. One day, Demi wakes up in an alley with blood coating her arms and a knife in her hand. She also starts hearing voices in her mind.

The game is a psychological thriller that we're basing upon Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, one of Nintendo's forgotten IP's from the GameCube. Over the period of the game, Demi's view of the world shifts to be creepier, with the people she is killing becoming less like actual creatures, and more like demons. While playing the game, Bortgång will also torment the player, messing with them and Demi, slowly making her accept her new volition.

The setting of the game is a large city that can be fully explored, with different sectors being loaded at different points. Entering a different sector will cause the game to show a loading screen as it loads the new sector, while despawning - and keeping in storage - the previous sector. Every store, school and house can be broken into, and the world is saved as if it is real, with blood stains slowly settling into the areas and dead bodies decomposing unless done so yourself. Demi will also complain about the smell of decomposing bodies when she enters an area with a large amount of them. Additionally, the weather will also shift, as will the day/night cycle, making it so that you are actually exploring a real world.

Various weapons can also be crafted with whatever can be found in the world. While some weapons, the more dangerous ones, have blueprints that can be found (ala Dead Rising), some can be crafted from the player's imagination, with any object being able to be combined into melee or shooter weapons.

There is a somewhat story to this, though, with the Sol Crystals.

The Sol Crystals, two hundred and fifty of them, are hidden throughout this city. Some must be obtained by doing challenges, while others are just cleverly hidden. Some are hidden and can only be found during the night - titled Dark Sols - and some only during the day - titled Light Sols.

Collecting Sol Crystals will stun Bortgång's effects on the player, as every one collected drains a small amount of his power before he is destroyed completely. The effects can change from him altering what you see, maybe seeing people as bloodthirsty monsters, to him simply screaming in your brain, causing you to be stunned for quite a long time. Collecting all of the Sol Crystals will finish the game, with a cutscene showing Bortgång being destroyed, and Demi - unfortunately - being killed by the police due to killing millions of people. She does state, however, that she wishes for her death so she can forget about the events of the game.

So much for a sequel opportunity, huh?

This game will be released solely on the Xbox One, due to Nintendo not wanting to have us release this on their console. We don't think the Wii U could even handle all that data, anyway.

Well, we thank you for coming to our Fantendo 7th Anniversary Showcase. We hope that you have enjoyed what you have seen here, and will be hyped at the new games coming soon from Orangutang Pizza. We at Orange Productions, will also be working with some of these projects, while working on some sequels commissioned by various companies: Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare II, Pokémon Darkness and Animal Forest, to name a few.

So, again. We thank you for listening to us, and we hope that you have enjoyed the entire showcase so far.

We bid you farewell.