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Day 1 (April 12)

Yo, wassup, Fantendo? I been a membah since 2012, so Imma be glad to participate in the 7th anniversary of the wiki! So jus' you watch as I...

Holy crap, what am I saying?

Anyway, I'm here at the Fantendo 7th Anniversary Showcase with ten projects. I'll be splitting these into two days. Today, I'm gonna do some Nintendo-related stuff for once, but I'll go on about my usual business and present something non-Nintendo as well. So let's get started with today's presentation from my company, Lone Planet Productions!

Excitebike Rampage

Excitebike Rampage is a 2016 racing game to be released as a launch title for the Nintendo Corona.

Unlike the original Excitebike, which was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985, Excitebike Rampage displays races with a behind-the-back perspective. However, some events will be displayed in the traditional sidescrolling perspective. You can perform well-known motorcycle stunts in events, such as the Can-Can, the Pendulum, and the Sidewinder, to earn more ExcitePoints. ExcitePoints are the main form of currency in-game, allowing you to buy new bikes and stunts.

In addition to bikes, you can use different types of vehicles in the game's Freestyle mode. These include monster trucks, jets, and motorboats. The Freestyle mode features an open-world environment where you can participate in different activities, or just drive around pulling off some cool(-ish) stunts. Activities in Freestyle Mode include Race, Stunt, and Air. Race and Stunt are just what they sound like: a race to the finish line and a stunt showdown, respectively. In Air, you have to go off a large ramp and stay in the air for the longest time.

Racetracks include real world stadiums, like New York, San Francisco, Jacksonville, Seattle, London, Moscow, and Tokyo, as well as worlds within popular Nintendo franchises, such as Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid.

The Legend of Zelda: Call of the Storm
493px-SSB4 - Link Artwork

The Legend of Zelda: Call of the Storm is another Nintendo Corona launch title.

In the kingdom of New Hyrule, 75 years after the events of Twilight Princess, the Storm Festival is being celebrated. Every decade, this festival is celebrated to prepare for the Call of the Storm, a large boom of thunder that selects a young man who is destined to be the savior of the kingdom.

The current incarnation of Link, a slave on a wheat farm, longs for a better life. He has never known his parents, or any member of his family, for that matter. Instead, he is forced to work day after day for his mistress, Lady Rianas.

But suddenly, there is an explosion of thunder in the sky, and a bolt of lightning comes down and strikes Link...

(The logo appears on-screen and fades away.)

Metroid Apocalypse
307px-SSB4 - Samus Artwork

Metroid Apocalypse is a Metroid series title to be released in 2016 for Wii U, Nintendo Corona, and Nintendo Endurance.

Samus Aran receives a distress call from the remote world of Yulloseo-IX. The caller states that there is a dark, menacing alien race invading this planet. Samus goes off to investigate this crisis, but gets bitten by one of the members of the species described. It turns out that the bite of this species can infect its victim with Apocalypsus, a disease that can transform the victim into a beast capable of total destruction within seven days. Samus quickly sets out to find a cure.

Metroid Apocalypse is usually played with the first-person view of the Prime trilogy, but sometimes lets you to use the sidescrolling view of the classic games. Samus can roll up into a ball and shoot lasers as usual. However, some levels implement a new gameplay element: playing as a malevolent, zombie-ish version of Samus. This new form of Samus can climb walls, run faster, and jump higher. She can even shoot "poisma" (poison plasma) spheres that burn enemies on contact.

Day 2 (April 13)

Day 3 (April 14)

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