Fantendo: Syndicate of Sins is a game developed by Dark Heart Games and published by Fantendo for the The V². It features a group of random heroes selected by The Fan that venture into Skærsilden to find The Keeper and defeat the Seven Princes of Hell.


Each character has a different kind of gameplay, mainly based on the games where they come from, allowing for lots of variety in gameplay. The gameplay of each character is displayed blow.

The game is separated into 10 stories. Each story following another character. There are only three stories available at the start, but more will be unlocked later on in the game. Each story fills in mysterious gaps in other told stories. Often there are parts in the story where the whole team is together while on occasions there are parts where the followed protagonist is solo or in a duo.



Character Description
Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson's Story

Amy is a cyborg-girl coming from the future. She takes on this challenge to prove her fighting skills and fills her database with information of Skærsilden. In her story she mainly sticks with the group and is focused on completing the mission for The Fan.

Amy's gameplay is that of an open world RPG game. She is free to roam the area, although with certain limits with some areas because of hidden walls. She fights using her cybernetic sword for her main attacks. Although she doesn't have a lot of special abilities she has a lot of finishers. As Amy levels up she gets "exp tokens" which she can use to unlock branches of her database tree to unlock new finishers for certain moves or even new abilities. Some abilities may even be passive, such as healing herself over a certain period of time. While other branches only will receive updates like more damage, less reloading time or more rapid healing.

Amy's story is one of the default stories in the game.

Aran Leverletto

Aran Leverletto's Story

Aran was the only person ordered by The Fan to join on the quest to Skærsilden. Aran had an encounter with The Keeper before and goes on a specific quest to find him. He strays from the group every time he gets a lead that may lead to The Keeper.

Aran uses a platform shooter style of gameplay that I personally best like to compare with that of Rachet & Clank. His gameplay is focused on using a variety of weapons and snifits that he takes along and finds Skærsilden. At the beginning Aran only can use his saw blade but later can use many weapons like his energy gun, grapple hook, stun gun, smoke grenade and sentry gun. Most weapons have a limited amount of ammunition, requiring Aran to use weapons effectively to avoid running out of firepower. Ammunition can be restocked by breaking crates scattered about the levels.Weapons can be upgraded through both repeated use of them.

Aran's story is available after completing 2 other stories.

Aura Synesthesia

Aura Synesthesia's Story

Aura, a girl with lots of different... aura's that give her special abilities. She joins the quest for a mysterious reason that she doesn't want to reveal to anyone.

Aura has a rather complicated gameplay to explain in such a short time. She has a total of eight transformations which she all can use in Skærsilden to a certain extent however. When using an aura the environment will place a limit on it to supress her aura again and she will have to wait some time to use another one. Like many other characters Aura is free to roam and explore the area from a 3rd person in an open world. For more information about the abilities granted with each aura check: Aura's.

Aura's story is unlocked after completing 4 other stories.

Crow Equinox Dress

Crow's Story

A mysterious woman who volunteers to go to Skærsilden. Initially she tags along with the whole group but is the first one to make the suggestion to split up. For almost half of the story she goes on a solo mission to find something to further strengthen her.

Crow has a hack and slash beat 'em up fighting style, maybe best compared to the fighting style of Raiden in Metal Gear Rising: Reveangeance. Similar to that game Crow can make precise cuts to enemies and environmental props with a physics-based cutting system that splits objects exactly along the line they were cut while outside it is used for more typical combo's, like releasing sonic waves. She needs to fill her 'fire' bar to make precise cuts better.

Crow's story is unlocked after completing the stories of Aran and Umbra.

Dawn Shadows

Dawn Shadows's Story

Being the only one to escape from the Fearscape, Dawn wants to make sure that the Seven Princes don't enter the Fearscape if they exit Skærsilden, as she wants the Fear Fighters to be the most feared after all. She wants all the princes dead, but knows she can't accomplish that all alone.

Dawn's gameplay is similar to the one in  Fear Fighters. You watch it from the side and fight off enemies similar to Double Dragon and Street Fighter. Unlike the gameplay of other character her gameplay doesn't involve much exploring of the area as it is mainly moving from point A to point B. She can use a wide variety of combo's which can be peeked at in the menu even during battles. Occasionally there might be objects in the area for her to pick up and use, ranging from weapons to potions.

Dawn's story is one of the default stories in the game.


Ligeia's Story

After discovering her origin, she tries to seek out her mother in Skærsilden. However upon arrival she seems to have lost her hydrokinesis abilities and must rely on her tentacles for the first part of her story. She seeks out how this has happened and if she can find her mother here as well.

Ligeia fights just like she does in the Dark Woods games. She can upgrade her tentacles when leveling up and learns new attacks with her tentacles and hydrokinesis. Her gameplay is that of an open world RPG. There is a small menu in the left corner which displays the equipped abilities she can use and can change them at any time when not in battle. Both hydrokinesis, tentacle abilities, and potions can be placed in this menu and are executed with the special attack button while her regular melee moves with her tentacles can be performed by using the regular attack button.

Ligeia's story becomes available after completing 2 stories.


Quetz's Story

Joining for no particular reason is Quetz, a newfound heroine in the Fantendoverse. She and The Fan agreed that some training would be nice if she wants to fights against The Threat, despite her young age. However this leaves her to be easy prey for the princes.

Like Dawn, Quetz gameplay differs much from the other characters. She plays through linear 2D platform levels, mostly reminiscent of those from the Kirby franchise, specifically Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Her levels can be rushed through but containt many hidden areas and collectibles. Quetz's main form of attack on the ground is simple melee attacks. They are not overly strong, but can be comboed in rapid succession and stagger opponents. In the air, these melee attacks are replaced with the Harpy Shot, a weak wind-elemental bullet that can be shot in rapid succession. As Quetz can jump infinitely akin to Kirby, this allows her to stay in the air indefinitely in order to shoot.

Quetz's story becomes available after completing that of Ligeia and Dawn.


Syi's Story

When thinking back on her previous adventures Syi has feeled weak and wants to discover more about herself in order for herself to get stronger. She thinks she needs to go out on an adventure and finds that when The Fan offers her an all-inclusive trip to Skærsilden. She decides to join, not knowing where to begin in the first place and sticks with the others for most of the time until someone leads her astray.

Because Syi's stories revolve around narrative her gameplay does so as well. Her main source of inspiration are the Mother series. Much different from the others one will control Syi 'from above' as she makes her way through Skærsilden. When running into an enemy a battle sequence will appear and she is able to choose a few actions including 'Attack', 'Glare', 'Vegitate' and 'Flee'. All action's success rely on if the button is pressed in the green zone, the further away from it, the less successfull it is. Attack's strength can also depend on her level and held item(s). Glare can cause aversion, Vegitate can heal and Flee is simply escaping.

Syi's story is unlocked after completing Ligeia or Aran's story.




Tess's Story

It wasn't Tess her idea to go to Skærsilden, it was the idea of one of her alternate personalities. Despite Tess mainly being in control during the story she tries to fight the alternate personality inside of her who lead her here. As she ventures through she learns more about the reason why her alternate personality led her here.

Tess' gameplay is based on Radioactive while it bears more similarity with the Dissidia games. Tess roams in a free open world environment and can fight enemies by interacting with them, sending her into a special fighting area. Tess can craft weapons and armor with rewards from fights, or treasures. As she levels up she can also equip other moves. She has a mysterious split personality which she sometimes enters unwillingly for a battle with a scythe, different armor and moveset.

Tess' story is one of the default stories in the game.

Umbra Shader

Umbra Shader's Story

The main reason Umbra joined the gang was after receiving a lead that his parents might be trapped somewhere in Skærsilden and needs the help of others to find them because he doubts himself. This main doubt is because questions regarding his sexuality are getting bigger. And maybe he already knows deep inside he doesn't really need help from others to find his parents but instead to learn more about himself.

Umbra's gameplay is mainly a mix of the numbered Kingdom Hearts games and DmC: Devil May Cry. Umbra has several level chapters which each take place in a different place in Skærsilden. He can use different combo combinations that are performed by using certain combinations with the buttons. After each level Umbra gains a new ability. At times Umbra also needs to solve puzzles to advance.

Umbra's story is unlocked after Quetz's or Crow's story.


Character Description


Representing the sin Pride

Often Lucifer is seen as the leader of the Seven Princes of Hell, ordering them around and mainly staying somewhere on the background. He thinks greater than the others and seems to have an agenda of his own which the others blindly follow.

He wields the Ring of Styx, a ring that can summon the deceased back to the world of the living. However despite their normal appearance and full conscious they are puppets of Lucifer used for his own amusement and protection.



Representing the sin Greed

The shortest of all the Seven Princess of Hell. Mammon is always in need of more. He longs to eventually own everything in existence although he knows that is near impossible. His main focus are women, he wants to have lots of women, which he often also succeeds in duo to his young appearance.

He wields the Needle of Vodouist. Despite it's name it isn't used for voodoo, instead Mammon can penetrate literally everything with the needle as it it were a pillow, even a concrete wall. He takes possession of the penetrated object/being for as long as the needle is in.



Representing the sin Lust

Unlike everyone else, Asmodeus seems to be not a male. Despite this he is. Ever since coming into existence he longed to be a woman and used his powers to become a she. Asmodeus is very flirty and seductive, but also kind of a masochist when it comes to it.

She wields the Mirror of Mirage. With said mirror Asmodeus can make all kinda of illusions. This is also how she managed to cloak herself as a woman. She can thus cast illusions on herself, but also trap others in illusions.



Representing the sin Envy

A mysterious one, probably the most mysterious one of the bunch. Leviathan doesn't want to indentify by gender although he is a male. He quickly gets jealous of things other people have and wants to claim them for himself. However the Leviathan we see now doesn't seem to be hiding something very important about himself.

Leviathan's apparent object is the Cup of Storms. With this cup he has hydrokinesis powers, being also able to breathe underwater. However he seems kinda inexperienced with the powers, almost looking if he just received them.



Representing the sin Gluttony

By far the most mentally challenged of the bunch, just call him dumb. He has a very huge appetite and pretty much eats anything in sight. There is not a lot of depht in his personality besides his hunger and him making stupid decisions. However his hunger makes a very dangerous opponent.

He wields the Trident of Infinity. It is said to be a trident but appears in the form of a dinner fork. The fork grants him the ability to stetch to enormous lengths. He can grow to immense size, stretch his mouth to devour something in one bite and stretch his trident to attack on long distance.



Representing the sin Wrath

This one is often seen as the main devil by others from the upper world, but he is far from. Despite him being psychically the strongest, he has a very short temper and doesn't think rationally. Satan's approach on things is just to burn and kill and sees others merely as livestock.

He wields the Piercings of Inferno. These are two earrings in the form of a pentagram. And despite him being a devil the pentagrams aren't upside down. He has pyrokinesis abilities and an enhanced strength.



Representing the sin Sloth

You know that one that always gets left behind or doesn't want to go, that is Belphegor. He doesn't bother with doing anything, always saying things are a drag. He prefers to stay in his room to draw. He doesn't really have any bad intentions and just does what the others tell him to do to get it quickly over with.

He wields the Pencil of Life. With this pencil he can draw anything to live and let it fight for him. He basically makes entire armies in his room which he sends out into the battlefield, and they are the primary enemies fought in the game. He has one little sketch that always stays by his side who has grown a conscious and is his only form of company.


Character Description
The Keeper
The Keeper is an ancient being who dwells in Skærsilden. Once being a noble knight who accidentally freed the Seven Deadly Sins and was tasked with capturing them in a blade. In a twist turn of events he turned into a cage for the sins after slaying all of them. He was send to Skærsilden for extra security. Now with the Seven Princes of Hell having taken over the place, The Keeper's whereabouts are unknown.
Ektaz and Aktoz
These are two little boys that seems to roam somewhere in Skærsilden. They pop up here and there providing information, selling things and more. They seem to be younger versions of The Fan and The Enemy and also claim themselves to be so, calling each other by their original names: Ektaz and Aktoz. Their presence in Skærsilden is unknown and very mysterious. But it is said that they contain some kind of special power.
A mysterious person who resides in Skærsilden. He acts as a neutral party towards the protagonists, sometimes being friendly while at other times hostile. With him are tiny yellow minion creatures that can shapeshift into weapons, each minion being a different weapon. The motivations, or Shamask's real name, are left ambiguous through the whole game, although he makes it evident that something terrible is going to happen.
placeholder image
Petia is the mother of Ligeia who plays a major role in the story of Ligeia and makes small cameo's at the start of the quest for everyone, except Crow and Umbra. After her defeat in Dark Woods IV: Descend her soul had unfinished business and was send to Skærsilden where she would roam until she finished her business.


  • The sketch demons of Belphegor appear in everyone's story as enemies.
  • A chronicle order of the deaths of the Seven Princes of Hell will be listed here when all the stories are complete.

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