Fantendo - Small Time is a Fantendo - Drive series revolving around the Fantendoverse characters when they aren't having adventures but instead living their normal lives. Anyone can write an episode, with Sr.Wario's permission.


1. Meet the Parents

Written by: Sr.Wario

At a fancy restauraunt, Skett and Carter are having a nice date. Carter asks how Skett gets them into such fancy places, and he replies that he "knows some people"(with a flashback showing him threatening the head chef). Skett eats his food quietly, and Carter casually mentions that he should meet her parents. Skett starts choking, attracting the people around him. Skett shoes them off and says he's fine, with Carter saying he should relax.

That night, Skett beats the hell out of his punching bag when Zabrent walks by. Zabrent asks if that's the only way he gets out his feeling. Skett tells Zabrent to go away, but Zabrent refuses to, until Skett tells him what's wrong. Skett finally stops and tells Zabrent that Carter wants him to meet her parents. Zabrent really doesn't see the issue with this, but Skett says he, if Zabrent hasn't noticed, a Sceptile.

Zabrent tells Skett that he may be a sceptile, but he's also a good boyfriend, life-saver, and someone who kicked the ass of superpowered people before. Zabrent says that meeting her parents is no reason to start getting down. Skett thanks Zabrent and walks away. Zabrent looks at the destroyed punching bag and tells himself to call the clean-up team.

Sometime later, Carter takes Skett to meet her parents, and Skett is confident. Carter compliments Skett, and they head into Carter's house, a large beautiful one. Skett is surprised, and Carter says that to get into a university like she did, they'd have to be rich. As Skett goes inside, he meets Carter's parents, Margaret and Anthony.

Carter is embarassed by her smothering parents, who clearly love her very much and are glad she met "a nice boy". Carter sighs and looks at Skett with red cheeks, but he's just happy that they are so nice after all. They have a nice evening, and Carter and Skett drive out.

Skett is surprised they don't care, and Carter explains that her mom had a fling with a Greninja when she was a teenager. Skett is so glad they were accepting, and blabbers on about how he shouldn't have worried when he is interrupted mid-sentence by Carter kissing him.




Meet the Parents

  • The restauraunt is the same one from Troubled Pasts.
  • The clean-up team first appeared in the Stinger of The Exam.
  • Carter's mother is named Margaret. A shortened version of Margaret is Peggy, a reference to Marvel Comics character Peggy Carter.
  • Carter's father is named Anthony. A shortened version of Anthony is Tony, a reference to Marvel Comics character Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man.

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