Fantendo - Side Stories is a 2D animated series created by RTA fan (tbc). The series originally belonged to SpookSounds (tbc), but she gave it to RTA fan. The series revolves around the RTAverse's version of F.A.N.T.


Main Characters

Squad #1

Character Description
Naomi Richards The woman who founded the RTAverse version of F.A.N.T, Naomi is rather young and people don't tend to believe her when she says she founded F.A.N.T, because of her age.

Naomi is usually docile and calm, but can be set off very easily and she can tend to go into a blind rage when she is angered, getting close to hurting people.

Naomi possesses pyrokinetic and psychic powers, and she can easily have visions triggered by the smallest things. Naomi also has possession of a shotgun.

Terry Cunningham Considered the first person to be recruited to F.A.N.T, Terry is a young man who has no powers, but people are constantly under the impression he is, even with how many times he's proved he has no powers.

Terry is usually the light-hearted member of any missions he goes out on. Terry is usually highly optimistic and very jokey around other people.

Terry does not have any superpowers, but he does have rather tremendous athletic skill. He uses this to his advantage when enemies try and escape.

Howard Wilson A skilled pyrotechnician, Howard has been qualified to operate with explosives for seven years. He can legally demolish buildings, and tends to use this to take out enemy bases.

Howard is usually silent until he believes it's a good time to speak up and suggest something. Howard also tends to speak up when he has a good joke he wants to say.

Howard is skilled with explosives, and has some strength. He has demolished about 40 buildings and is always F.A.N.T's first choice for destruction of enemy bases.

Isabel Baráth A Hungarian woman who had only just moved to the US, Isabel is someone who is trying to find ways to do good with her superpowers, but finds it hard to do so.

Isabel is very laid back. She tends to try and maintain an attitude that makes her come off as a roughneck, but always fails to do so.

Isabel has superhuman strength. She is uncertain how powerful her strength is, but she has lifted a 10-tonne rock without any trouble in the past. She can also shoot lasers from her eyes.

Kareem Ghaly An EDM and Mountain Dew driven guy who had recently moved to the States from Egypt, Kareem spent most of his life admiring superheroes like Superman and was upset he couldn't have powers like Superman.

Kareem is usually bouncy and full of energy. He has a crush on Isabel to an extent, because of her Superman-like powers. Kareem is also fairly knowledgeable about pop-culture.

Kareem is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. His high energy also helps him stay awake and alert longer than most people. Kareem is also very hard to fatigue.

Benedykta Grzeskiewicz A Polish woman who joined F.A.N.T when it started up, Benedykta is the main scientist. She has knowledge in quite a few fields and assisted Anna Edmondson in getting her PhD.

Benedykta is a take-no-nonsense person. She tends to have jokes go well over her head and sometimes takes things a bit too seriously. Regardless, she is great at what she does.

Benedykta is, as mentioned above, skilled in multiple scientific fields. She can also plan out attacks well. She also has good hand-eye co-ordination, and can work with firearms rather well.

Emerson Warner A woman who just got out of rehab, Emerson is a woman who had drug problems before deciding to help F.A.N.T out. She isn't in F.A.N.T herself, but she's trying to help them in saving the world.

Emerson has an incredibly short fuse. She can easily go into a large fit of rage if things don't work. She blames a lot of her anger on the drugs she took.

Emerson has telekinetic powers. She gained them when she had a drug problem and took a syringe from a top secret lab. She injected the liquid and ended up with telekinetic powers. However, it's possible the liquid only "unlocked" her powers. Emerson only uses her powers when she absolutely needs to.

Squad #2

Character Description
Bob Rose A comic book artist who was brought into F.A.N.T. because of his apparent potential to lead a team, Bob is the leader of the organisation's second squad. Bob has absolutely no experience with being a hero.

Bob is very calm. He can get his points across easily and has endless patience. Bob never really ends up shouting at anyone and finds it crucial to orchestrating near-perfect attacks.

Bob is a very talented artist. He can draw very realistic images and can also use his artistry to fool people. Bob does have an unusual pencil that can bring objects he draws to life, but he is not sure how it works.

Nadia Brodeur Known as the "Superpowered Supermodel", Nadia is a woman from France. She was planning to go into modelling but when she was contacted by Naomi, she decided to join F.A.N.T.. When she is not working with F.A.N.T., Nadia is quietly pursuing her modelling career.

Nadia is usually very quiet and mysterious. She usually uses her eyes to show how she feels. She keeps a very stoic air around her, and it usually leads to her enemies feeling uncomfortable. She only shares secrets about herself with the people she well and truly trusts.

Nadia has multiple psychic abilities - telekinesis, telepathy and precognition. She gained these powers during a thunderstorm in her hometown of Orléans. Her psychic powers are somewhat strong. Nadia also has very strong eyesight. She can see things no one else would be able to spot. This has lead Nadia to see unusual things, including her own heart and inside her best friend's brain.

Yvette Shaw An aspiring gymnast from Ayrshire in Scotland, Yvette is Nadia's best friend. She met Nadia through a pen pal program set up by Nadia's school. The two quickly became friends and taught each other a lot about each others' native languages.

Yvette is a very gleeful woman. She spends most of her time with a smile on her face or doing unusual things. She tries to live life to the fullest and has a very positive outlook on life.

Yvette has terrakinetic powers. Like Nadia, she gained these powers from an unusual thunderstorm in France. She doesn't have much control over her terrakinesis and can cause quite some damage as a result. She also has X-ray vision. The bolt that struck Yvette hit her brain, and the electricity from the bolts reacted with the neurons in her brains and she wound up with a great amount of knowledge. Yvette is very gymnastic as well, and is wishing to join the British Olympic team.

Chauncey Thompson A basketball player who is considered on the level of LeBron James, Chauncey is a fairly humble guy from Traverse City in Michigan. He has been playing for 12 years and doesn't really have any intentions of retiring anytime soon. He considers himself to be at the prime of his career.

Chauncey is very laid back. Despite his very high profile, he does not have any sort of ego and is very humble in the way he usually talks. He likes to joke around quite a bit.

Chauncey is rather athletic. He is able to outrun most NBA players and has a very high vertical leap. Chauncey is also rather knowledgeable about mathematics to some degree.

Tyshawn Phillips A rather strong man born not so far away from Philadelphia, Tyshawn grew up in a somewhat rough neighbourhood and decided to build himself up for the sake of defense. When he found out about F.A.N.T., Tyshawn went to Washington to join almost instantly.

Tyshawn is rather brash. He tends to do things with reckless abandon and can easily plow through about 20 men. Tyshawn can easily restrain himself if he feels he is going a bit too far, however.

Tyshawn is physically strong. His strength is not on a superhuman level, but he can bench press about 550lbs at one time. As stated above, he toughened himself up to survive in the neighbourhood he grew up in. Even with his somewhat large stature, Tyshawn can run fairly fast.

Kaori Tsukuda A woman from Japan with a license to exceed speed limits, Kaori is a very skilled driver. She is usually called in to big Hollywood movies to do their car stunts. Kaori decided to join F.A.N.T. because she felt her skill behind the wheel might help the organisation.

Kaori is rather level-headed. She keeps her cool most of the time so that when she is driving she has full focus on the road. If she loses her temper she could easily go off the road and the consequences could be deadly. Kaori likes to joke around when she isn't driving, though.

Kaori as very fast reaction times. She can move out of the way of dangerous enemies even when they're merely seconds away from attacking her. These reaction times are also how she manages to drive in excellent fashion no matter what. Kaori also has cryokinetic powers that allow her to freeze enemy cars' engines in an instant.

Supporting Characters

Character Description
Xandinho Da Costa A skilled marksman who moved from Brazil to put his sniper abilities to use, Xandinho normally goes with the team when they absolutely need someone with good aim.

Xandinho has a personality completely different from what you would probably expect for what he does. He is is usually upbeat and can lift anyone's spirits up in tough times.

Xandinho has rather good accuracy. He has firearms training from having lived in Brazil. Xandinho also has athletic ability which helps him reach places he couldn't reach before

Natsumi Akiyama A young woman who is usually brought along to hack into enemy bases, Natsumi works as hard as she can to impress her colleagues with her skill.

Natsumi is a combination of cocky and cheery. She is usually quiet when trying to hack so she can focus on what she is meant to be doing.

Natsumi has a PhD in Computing. She picked the PhD up not long before joining F.A.N.T and uses her programming knowledge to hack into enemy databases. Natsumi also does parkour, and can jump ridiculous distances.

Andrés Leifsson A powerhouse and mechanic who moved to the States from Iceland to join F.A.N.T, Andrés has a lot of experience in fixing machines. He usually goes along to fix up any damaged machinery.

Andrés is usually laid back and light-hearted. He is very charismatic and can pick anyone up. He is usually difficult to bring down when he gets in the right mood.

Andrés is a "strongman". He is capable of lifting great amounts of weight at a time and has once lifted 600 lbs. Andrés is also a skilled mechanic, and can fix up damaged vehicles easily.

Heliodoro San Nicolas A young Mexican who used to just mess with his friends and play pranks constantly, Heliodoro used F.A.N.T as a chance to try and mature.

Heliodoro is somewhat immature. He is usually cracking jokes at bad times and pulls pranks, but not as often as he used to.

Heliodoro is rather athletic. He played a lot of football on the streets of Mexico City when he grew up and was thinking of making a career out of it before finding out about F.A.N.T. Heliodoro also has martial arts training.

Øydis Christiansen A young woman with a very troubled past, Øydis is the team's go to for stealth. She has espionage training from her home country of Norway.

Øydis is a calm woman. She keeps herself from going into outbursts of rage more often than not. Øydis fights for what she thinks is right and can be stubborn at times.

Øydis is skilled in espionage. She trained back when she lived in Norway and has managed to sneak into about 50 bases in her time with F.A.N.T. Øydis is also fluent in Norwegian and English.

Kim Choi A guy who came to the US specifically so he could join F.A.N.T, Kim is a fairly rich person who decided to pay a lot to get an extension for the main headquarters of F.A.N.T, which turned out to be a soccer field.

Kim is fairly level-headed. He has experience with taking care of other people from having to looking after his brother and sister while his mother and father worked.

Kim has good aim and has a rather unorthodox weapon - a soccer ball. Kim has a lot of training in freestyle soccer and can knock enemies out from about 100 meters away.

Samantha Richards A former vigilante from Annapolis in Maryland, Samantha is Naomi's mother. She chose to become a vigilante in order to keep her daughter safe. Samantha put herself in many dangerous situations and they've had a heavy effect on her mentally.

Samantha is very timid. She is usually rather scared that someone from her past will try and attack and kill her and is always on edge. Samantha has rather severe PTSD that mentally cripples her if something reminds her of what happened while she was a vigilante. She tends to have rather severe panic attacks to the point someone has to help her before she does anything she regrets.

Samantha has psychic powers. Her powers allow her to see the future, communicate telepathically and shoot off pulses to knock any enemies back. Samantha also has hydrokinesis, in contrast to her daughter's pyrokinesis. Samantha's hydrokinesis is very strong and she is capable of creating a flash flood if she focuses hard enough. Samantha also has the ability to rapidly heal up any injuries she has. She used this power to keep her great-grandmother alive until the age of 119 and tends to use it whenever she has injuries herself so she can get right back into it.


Character Description
Marie Warner Emerson's anarchist mother, Marie is a renowned criminal back in the UK. She has been committing crimes since she was 16 and she gave birth to Emerson just one day after being released from prison. She illegally tortures people daily.

Marie is a very reckless woman. She does a lot of things without any concern for any life except for hers. Emerson usually theorises that her moving to America broke her mother but isn't sure. Marie is also a very selfish woman.

Marie has telekinesis. Unlike her daughter who uses her powers for heroic purposes, Marie tends to use her powers with malicious intent, using it to kidnap people so she can torture them to her heart's content.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Title Description
01 Starting Somewhere Naomi Richards decides to start up an organisation, and starts gathering members to work with.
02 Fire and Brains This episode focuses on Naomi's past, including what motivated her to start F.A.N.T. in the RTAverse and how she got used to her powers.
03 Laser Guided Isabel has to use her powers to the best of her abilities when most of the agency is kidnapped. In trying to save the agency, Isabel gets help from someone she never expected to meet.
04 When F.A.N.T.s Collide The team comes across the 410 squad of the Fantendoverse's F.A.N.T., and team up with them to take on a threat to both their universes.
05 Strong Willed With Naomi's injury, Isabel takes control of F.A.N.T.'s field operations while Naomi recovers. The episode also covers how Isabel gained her laser vision and coped with her superhuman strength in more depth.
06 Leeds to Washington The episode follows Emerson as she goes from a young girl in poverty in northern England to working alongside F.A.N.T. in Washington D.C.. It also shows why she briefly turned to drugs and how her telekinesis came around.
07 Say Hello to Squad Number Two A new squad is formed by Naomi so the first squad can have proper backup. The teams go out on a task almost instantly and take the time to get to know each other better.
08 The Life Of A Pyrokinetic Director The episode focuses more on Naomi's personal past rather than her school past as she goes out to stop a hostile takeover of a factory. She works together with Nadia, Yvette and Tyshawn to stop the takeover.
09 Ghaly To The Rescue When the entire organisation is kidnapped, Kareem has to use his skills to try and save everyone, and ends up having a tricky run-in with a known threat to the RTAverse.
10 Best of the Backups The second squad end up having to rescue the first squad after Marie breaks out and kidnaps them. The episode focuses on how Naomi got in touch with each member of the new squad while they use their abilities to save their colleagues and friends.
11 The Whole World in Their Hands After a relentless string of attacks from D'Angelo & Sons, Naomi snaps and goes on a rampage. As Naomi goes to the future to unleash hell upon D'Angelo & Sons, Isabel and Terry chase her to try and calm her down while the others are left trying to protect the present from another attack headed by Marie.
12 A Chaotic Showdown With Naomi possessed, Marie having an entire army and personal things getting the best of Nadia, the squads have to work to try and save the world one more time, and in a very chaotic fashion. Samantha is also forced out of retirement in order to help the group.