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Fantendo - Assemble is a Fantendo Drive series written by Drackula focusing on introducing new characters and giving more depth to old ones. It is being released  throughout 2017 and chronologically takes place between Fantendo Sports Resort and Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory


  • Cura: Last seen during the events of Fantendo Sports Resort, Cura is a lonely and friendly robot who has recently been revived after decades of being offline. She is now travelling the world trying to find her place, hoping to meet new friends along the way.
  • Teresa: A shape-shifting alien who ran away from her home planet, hoping to blend in with the other humans and living in fear that one day she will be caught. She is often reserved and quiet, not truly opening up to many people.
  • Chelsea Rench: A skilled mechanic who appears to be paranoid about leaving her home, Chelsea is a kind and helpful person who takes in Cura and Teresa after finding them on the way back from a supply haul.
  • RayChelsea's closest friend and confidant, Ray is a sparkling who inhabits a robotic suit. He is usually calm and the voice of reason in the group, but it is implied he has some insecurities of his own.
  • Clark: A robot built by Chelsea taking on the appearance of a frog, Clark is rather grumpy and cynical, being a sort of jerk with a heart of gold. Despite his crude demeanor he still cares for his creator and will protect her at any costs.
  • Taylor Bronze: Born with a tentacle for an arm and multiple other tentacles protruding from his back, Taylor is a smart-talking joker and drop-out from F.A.N.T. He now acts as a vigilante who often makes quips and flirtatious jokes at both his opponents and friends.
  • Eliza Jones: A woman with telekinetic powers, Eliza is an experienced agent of F.A.N.T and Taylor's girlfriend. She is sarcastic and quick-witted, but is always loyal to her friends and to F.A.N.T.
  • Mike Adams: Eliza's partner, Mike is an agent of F.A.N.T with the ability to generate electricity from his hands. He is cold and intelligent, rarely showing emotion or empathy and always speaking his mind.
  • Bee Horn: A sinister con-artist who sells fake "Zeon artifacts" and other items, however there is more to him than meets the eye. 
  • Terence Rock: The leader of a small group of anthropomorphic lobster criminals, Terence is a brute who often acts out of irrational emotion and isn't very bright.

Characters will be added to this section as they are introduced.


Issue #1: Lobster Oil Salesman

The comic opens with a panel of a dark city street. We see a large car, and from the back we can see its license plate says the word “ROCK” on it in bold letters. From atop a building, two figures are eyeing it down. Both are wearing black uniforms, one a man with red hair and one a woman with dark blue hair.

Blue Haired Woman: That’s the one we’re looking for, right?

Red Haired Man: Yup.

Blue Haired Woman: So… do we go after them?

Red Haired Man: Not yet. They might spot us. We have to make sure we follow them from a distance until it’s the right time to strike.

Blue Haired Woman: Ah, I see.

Red Haired Man: You know, Eliza, maybe it wouldn’t be so easy to spot us if we didn’t have such brightly colored hair. It kinda makes us stick out.

Eliza: Oh stop complaining, Mike. Besides… it looks cool.

Mike: Pfft.

Eliza: So what are we even stopping anyway?

Mike: Just some drug dealers. Petty crime.

Eliza: Ah, I see. Well that car’s starting to get out of our view, so we should get going.

Mike: Right.

The two jump down and begin to follow the path of the car. 

The comic switches to a more bright and colorful style in a different location. It shows Cura, who was last seen in the events of Fantendo Sports Resort, travelling across the world and struggling to fit in, while also trying to help people. While she’s walking, she ends up bumping into a woman with green hair, knocking her to the floor.

Cura: Oh geez, sorry!

Green Haired Woman: It’s fine.

Cura: You sure? I didn’t mean to-

Green Haired Woman: No. Really. It’s fine.

Cura helps the woman up and she starts to leave, but Cura calls to her at the last second.

Cura: Hey, what’s your name?

Green Haired Girl: ...Teresa.

Cura: Nice to meet you, my name is Cura!

Cura reaches out to shake Teresa’s hand, which she does cautiously.

Cura: So, uh, where are you going?

Teresa: Nowhere in particular. Just kinda… travelling.

Cura: Same!

Teresa: Ok then, so...

There are a few panels of awkward silence, then Cura sighs.

Cura: I’m really sorry if this is weird or anything. It’s just that… gosh, how do I put this? ...I’m really lonely.

Teresa: Oh… I-I get that.

Cura: So… is it cool if I stuck around with you? Just for a little while? If you don’t want me to, that’s totally fine.

Teresa: Y’know what… sure.

Cura’s face lights up, and Teresa smiles slightly. 

The story shifts back to Mike and Eliza, who follow the car around a corner as it parks near a dark alleyway. A group of three anthropomorphic lobsters come out of the car and notice the two.

Mike: Oh god, it’s these guys.

Lobster Crook 1: Ey, looks like F.A.N.T. sent a pair of jolly ranchers to try and fuck wit’ us.

Eliza: Wow, jolly ranchers. Must’ve taken you a whole second of cognitive thought to come up with that one.

Lobster Crook 2: Watch your mouth. I’ll claw you to pieces, girly.

Lobster Crook Leader: Get ‘em, boys.

The second lobster crook jabs at Eliza with his claws, but she dodges and she knocks him into a wall with telekinesis. Mike’s hands light up with red electricity as he punches the first crook in the face, shocking him as he falls to the ground.

Mike: That was too easy.

Eliza: Well, I mean, what did you expect?

With only one criminal left, the agents corner the leader of the lobster gang.

Mike: Terence Rock, you are under arrest.

Terence: Hah, so you think you can stop me! I’ll have you know the deed has been done. I exchanged the goods with a friend of mine for THIS.

Terence pulls out a futuristic-looking gun from his pocket.

Terence: You see that? This is ancient technology from Zeon. And it’s right here in my hand. Now tell me, which one of you wants to die first?

Eliza: There is no way he could get his hands on that kind of stuff.

Terence: Oh I’ll bet your ass I did.

Terence holds the gun point-blank to Mike’s head and fires. A gunshot is heard, but Mike is unharmed.

Terence: Hold up…

Terence fires again.

Terence: You gotta be kidding me!

Terence fires three more times in random directions.

Terence: This thing is filled with nothing but blanks! Fucking BLANKS! I have no ammo for this kind of thing! It’s a fucking overblown TOY!

Eliza knocks the gun out of Terence’s hand and handcuffs him, while Mike calls for a police officer to pick up the lobster crooks. The comic focuses on the “Zeon” gun on the floor, which has a crude drawing of a Beorn’s head and the signature “B. Horn” inscribed on it.

The scene then switches to Eliza and Mike at the F.A.N.T base talking after the mission.

Mike: Well, I think we did a pretty good job.

Eliza: You think so?

Mike: Yeah, we stopped the crooks and we have a pretty good lead on who their dealer is.

Eliza: Yeah, but… I don’t know, I feel like we could have done better. We didn’t catch them until the drugs were already sold, after all.

Mike: Eh, we still did better than your failure boyfriend ever could.

Eliza: Oh come on, don’t bring him into this, he’s doing his own thing now.

Mike: Is that what they call being a dropout these days?

Eliza: Yeah, but-

Eliza is interrupted by her phone ringing.

Eliza: Well speak of the devil, he’s calling me right now.

Eliza picks up the phone while Mike sighs.

Eliza: Hey babe!

Man on the phone: Heyo. What are you up to?

The comic switches to the city street, where we see who the boyfriend is - a man who has light pink hair, wearing a grey hoodie and dark blue pants, his left hand hidden in his pocket.

Eliza: Oh, nothing much really. Mike and I just finished a mission.

Man on the phone: Of course you did.

The comic switches back to the F.A.N.T base with Mike and Eliza.

Eliza: What are you up to Tay?

Taylor: I thought I told you not to call me that.

Eliza: You did, I just don’t care.

Taylor laughs, and Eliza smirks. Mike is visibly annoyed.

Taylor: Anyways, I haven’t been up to much. I’ve been stopping all the crime that I can but… there isn’t a lot.

Eliza: Hehe, the struggles of being a vigilante.

Mike: How is he even able to pay the bills?

Eliza glares at Mike.

Taylor: Well, I just wanted to check in. I’ll see you later, maybe we can hang out this weekend?

Eliza: I should be free yeah. Talk to you later babe, Mike says hi.

Mike: I do not-

Eliza hangs up, glaring at Mike.

Mike: Don’t give me that look, Eliza. You know that he’s a pathetic, good-for-nothing failure. He’s nothing without you.

Eliza walks away silently. Mike stands there for a second before walking away as well.

The comic ends with a few panels of Taylor walking down the street at night time. He suddenly hears screaming and sees that a robbery is taking place at a nearby bank. Taylor smirks, and we see a tentacle come out of his left arm’s sleeve as the comic ends.

Issue #2: Starbound

The comic starts with Cura and Teresa lying in a field, looking at the stars.

Cura: It’s a really nice view, huh?

Teresa: Yeah.

Cura: I like to come down here every night and just look at the stars. It’s just… space, y’know? It looks so big and endless, and I want to explore it all!


Cura: Do you… get what I mean?

Teresa: Not really, no. The whole space thing just kinda… turns me off. It’s really unnerving and, in all honesty, a bit frightening.

Cura: Oh… we can leave if you want!

Teresa: No, no, it’s fine. I’ll be fine.

Cura: You know, I was wondering…

Teresa: Hmm?

Cura: I’m a robot, so it’s not exactly mandatory for me to eat and sleep and all that. But you’re a person! Don’t you have a home?

Teresa: Not at the moment. I jump between rooms in different hotels and don’t have any belongings.

Cura: That’s no good!

Teresa: It’s fine, really-

Cura: Teresa, I promise you, I’m going to find us a home.

The scene then switches to a bright and sunny shot of the city as we see two odd figures. One is a sparkling who appears to be inhabiting a robot suit, and the other is a woman with red hair and bunny ears.

Sparkling: Well, it’s been awhile since you’ve been out in the city, huh Chelsea?

Chelsea: Yeah, I’m just here to get supplies and all that. I left the security system on and running, right?

Sparkling: Yeah, you did. I’m absolutely sure.

Chelsea: Alright, thanks Ray.

Chelsea breathes a sigh of relief. The two go to a stand in a large open market to buy gears and supplies. We later pan out to see a different stand in the corner of the same market, owned by a man with a ratty black hair and a beard. His stand has what appears to be a Beorn head as decoration along with other seemingly ancient items. The stand is not getting any customers. Mike walks up to his stand.

Salesman: Hello valued custom-Oh. It’s you.

Mike: You’re still doing this gig, huh? I’m honestly surprised, “Bee Horn.” If that’s still your name.

Bee Horn: Oh shut up, I’ve had plenty of customers wanting to buy my artifacts.

Mike: The sad part is I know you have. Are you associated with Terence Rock?

Bee Horn: Oh, and how'd you figure that out?

Mike: The evidence we found led to you being his dealer. I assume this is your creation?

Mike shows Bee Horn the fake Zeon gun from the previous chapter.

Bee Horn: Ah yes, they gave me half their product for that thing.

Mike: What I want to know is if you have other dealers, and how you’re even getting away with this.

Mike picks up the Beorn head decoration and squeezing it.

Mike: Plush decorations. I’m starting to think you’re not even trying anymore.

Bee Horn laughs.

Bee Horn: You think this is the only thing I do? I’m no longer a simple con artist, boy. If only you knew the things I have done…

Mike: That's exactly what I needed.

Mike tries to handcuff Bee Horn, but he escapes and runs off.

Mike: Fuck!

Mike tries to follow but has already lost his trail. He sighs and closes down Bee Horn’s shop, keeping some items from the display for further examination.

Chelsea and Ray are shown leaving the market with what appears to be a bag of robot parts and supplies.

Ray: I’m pretty sure this is all we need.

Chelsea: Alright, we should be heading back then!

The two drive back home, and on the way they come across Cura and Teresa. The robot catches Chelsea’s eye and she stops the car.

Cura: Oh, hello!

Chelsea: Uh, hiya! What are y’all doing here?

Teresa: Oh, we’re just kinda… walking aimlessly.

Cura: It’s fun!

Ray: Oh, cool. Yeah we were just, uh, heading home now.

Chelsea: Yeah, nice meeting you though!

Teresa: You too.

Chelsea: Hey wait a minute, you’re a robot, right?

Cura: Me, yeah!

Ray: You look really bent up, like you haven’t been upgraded in years. Your green-haired friend isn’t looking too hot for a normal human either.

Cura: Aw golly, do I really look that bad? I’m sorry, I didn’t know.

Chelsea: No, no, it’s fine! Hey, maybe I can take you in and give you some upgrades?

Cura: You’d really do that?

Chelsea: Yeah, totally! After all, it’s not that often you see an actual robot around here, haha.

Cura: Thank you so much!

Chelsea: No problem! Although I don’t think I got your guys’ names…

Cura: Oh, I’m Cura!

Teresa: My name’s Teresa.

Chelsea: Cool! I’m Chelsea, and this is my friend Ray.

Teresa: Alright, so I guess we’re with you guys now?

Chelsea: Yeah, I guess so!

The four make it to Chelsea’s home, a farm with an over-excessive security system.

Teresa: Wow… you installed all that?

Chelsea: Yup! You gotta be prepared for any situation, haha!

The group walks in and spots lots of robotics tools and a blue and grey robot with a frog shaped head.

Frog Robot: Gah, who are these folks? You didn’t tell me you were having guests.

Chelsea: Oh hey, this is Clark. He’s the first robot I ever made!

Cura: Nice to meet you Clark, I’m Cura!

Teresa: Hello.

Clark: I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t even know you had other friends.

Chelsea: Well, haha, I didn’t until now!

Teresa: I’m sorry if this is all really sudden, if you want we can leave

Chelsea: No, no, Teresa it’s fine! Ray: Yeah, there’s plenty of room to go around.

Chelsea: You see Clark, Cura here seems to be a really old robot, so I thought I’d just take her in and give her a few upgrades, and let her and her friend stay here a bit.

Clark: Meh… no harm in that I guess.

Ray (whispering): If it makes you feel any better, he’s grumpy about everything.

Teresa nods.

Chelsea: Alright, Teresa, you can get settled in. Cura, I’ll start by fixing up your skeleton arm…

The comic shifts to the scene of a prison. We see an angry Terence Rock in a cell with a strange woman with an eye patch and dark hair. The woman doesn’t look to be all there mentally.

Terence: So, what are you in for?

One Eyed Woman: Killed all my friends. Not the first time I did it either.

Terence: Jesus christ, that’s fucked up.

One Eyed Woman: Eh, the Vision told me to do it so, it came naturally after that I guess.

Terence: “The Vision?”

One Eyed Woman: The Vision. He sees all with one eye.

Terence looks visibly creeped out.

One Eyed Woman: What? Has he never talked to you before?

Terence: No…

One Eyed Woman: Oh, he would talk to me. He would talk to me ALL the time…

The One Eyed Woman stares silently at nothing.

One Eyed Woman: Soon. He’ll get me out of here. Like he always does.

Terence shudders. The comic ends with an ominous shot of the prison and all the criminals trapped inside.

Issue #3: By The Horns

Cura gets a make-over, Chelsea has late-night existential thoughts, Taylor finds a new ally in fighting crime, and Mike tries to go after Bee Horn.


  • This is the first chronological appearance in the Fantendoverse for Taylor, Teresa, and many others, despite them all having existed for many months now.
  • The character of Terence Rock is an obvious reference to the song Rock Lobster by The B-52s. 

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