First Teaser

It starts as it shows Aran blasting through Four's head, as his head explodes into a million pieces. Four stands upright and chuckles as the pieces fly from the ground and repiece back together, as Four pulls out a massive switchblade.

Four: A new team, made just for killing the Misfits.

It cuts to Ajax and Aran fighting in a building that is seemingly burning down, as Ajax obviously is winning, as he ruthlessly smashes Aran up against a wall. 

Ajax: Who's the better brother now?

Ajax chuckles as he pushes Aran against the wall harder. It then goes to Aran as he smirks at his new accomplishment, staring at a chip.

Melissa: What the fuck were you thinking, Aran?
Aran: I'll be fine, don't wor-

Melissa grabs Aran by the shirt and pulls him closer, with an obvious anger in her eyes.

Melissa: Stop.

Melissa pushes Aran back and storms out the door in anger. It then cuts to the Misfits Building as the front side of it bursts into flames.


Second Teaser

Melissa tucks the chip in her pocket as she stares down Aran.

Aran: Melissa, just give me the chip.
Melissa: Aran, you can't do this, this is too risky.
Aran: I'll be fucking fine!
Melissa: Well what the hell happens if it doesn't work? Aran, this is one of the stupidest fucking things you've done.
Aran: Just give me the damn chip!

Melissa sighs and a sword forms into her hand as she looks up to Aran.

Melissa: No.

Aran pulls out the raven blade as both of their swords clash, it then cuts to Aran as he is thrown over a counter by an explosion, as the chip slides across the floor. It then cuts to black, as Aran are Melissa are heard talking, it's a bit fuzzy but it's still audible

Aran: Soon enough I'll need something else, Melissa!
Melissa: A robotic arm is enough! I'm not letting you input some.. superpower into your fucking neck, think about what this could do to you?
Aran: It's just sentel-
Aran: Listen, I need to survey that satellite.
Melissa: Y-you already put it up there?

It then cuts to a satellite with a massive laser in the middle of it, then cutting to Ajax as he throws Melissa's limp body against a car, as Aran runs up to him, Ajax simply bashing Aran on the head, knocking him out.


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