Chapter I

Chapter I is the first chapter, and comes with the game. It follows mainly Aran and Melissa in a long mystery that involves several dozen heists across New York City, with several possible candidates.

New Mission


The chapter begins with an overview of the Misfits base, zooming into Aran and Melissa's bedroom. It shows them both sitting in bed together, yawning.

Computer: Alert! New Mission!
Melissa: We can never have a true 'break day', can we?

Melissa sighs, Aran patting her back.

Aran: One of these days, dust bunny, one of these days..

They both walk over to the computer and press a button, as they press a button on the computer.

Melissa: Hmm.. a fucking heist in progress? This'll be simple enough. Then we can go back to bed..
Aran: Not.. exactly..
Melissa: What?
Aran: We gotta go do a mission with the group today, something about a haywire SteamDragon doing stuff.
Melissa: Fuck...

It shows several men dropping money into bags, as a man with a blue jacket on, looking around. He is followed by a robotic man with red eyes.

Man: The heist will be done in a few minutes, and we'll get away without a trace.
Robotic Man: Good, Commander Z, you have not failed me..

The robotic man nods as he looks around, a soldier running to the robotic man.

Soldier: Rebel! Rebel, sir! They're here!
Rebel: The Misfits? God.. I worried about this.. Commander Z, go take care of them.
Commander Z: Yes, sir.

Commander Z runs out of the room, with several soldiers following behind them.

Aran blasts through the door of the bank, the group of soldiers opening fire on him. He blocks the shots with a shield, and smirks as Melissa leaps out from the back door, firing at all the soldiers. They all drop dead.

Aran: Good job, hon.
Melissa: Thanks.

They look up to the second floor as a whole swarm of soldiers drop down, surrounding them with their guns aimed at the two.

Melissa: We get no fucking breaks..
Aran: Sorry, it's our job.



Aran stumbles back, smirking as the last enemy drops. He looks to Melissa, the both of them kissing for a moment.

Melissa: Anyways, time to fuck up some more baddies.
Aran: Hell yeah.

They both run up the stairs, as Commander Z blocks the way, smirking.

Commander Z: Nowhere to run! Misfits! I've got you now!

He looks to see the two running in the opposite direction, him sighing.

Commander Z: Awh, fuck!

He chases after the two.

Melissa and Aran enter the room, with the remaining robbers packing the bags with money. They all look up, cowering in fear and then running away.

Melissa: Too easy.

Melissa barely dodges a ball of energy as it slams into the wall, exploding. Aran and Melissa look over.

Commander Z: Stop.. fucking.. running!
Aran: Jeez, alright..



Commander Z is sent flying back, his energy cannon literally exploding as he spasms on the ground

Commander Z: G-GAHH!!

Commander Z writhes in pain, closing his eyes.

Aran: Commander Z, what a stupid ass name...

Aran and Melissa hear a metallic clanking in the other room. They both run into the room, finding Rebel.

Rebel: Ah, the Misfits! She told me about you!

Rebel smirks, walking closer to the two. They both back up, Rebel chuckles, putting his hand up as all the money bags fly into his hand. He throws them all out the window.

Rebel: I expected you to die before finding me but.. I guess that couldn't happen.

Metallic plates begin to shift as Rebel's hand forms into a gun, aswell as his face forming into a horrifying alien-like robotic face.

Melissa: What the fuck are you?
Rebel: A government experiment gone wrong, a beast on the loose, a shapeshifter, and Her finest warrior..
Aran: Her?
Rebel: Oh, you are so clueless! Anyways, I must leave, ciao!
Aran: Oh hell no!

Aran runs after Rebel, Rebel shooting Aran in the chest. Aran slumps against a wall as Rebel forms into a rocket, boosting off into the air, the money bags floating after him.

Melissa: Aran!
Aran: I'll.. I'll be alright..

Aran sighs, trying to stand up.

Two doctors are seen conversing, with Commander Z on a medical table.

Doctor 1: What happened to him?
Doctor 2: Tried to rob a bank, Misfits got to him, his gun apparently exploded, and now half of his body is paralyzed.
Doctor 1: Damn, not a good way to go.
Doctor 2: It's not exactly over for him yet, yes, he will go to jail for a long time, but I know a way to get him back to health.
Doctor 1: Go on...



It cuts to Commander Z sitting at a Prison table, head down. He looks up and begins to mutter to himself

Commander Z: Those fuckers.. Nghh.. I'll find all of them and kill all of 'em as soon as I get out, and nobody can stop me..

It then cuts to him pulling his sleeve up, and revealing a metallic arm with cases of green energy held in specific spots. He pulls out a screwdriver and begins to unscrew the arm apart.

Commander Z: Unlock whatever the hell those assholes put in me..

It cuts, once again, to Commander Z sitting at the prison table, as a man approaches him. The man begins to scream at him. Commander Z bolts up and punches the man, sending green bolts through him as the man is sent flying away. Prisoners begin to scream as police bolt in.

Police Woman: Stand down, Allen!

Commander Z forms a ball of green energy in his hand as he clasps it, the screen cutting to a hallway as gut-wrenching screams are heard. Commander Z walks into the hallway, wiping blood off of his prison uniform as he continues to walk away.

Aran: We're getting some more attack reports.
Melissa: Rebel, again?
Aran: Nah, the one with a stupid-ass name.
Melissa: Oh, General Z?
Aran: No, that would be General Zod, it's Commander Z
Melissa: The hell's a General Zod?

Aran sighs, chuckling.

Aran: Nevermind.

The Misfits car pulls up, screeching to a stop. Aran and Melissa leap out, looking to Commander Z as he chuckles, looking to the two.

Commander Z: Finally, the Misfits got here! Haha.. Y'know, I'd thank you for these amazing powers, but you made me end up like a freak, like your weird-ass wife.
Aran: Hey, Dust B- I mean, Melissa is not a freak!
Melissa: Yeah, fucko!

Melissa's hand forms into a gun as she fires a rocket at Commander Z, who quickly counters with green energy, causing an explosion.

Melissa: Just stand down, Commando Z!
Aran: It's Commander Z.
Melissa: Whatever the fuck your name is! I can't remember all these damned villain names!



Commander Z stumbles back, chuckling.

Commander Z: Try to kill me all you want, and even if you succeed, im just a mere pawn in Her plan, bwahah...
Melissa: Alright, I'm sick of all this She and Her shit, who the hell is She?
Commander Z: You'll learn, soon enough.

Commander Z shakes his head no as he hops into a mech suit, who begins to fly into the air.

Commander Z: Doomsday nears once again, my friend! Only the believers shall live!

The mech suit dissapears in thin air, Aran looking to Melissa and shrugging.

Melissa: Cryptic bastard.
Four: You called?
Melissa: Fuckin' leave, you're not as cry- SHIT!

Melissa jumps back, looking around for Aran.

Melissa: Fight me, fucker!

Melissa is tackled by Four.

Melissa: Shit!


Melissa: Die you motherfucker!

Melissa begins to rip Four's head off, and then everything flashes to white. She then looks around, Four nowhere to be seen.

Aran: Melissa!

Aran rushes over to Melissa, hugging her.

Aran: Are you okay?
Melissa: I need a break, Aran..

Melissa collapses in Aran's arms.

Aran: Melissa!

Commander Z is seen in a massive circular dome, bowing to someone in their thrown.

Commander Z: I couldn't get the two, 'mam, I'm truly sorry.

The woman sighs, taking a sip of her wine glass.

???: I knew you were nothing but a worthless ass.. Rebel will take care of it, go find the other two.. the phoenix man and the worshipper. Tell her that I am her god, and you can prove it..
Commander Z: Yes, 'mam..

Full Speed


Between the Lines

Tick. Tock.

Getting Closer

... And Closer...

Crime Scene Investigation

Case Closed

Chapter II

The second chapter follows Jared and Topzy as they chase down a group of Four worshippers. Jared and Topzy have conflict as Jared feels Topzy is overly rude to him, and things dont go smoothly at points.

Chapter III

The third chapter follows King Ash and Birnstone as they hunt down a rogue Magma Sentinel, and encounter a mischevious fire wisp that causes trouble along the way...

Chapter IV

The fourth chapter follows TBA

Chapter V

The fifth and final chapter brings all playable characters together in a 5-mission conclusion together.

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