Fantendo - Misfits: Initiative is an upcoming Fantendo drive comic that follows the 2nd group of Misfits, called The Initiatives, on their first adventures as being the Misfits together.

Issue 1: Meet the Misfits - Again

A hooded man silently walks into a store as the man behind the counter looks up to him. The man pulls his hood off and reveals an old man. He tells the man behind the counter that it's pretty rainy out there, and the man behind the counter chuckles. Smoke begins to steam out from the old man as he begins to chuckle, revealing Four, holding a sword. He tells the man behind the counter to stand still and that this will be a painless death, but the man behind the counter pulls out a shotgun, and Four moves out of the way as it fires, causing the bullets to shatter the windows on the door. Four sprints over with his sword, but is stopped as the man pulls out a black and grey hand, sending the sword flying.

Four swiftly runs out of the way as the man punches forward, allowing Four to repeatedly punch him and then kick him over the counter, leaping over and picking the man up by the neck. He tells the man that this could've been easier, and the man goes limp. Four throws him out the window as the man turns to goop, revealing a red lifeless eyeball. Four picks up the Galvan Fist and dissapears, a blur left behind.

A woman dressed in all gold giggles as little creatures wearing masks run around her, a few fanning her. It zooms in to reveal one regular eyeball, and then one with a deformed orange iris, shaped into a swirl. She looks up as the creatures ready spears and a shotgun flies out of nowhere into her hand, as a helicopter comes into view. The creatures throw spears at it, but they seemingly bounce off of a forcefield.

An older woman hops out of the helicopter as four armed soldiers stand watch from the helicopter. The woman walks up the the girl, who specifies herself as Topsy, and tells her that she has an offer. It then cuts to Topzy akwardly sitting by Birnstone, who is standing around. She then looks to the older woman, who is welcoming them to the Misfits. Birnstone then asks where the other two are, and the woman smiles and says that one will be here soon, while the other is having some technical difficulties

It then cuts to two men being thrown on the ground as a man with flaming wings tackles another soldier.

Issue 2: Old Friends

Aran Leverletto silently walks into an old building, looking around.

Aran: Alright, who's in there?

A man in a cloak slowly walks out of the darkness.

Aran: Alright weirdo, take the damn cloak off.
???: Don't call me a weirdo, Aran.

Aran stops for a moment as the cloak falls down, revealing a man with a mask that seemingly is strapped to the front of his face, as two red, robotic eyes move around.

Aran: Alright, Darth Vader, who the hell are you and how do you know my name?
???: Aran, don't you remember me? I'm your old pal, Ajax.

Aran shivers as the name echoes throughout his mind.

Aran: No, that can't be, I thought you-
Ajax: Were dead? Yeah, it's funny how people seem to survive the craziest things..

Ajax pulls out a gun loads it, aiming it at Aran.

Aran: Awh c'mon man! We used to be friends!
Ajax: Yeah, used to.

Ajax fires at Aran as Aran pulls up a shield, blocking the bullets and bursting out the door, running to a druck and getting into it, beginning to drive away.

Ajax: Stop the bastard!

Troops submerge from the allyway, one holding a rocket launcher. They aim at Aran and fire, as Aran barely dodges the rocket, still being thrown up from the explosion as the car does a flip, landing onto a bridge on its wheels. It then tilts over once again and scrapes against the concrete, coming to a stop.

Aran: Fuck! No!

Aran screams out in anger as troops begin to run down the bridge, he ignores the blood running down his head and tries to get out of his car, ducking as the begin to open fire.

A man with flaming wings sits tied up on a chair as he looks over to a robed man, sighing. It then cuts to the flame-winged man, named Jared, walks up to the new Misfits office. He looks back to the necromancer, who calls himself Bones. Jared laughs and calls him edgy, as he looks over to the soldier, who is holding his two revolvers. He shakes his head and walks through the door, sitting down at an office room, right by Topzy. He tries to flirt with Topzy, but fails as she smirks and uses her telekinesis to flip Jared's chair, sending him to the ground.

Birnstone waves a hand infront of Bones, trying to get his attention, she stops as a man walks into the room, revealing himself as Aran Leverletto. He has a big bandage over his forehead as he turns around, looking at Melissa Dust, who is leaning against the wall with her crutches in one hand. He sits down as Mrs. Crassus walks into the room, welcoming the four into The Misfits, and handing it over to Aran.

Aran looks up to the screen as the name 'Ajax' pops up onto the screen, he stops for a moment, and begins to talk, telling them about a new threat that has popped up, explaining that this mysterious man has a group of highly skilled assassins and soldiers, who are all after the Misfits. He tells them to keep an eye out for the man and try not to reveal yourself.

Aran looks to Topzy and then to Mrs. Crassus. He then says to watch out, and walks out, Melissa slowly closing the door. Topzy flips him off as he walks out of the room and sighs, cursing under her breath.

Issue 3: Ajax

Ajax comes for The Initiatives.

Issue 4: Old Enemies

Four comes for The Initiatives, finding Ajax in his way.

Issue 5: Four Tower

Four's backup tower is revealed.

Issue 6: The Dropoff

Issue 7: The Arrival

Issue 8: Catastrophic Demise

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