Fantendo - Misfits is an upcoming series which follows a group of rag-tag fantendoverse characters in their lone group trying to exterminate monsters in this world.



Episode Number Title Description
S1 E0.5 Introduction to Misfits Melissa explains a little bit about Misfits

Season 1

Episode Number Title Description
S1 E1 Unexpected Guest Aran is quickly brought into the group of Misfits and things take a turn for the worse.
S1 E2 SteamDragon The Misfits let out a robotic beast and the city goes crazy.
S1 E3 Armed and Ready Aran is attacked by a mysterious enemy who wants to steal his cyborg arm. Guest-written by Sr.Wario.
S1 E4 Getting To Know Eachother Melissa and Aran have a day off, so they go out on a 'not date.'
S1 E5 Moving On The Finale of Season 1. The Misfits move onto one of Four's bases and try to take it down.

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