Beginning (Intro Stage)

Sam The Koopa leaves home because of the strange noise, and sees what going on. He then sees a strange, red and black cloud that rains strange but also evil being known as Infecteriors. They invade Fantendo and, without warning, attacked King Plumber's Castle. Then the Infecterior Mastermind, Textreme, summon a Big Boom to knock him out so it can Infect him. But it is prevented by Pesh, the Pusher's Piles Hero. Pesh suggest him to found Pashie, being held capture by the evil Oldton. The adventure begins.

Note: There the All-In Story, means that there a Story parts to all Teams.

Team Koopa-Pesh's Story

Chapter 1: Oldton's New Revenge.

  • Sam and Pesh have rescued Pashie. She is barking mad about Oldton and joins the team. (Intro)
  • Oldton have tricked Rosie Redburn, a Pusher's Piles Villains, about how Pesh become the most wanted outlaw and about that Sam The Koopa will assist the Infecteriors.
  • The Koopa-Pesh have reached Rosie and beat her. Rosie is very mad because she didn't know that Oldton lied to her. She then join them for not just for a vegence, but also wants to avoid being Infected.
  • Oldton have saw them working together and drives an evil machine. But he failed and run away, and yells "I haven't finished yet!!"
  • They saw the Chosen Fire Team and want to reach them. However, they were seperated by Textreme.
  • They reach the Seaside and keep going.

Chapter 2: The Infected Seaside.

  • They notices that the Seaside is Infected and should not touch the Infect-Liquids.
  • They also notices that it was Oldton's bad trick again.
  • Oldton have granted revenge but failed again.
  • They reached the Canyon.

Chapter 3: The Unexpected Reunite.

  • They have united with the Chosen Fire, and rescued Nightwolf.
  • The two Teams have noticed King Plumber's Castle was transformed into Castle of Infecteriors.
  • Oldton have fought them again as usual.
  • They noticed a Infected Fantendo citizen, who get enraged and want to destroy them. This one turns back to normal when the Heroes take it out.
  • They were seperated by an earthquake, caused by a Base-Bomb.

Chapter 4: To-Do Or Not To-Do.

  • They have united with the Jack-N-Suzy Team.
  • They found Gradient and let him to join them.
  • As usual, Oldton is after them.
  • They noticed that the Forest is temporary polluted by one of Oldton's Machine.
  • They destroyed Oldton's Machine.
  • They were seperated as Jack-N-Suzy chases a fasle version of Textreme.

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