Notes: If you put vulgars word in this page, I'll bleep them up. This is rated T not for strong language, but for high cartoon violences and dark scenes. Feel free to make quotes.

Heores Quotes

Sam The Koopa

  • "Fantendo: Infected!!" (Default Intro)
  • "Let's go!" (Enter)
  • "I knew we can do it." (Win 1)
  • "Yeah ha!!" (Win 2)
  • "Keep on going without me..." (K.O.)
  • "So you boys' responsible who want to destroy Fantendo, right!?" (First encounter with Infected.)
  • "By the power of Koopa Troop...I will Infect you back!!" (When using Ultimate Special Attack)
  • "Hey brother! And Light too. So...should we team up?" (When meeting Chosen Fire Team)
  • "Oh NOOOOO!!!" (Splash in Infect-Liquid)
  • "That was close." (Completed a stage)
  • "Will you give up, Oldton!?" (Oldton meeting 1)
  • "Him again..." (Oldton meeting 2)
  • "Super!" (Defeat a boss)
  • "I still smell these stinky Infecteriors. But we can fresh'em up!" (Alternate enter)
  • "Clarx!?" (Final Boss meeting)

Fire John

  • "Fantendo: Infected!!" (Rare Intro)
  • "Fire time!" (Enter)
  • "Whew..." (Win 1)
  • "Nice try dude!" (Win 2)
  • "HEY!!" (K.O.)
  • "Yuck!! Who are they!?" (First Infected Encounter)
  • "Blaze John Transformation!!" (Using Ultimate Special Attack)
  • "Sam! Oh, and Pesh and company too." (Meeting Team Koopa Pesh)
  • "It's not deadly, but it's makeing me INFECTED!!!" (Splash in Infect-Liquid)
  • "Bring it on already!!"
  • "Now that a crazy docter." (Oldton meeting 1)
  • "Get back here, E.Vil Oldton!!" (Oldton meeting 2)
  • "Good time!"
  • "Who the toughest guy now? Me and my parteners!"
  • "What an unexpected meeting..." (Final Boss meeting)


  • "Fantendo: Infected!!" (Ultra Rare Intro)
  • "Can't touch this" (Enter)
  • "Come back when you're stronger and better.." (Win 1)
  • "That's for my friend's..." (Win 2)
  • "D-dammit....." (K.O.)
  • "What the heck are these thing's!?!" (First encounter with Infected)
  • "If we form a team we can survive kay'?" (Meeting the Koopa Pesh team)
  • "Elements of Light!!!! Take them out!!!!" (When using Ultimate Special attack)
  • "AHHG!!!!! I...... FEEL LIKE I'M ON FIRE!!!!!! (Splash in Infect-Liqud)
  • "E. Vil Oldton you're name? What a ******* name." (Insulting E. Vil Oldton)
  • "Why him again?!?" (Meeting E. Vil Oldton 2)
  • "We can't give up guy's........ Some of us may die but it's for Fantendo!!" (Before the Final Boss)
  • "My god...... His power is...... Incredible........" (Final Boss meeting)



Rosie Redburn

Jack Johnson

Suzy Sweetheart











Bosses Quotes


Pyro Mantis

  • "Fire!! Buurn...BUUUUURN!!!" (Encounter)
  • "It's not over yet, weaklings!" (Dropped to ½ HP)
  • "Stop...I was supposed to be invicible..." (Dropped to ¼ HP)
  • "AAAARGH!!! BACKFIRED!!!!!" (Defeated)

Thunder Phoenix

  • "It will be a miracle that you will be electrified!" (Encounter)
  • "Still alive, eh!?" (Dropped to ½ HP)
  • "It is me, or that my betrayal will weaken me!? Nonsence!!" (Dropped to ¼ HP)
  • "Why...Why...Why I failed!? I...Hate...EVERYONE!!!!!" (Defeated)

Frostbite Turtle

  • "Be aware, because soon you will be frosted." (Encounter)
  • "Beginners' luck!" (Dropped to ½ HP)
  • "You should give up easily, fools!" (Dropped to ¼ HP)
  • "Even when I will die, my Master will destroy you! Remember this!!!" (Defeated)


  • "If you boys let me alone, I will destroy you anyway!" (Encounter)
  • "It only the beginning!" (Dropped to ½ HP)
  • "Grrr...Grrr...Raaaargh! No more, lackies!!" (Dropped to ¼ HP)
  • "Even when I fail, someone esle will! SOMEONE ESLE WIIIIIIL!!!!!" (Defeated)


  • "What the...How do you know that I am here!? That's just a pure luck!" (Encounter)
  • "Shiver me tembers, you know my powers!" (Dropped to ½ HP)
  • "Just...once...more..." (Dropped to ¼ HP)
  • "Urrrgh...Bwa ha ha ha ho ho ho ho!! Foolish Fantendo Heroes..." (Defeat, transforming into Clarx Ultra)

Clarx Ultra

  • "Do you really think it's over!? Never! You need more than your pesky powers to outpower me!!!" (Encounter)
  • "Haaaa ha ha ha ha ha! I told you before!" (Dropped to ½ HP)
  • "Wait...I feeling weaker and weaker...Am I...taking damages!?" (Dropped to ¼ HP)
  • "How...How do I lose??? Sam...Light...Jack...and all of you...I WILL GET BAAAAAACK!!! *Scary Scream* (Defeated)


  • Some of the quotes contains bad words, like Light's, and though ended up to be fully bleeped.

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