Due to small technical programming, the title has been changed a little bit. The correct title should be Fantendo: Infected

Fantendo: Infected is a crossover game by Futurastic Games Inc., featuring different Fantendo characters. This game is confirmed, but it is unknown when it will complete. However, feel free to add characters in Heroes, Villains, and Non-Infecteriors Enemies. This is about Infecteriors that want to destroy Fantendo. It is decided to be avaliable for the Wii. Click here for the Story. This game is quite dark, and the possibly the darkest game of Samtendo09 (tbc)'s.

Fantendo: Infected.
The Game Art.
Developer(s) Futurastic Games Inc., Arend.
Publisher(s) Futurastic Games Inc., Nintendo, Arend.
Platform(s) Wii.
Release Date(s)

Europe: N/A.
Japan: N/A.
Australia: N/A.

Story, Free Mode, Dual Mode, Pay & Play Wifi Mode. (1 to 4 Players)
Age Rating(s)
Rated Teen due to Cartoon Violence.
Genre(s) Fighting Game, Platform/Sidescroller.
Media Included Wii Disc.


Teams are alliences that are overall during the Adventure Mode. They will unite together at the final stage.

Koopa-Pesh TeamEdit

  • Sam The Koopa
  • Pesh
  • Pashie
  • Rosie Redburn

Chosen Fire TeamEdit

  • Light
  • Fire John
  • Nightwolf

Jack-N-Suzy TeamEdit

  • Jack Johnson
  • Suzy Sweetheart
  • Gradient

Secret Team. (Unlockable.)Edit

  • Mario.
  • Link.
  • Kirby.
  • Pikachu.

To unlock this team, you need to clear the Story with the three other Teams, and beat Clarx Ultra.


Feel free to add your characters, but you must add the series they're part of, on them, too. (Update: The story is decided, but if you want to add, fill it in the Pay & Play Wifi Content.)

Heroes (Playable)Edit

  • Sam The Koopa (Super Sam Squad series)
  • Fire John (Super Sam Squad series)
  • Light (Nintendo Men series)
  • Pesh (Pusher's Pile series)
  • Pashie (Pusher's Pile series)
  • Rosie Redburn (Pusher's Pile series) (First as 1st boss)
  • Jack Johnson (Jack: Of All Trades series)
  • Suzy Sweetheart (Jack: Of All Trades series)
  • Nightwolf (Nightwolf Revolution series)
  • Gradient (Gradient Hue)
  • Mario (Super Mario Bros) Added by Samtendo09 for Secret Team.
  • Link (Legend of Zelda) Added by Samtendo09 for Secret Team.
  • Kirby (Kirby series) Added by Samtendo09 for Secret Team.
  • Pikachu (Pokémon series) Added by Samtendo09 for Secret Team.

Pay & Play Wifi ContentEdit

Add your fan characters here:

  • Purple (Purple series)
  • Boo-m the Ghost Bomber(Boo-m series)
  • Nado (Super Sam Squad series)
  • ToadTheif (Super Sam Squad series)

Infecteriors Enemies and BossesEdit

  • Basico
  • Lancer
  • Bowow
  • Shieldion
  • Big Boom
  • Copterun
  • Bumperack
  • Copycatty
  • Basket-Bomb
  • Foot-Bomb
  • Base-Bomb
  • Up-Back
  • Vromite
  • Little Vrom
  • Elite Basico
  • Elite Lancer
  • Elite Bowow
  • Elite Shieldion
  • Elite Big Boom
  • Pyro Mantis (3rd Boss)
  • Infect-Clone Sam. (Mid-Boss before the 3rd Boss.)
  • Infect-Clone Light. (Mid-Boss before the 4th Boss.)
  • Infect-Clone Jack. (Mid-Boss before the 5th Boss.)
  • Thunder Pheonix (4th Boss.)
  • Frostbite Turtle (5th Boss.)
  • Textreme (Fake Final Boss.)

Non-Infecteriors (Fantendo Villains)Edit

  • Rosie Redburn (Pusher's Pile series) (Becomes playable later)
  • Oldton (Sub-Antagonist, 2nd Boss, Mini-Boss in all 3rd levels of each Chapters(after the 1st Chapter).) (Pusher's Pile series)
  • Clarx/Clarx Ultra (True Final Boss.)

To see their quotes, click here.


Story ModeEdit

Choose one of the three Teams and head for the adventure, and stop Textreme!

Free ModeEdit

Make your Team, and choose any levels. You can even go to fight a boss instantly!

Dual ModeEdit

Up to 4 Players to brawl in this Mode! The last one who stand win. It is possible to see four CPU fighting.

Option ModeEdit

You can set the difficulty of the game, the sounds volume, music volume, and more.

Downland ShopEdit

Want more characters? Or Stages? Maybe anything? Use your Wi-Fi Pay & Play connection and pay new characters.

Secret ModeEdit

Make a new color alternation for your characters. You can even make completly black! (Unlockable: To unlock this mode, you need to beat Clarx Ultra as the Secret Team.)