In this section of Fantendo - Highlights, you can submit a web original that you like and describe it, allowing for other users know about it and maybe get interested in them.

Don't forget to sign the description with your username using the User template. To submit, edit the section below. A picture is optional, but it would be useful if you could upload it.

Pictures must be 180px on the table.


Picture Title Type Link Description
Jimquistion The Jimquistion Gaming, Lets Play 1 A controversial dude who tells the truth about the bullshit that the video game industry makes the gamers go through. Also featuring let's plays of recent games or early access games, making fun of shitty Greenlight trailers and overall a smart guy talking about video games.
- .vectorDestiny (tbc)
Ashens Ashens Comedy  1 A British reviewer of bad products, comedian, animator and actor. Ashens is a verry funny guy and you should all be watching him, or you'll make the sad onion cry!
- Andrewtheking (tbc)
2122666694 Bitsocket  Gaming, Comedy  1 Two Scottish lads who play games and make jokes. With a podcast and a series of videos, these two are putting out great content non-stop, they even had a TV pilot. You should def check them out.
- Andrewtheking (tbc)
Aol2ei9 Super Best Friends Play Lets Play 1 SBFP is a series of Let's Play videos which  star Matt and Pat and sometimes Woolie and Liam. These are all really chill guys and just great fun. It's hypest chanel on Youtube, afterall. A slight swearing warning must be issued, however but it's never too much IMO.
- Andrewtheking (tbc)
Evolution3 (1) Homestar Runner Comedy 1 funny cartoons,catchy music and vidya. Homestar Runner follows the wacky adventures of titular character Homestar Runner and his friends as they do stuff in Free Country, USA.
- CrunchyTommy (tbc)
Story202 Prequel Webcomic 1 "One month ago you made yourself a promise: you were going to turn your life around. You were going to get a real job, stay out of jail, and not get into any more trouble with cults. Nobody thought you could do it; they said your questionable reputation, lack of any useful skills, and flagrant alcoholism would always hold you down."

Kathia Magan is a khajit who is starting her life over. She tries to make a living and eventually finds out she can do magic. you can enter commands to maybe end up doing something good for her sorta like the old MSPAs.
- CrunchyTommy (tbc)

Thomas The Tank Engine : Shed 17 Horror, Mockumentury 1 Ever wonder where Thomas and his Sodor friends ever gained the ability to communicate with the human race? A creepy one-off mockumentary that tells the dark side of the Sodor Railways, nuff said. If you watch this, good luck trying to go to sleep!
- Thatkidwiththeafro (tbc)
RevivingBionicle Reviving Bionicle Comedy, Drama

1 2 3

A series of videos chronicling the adventures of Tahu, Onua, and their other bionicle friends as they hope to revive the fallen franchise. However, as the series continues, it is clear that not all is what it seems in this Bionicle world. The series currently has 2 installments with the 5 part long third almost finished. I reccomend you check it out.

- SuperSonicDarkness (tbc)

Bartkira Bartkira Webmanga 1

Bartkira is an odd idea. What if you had 100s of artists from across the globe collaborate on a comic thats just Akira with simpsons characters? I implore you to check out the 4 finished volumes and maybe submit your own pages if you're an artist. I doubt we'll see something so weird get so big ever again.

- CrunchTime420 (tbc)

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