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Picture Title Genre Channel Description
Masthead korra The Legend of Korra Action/Adventure/Fantasy Nickelodeon In the world of The Legend of Korra, some people known as benders are able to control specific elements, which are air, water, earth, and fire. Only one person is able to control all four, who is known as the Avatar. The Avatar is a teenaged girl known as Korra, who must fulfill her duty as the Avatar by stopping those who threaten balance to the world.
- Lumoshi (tbc)
JojoAnimeCover Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Various Crunchyroll A perfect adaptation of Hirohiko Araki's cult classic of the same name. It is speciffically an adaptation of Part 1 to the Part 3, the animation is beautiful and the original voice acting is pretty good, I don't recommend the dub that much though, it has some weird choices in the dub. Still pretty good, even if you haven't read the manga, it is the perfect introduction.
- .vectorDestiny (tbc)
Star VS The Forces of Evil Logo Star Vs The Forces of Evil Adventure Disney XD Star Vs The Forces of Evil follows Star Butterfly, princess of Mewni, being sent to Earth to practice her magic. She wields a wand, passed down through generations, which Ludo and the forces of evil want. She and her new best friend Marco Diaz fight them as they attempt to steal their wand.
- Hamclub13 (tbc)
Once Upon aTime promo image Once Upon a Time Fantasy, Drama, Adventure, Mystery ABC When the inhabitants are cursed from the The Fairy Tale Land to our world by the Evil Queen they have their memories wiped and cursed to live each day over and over again. Luckily Snow White and Prince Charming send their daughter Emma to our world. The prophecy told that on her 28th birthday she would free Storybrooke from its curse.
- DarKingdomHearts (tbc)
S1Promos-0001 Torchwood Sci-Fi (with a bit of comedy and romance) BBC An adult spinoff from the famous Doctor Who series, Torchwood is set in Wales and focuses on the Torchwood team, who hunt aliens. The team members are Captain Jack Harkness, an immortal former con-man, Gwen Cooper, the relatable character and Ianto, a hot man.
- PolisKanin (tbc)
Bad education Bad Education Comedy BBC Bad Education is a school-based sitcom starring Jack Whitehall, focusing on Form K taught by childish History teacher Alfie Wickers. Form K are not the brightest bunch, and it's very funny to watch. Mr. Wickers tries to do his best at teaching the kids, but is stopped not only by his own stupidity, but also by everyone else. That is of course, when he can be bothered.
- PolisKanin (tbc)
Webarebearscharacters We Bare Bears Comedy Cartoon Network It's a show about three bears up to shenanigans that bears usually don't do. It's not even the best show Cartoon Network has right now, but it's not a mean show and has a lot of heart. It's main premise of bears attempting to become part of humanity society despite being treated as outcasts is a deep running theme that mostly plays in the background but it works for a lot of the plotlines. It's written really well too; none of the endings have felt unearned. It's also got some really nice animation although a simplistic art style that looks really nice.
- Exotoro (tbc)
Logo-robotjones Whatever Happened To Robot Jones? Comedy Cartoon Network A cartoon about an agender robot going to middle school with humans, and hijinks commence. Robot gains friends like Socks, Cubey, and Mitch, and has a hopeless crush with a human girl named Shannon. He meets bullies such as the Yogman Twins and Finkman, too. The Schoolhouse Rock-like animation is a hit or miss sometimes, and some of the episodes do sort of...suck. (See "Embarrassment." But overall, the series was OK, even if it ended at 13 episodes and a pilot. I reccomend it if you want some good laughs or some of what Cartoon Network had in the early 2000's.
- DoodleFox (tbc)
Chinail China, IL Comedy [adult swim] A show about the worst college in America. It never truly caught fire, only lasting three seasons, but I find it pretty entertaining. It has that very weird absurdist feel a lot of [adult swim] shows have, but pulls it off better due to a bit of realism all binding it together. It is pretty raunchy, so you've been warned.
- PabloDePablo (tbc)
TransformersAnimatedPoster Transformers Animated Action Cartoon Network Most Transformers shows aren't what I'd call great, but Animated... just kinda is. With far more nuance than any Transformers show before or after, Animated feels less like a toy franchise cartoon and more like a work of its own, with a more complex world and stories. Season one is slow and the show is far from a masterpiece, but Transformers Animated really is more than meets the eye. I went there.
- PabloDePablo (tbc)
AvatarCover Avatar: The Last Airbender Action/Adventure/Fantasy Nickelodeon In the world of Avatar, there are five types of people, firebenders who can control fire, airbenders who can control air, waterbenders who can control water, earthbenders who can control earth, and non-benders who are ordinary people with no special powers. There is also someone called the Avatar. The Avatar is a person who can master all four types of bending, and is connected to both the physical and spirit world. However, 100 years ago, the Avatar disappeared, and during that time, the Fire Nation wiped out the airbenders and waged war on the rest of the world. Two children from the Water Tribe, Katara and Sokka, end up finding the Avatar, a 12 year old airbender boy named Aang who had been frozen in ice for 100 years. Now he has to spend time mastering the elements, something that usually takes decades, and defeat the Fire Lord within a year. The show starts out quite lighthearted in nature, however it amazingly gradually becomes deeper and more serious, which is surprising for something coming from Nickelodeon. The characters are written well, the story is simple but intriguing, and overall it's definitely a great show.
- SonicWiki (tbc)
BrotherhoodCover Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Action/Adventure/Fantasy Adult Swim Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood focuses on two young boys, Edward and Alphonse Elric used alchemy to bring back a loved one (a taboo among alchemists) and end up losing some of their limbs, or in Alphonse's case, their entier body. Years later, in a quest to find a philosopher stone to restore their bodies, they get caught in the middle of a military crisis that the general public wasn't supposed to know about. The story is incredibly deep and every single thing that happens within the show has a purpose; there is practically no filler whatsoever. The characters are rich, and they managed to pull off having a huge cast of characters (about 25+ major characters) and give them all focus, development, and importance to the story. The lore behind the series is incredible, as well, and really pulls you in to the story and keeps you hooked. Every ten or so episodes, the show completely changes and re-imagines itself and it's refreshing.
- SonicWiki (tbc)
BreakingBadCover Breaking Bad Drama AMC Breaking Bad depicts a story about a run-of-the-mill, middle aged science teacher who slowly transforms into a murderous, selfish drug kingpin after discovering he has cancer and deciding to produce methamphetamine with his former student, Jesse Pinkman, to make money for his family after he's gone. Contradictory to what the cover depicts, Breaking Bad is hardly a humorous show, in fact, it's quite the opposite, being very dark and serious. There are definitely some humorous aspects to it, like Saul's entire character, but it's far more about the drama than the jokes that show up every once in a while, It's by far my favourite, and arguable the best show on television, and I'm definitely not the only one who thinks so. The largest focus of the story is the conflict between the fairly large cast of unique, memorable characters, and their clashing interests and personalities. It's definitely something everyone should watch.
- SonicWiki (tbc)
BetterCallSaulCover Better Call Saul Drama AMC As a spin-off of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul is very similar. It tells the story of how Jimmy McGill, an a former-convict turned umprofessional laywer became the crimal sleaze known as Saul Goodman, introducing many new characters from Saul's past, as well as fan-favourite Mike Ehrmantraut from Breaking Bad. Naturally, as Saul is a goofy character, the show is somewhat more humorous; however, it is still nearly as dark and dramatic. Saul is given an amazing amount of character growth and backstory, and the things that happen to him actually make you feel for him, because he's far more innocent than Walter White was. The story is much more about Saul is than Breaking Bad is about Walt, so he's given by far the most amount of focus out of the cast, but the side characters are definitely cool and likable, as well. This is a really good show and exceeded the expectations I had for it by an extremely high amount. Worth a watch if you liked Breaking Bad.
- SonicWiki (tbc)
WalkingDeadShowCover The Walking Dead Drama/Slight Horror AMC Taking its material from The Walking Dead comic, the television show follows a very similar story: a sherrif from King County, Georgia, gets shot while on the job and goes into a coma. Two months later, he wakes up in the hospital, only he finds it completely abandoned. There he finds that the world has been thrown into a zombie apocalypse while he was gone, and as the story takes place in a world where zombies in popular culture did not exist, he and the other characters have to struggle to survive against this new threat. With a huge cast of interesting characters, many returning from the comic and several brand new to the show, The Walking Dead is sure to have a character that you can call favourite. However, don't become too attached, because nobody is safe...for the most part. I personally find the comic to be a lot better than the show, however, I am more interested and attached to the show and still like it and everyone, regardless of if you like zombies or not, should give it a try, because it's a lot more than just a zombie show.
- SonicWiki (tbc)
Manga Video Projectako1 Project A-Ko Comedy/Action/Drama N/A Project A-Ko is an interesting series of anime films. The first film is what truely introduced me to the type of anime that I enjoy today. The film focuses on three teenage schoolgirls named A-Ko, B-Ko, and C-Ko and their adventures in the futuristic metropolis of Graviton City. The story is quite random and full of lots of slapstick, typical fanservice with A-Ko, and a horror film starring Colonel Sanders! The Second half of the film then takes a whole new take as it begins with a fight between A-Ko and B-Ko, which is similar to the fights you would see between Peter and the Chicken from Family Guy! A-Ko herself also has super speed, and super-human strength as well, the reason of which I would advise you to watch the film to find out! Surprisngly for a Japanese Anime, the vocal soundtrack for the film is in English, and has a very 80's pop vibe to it! The series also gained several sequels, and even a brief spin-off series as well! This is a must-watch for anime lovers! Also, here's a warning, there's a lot of nudity, and violence in the film, so if that's not your thing, don't say that I didn't warn you!
- Thatkidwiththeafro (tbc)
Sgt Frog cast Sgt. Frog Comedy/Action N/A A tiny alien and his platoon attempt to takeover earth. Hilarity ensues.
- CrunchyTommy (tbc)
DoraemonWallpaper Doraemon Comedy/Adventure Disney XD Doraemon is definitely an interesting type of anime. The Doraemon franchise in general is popular in Japan, and has had different anime series through the years, but the one I'm referring to is the one currently airing on Disney XD. The series follows Nobita Noby, a young boy living with his parents who lives a fairly normal and boring life...until Doraemon, a blue robot cat (missing his ears for a reason) coming from the 22nd century pops out of his desk drawer! Doraemon is sent to help Nobi with making sure is life isn't a mess, and begins to live with Nobi's family. Doraemon also came with a 4th-dimension Gadget Pocket, an installed pocket in his belly that brings special gadgets from the 22nd century-ranging from the Hopter, an attachable head-propellor that allows you to fly, to complex machines that can teleport objects or turn objects into their newer (or older counterparts-into the 21st century where he is now. With enjoyable characters like Nobi, Doraemon, and Nobi's friends (Sue, Sneech, and Big G), extremely well-done comedy, and a few interesting specials and story arcs, this anime is good for those who want an anime that isn't too serious or dramatic. I would suggest using the English subs for some of the major specials (like the Galactic Grand Prix) or for a few episodes where some good jokes are taken out, for optimal pleasure.
- TheFoxyRiolu (tbc)
Hetalia wallpaper not mine by mikiazuma-d3nuvzm Hetalia Comedy Funimation Imagine if the nations of the world were humans. Childish, teenage humans that is! What say they all acted like they were on a reality show that was super inappropriate? Add in a mix of both good and bad stereotypes of the world's nations, and you've got Hetalia! In all honesty, the show's pretty hard to describe, so I would advise that you watch it to see what I'm talking about!
- Thatkidwiththeafro (tbc)
TugsLogo TUGS Drama N/A Told from the perspective of the never seen Captain Star, TUGS is a children's series unlike any other. The series is set during the Roaring 20's, when the fictional Bigg City Port was the biggest harbor in the world, the series focuses on the rivalry and adventures between two tug fleets. The heroic Star Tugs, and the devious Z-Stacks. The series only lasted 13 episodes, and was sadly cancelled before the second season began production! For those that grew up with pre-CGI Thomas & Friends, you may see some similarities in animation! This is becuase the series was created by David Mitton, the director of Thomas, and Robert D. Condra, the producer of Thomas. I highly recommend this series!
- Thatkidwiththeafro (tbc)
P8783066 b v7 aa Detentionaire Conspiracies, Sci-Fi, Mystery Teletoon (Canada), Cartoon Network (US & Australia) The easiest way to describe Detentionaire is this: Gravity Falls but in high school. Lee Ping gets framed for a prank that rocked the school on his first day at A. Nigma High, leaving him to be put into detention for the whole year. When he sneaks out to try and find the real culprit, it isn't long before he discovers something much bigger. If you like Gravity Falls, or other mysteryish tv shows, then I would totally recommend this to you!
- Mirai Moon (tbc)
TheFlash2014 The Flash Action, Sci-Fi (kinda?), Drama CBS A spin off of Arrow, The Flash is a more lighthearted, action-packed series compared to it's sister series. Forescenics investigator Barry Allen is hit by a lighting in a freak accident in his lab and gains the ability to run super fast. He later discovers that his abilities comes from an explosion from a particle accelerator that gave superhuman abilities to many people in Central City and some of these people are not nice and want to take advantage of their abilities to do evil! With the help of Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow and Harrison Wells, Flash takes cares of them. Mark Hamill is in it for a few episodes playing a hammy villian!
Quantico Quantico Thriller, Drama, Mystery ABC FBI agent Alex Parrish is accused of blowing up Grand Central Station. While all the evidence points to her, she knows it wasn't her and believes it was one of her fellow FBI trainees. She sets out to discover who the terrorist is in the present day, while struggling with FBI training in the past (it switches between the two). Each character stands so far from the others and most are pretty well-developed, as are their relationships. My theories on who the terrorist may be have changed so often. It also has badass Muslim twins who are an awesome special unit.
-Hamclub13 (tbc)
Mr-robot Mr. Robot Thriller, Sci-Fi, Drama USA Mr. Robot tells the story of Elliot. Elliot is a guy in his 20s, who's goal is to expose the world of what the government really is, after his father dies in a tragic incident involving the government. Elliot ends up joining a group called F-Society which is a large hacking organization located in an abandoned amusement park. But whilst trying to expose the government, will he be able to battle his major depression at the same time? Is morphine only making it worse? Is he becoming skitsofrantic? Find out in this incredibly captivating thriller that has several plot twists you will not see coming.
-LegendaryIce (tbc)
My Life as a Teenage Robot Action-Adventure, Comedy Nickelodeon Alien invasions? Giant meteors? A crazy little toy with a lust for fame? That ain't happenin' with Jenny Wakeman around. But even with all of this going on, she wants to be... what's the word? Normal? And her friends Brad, Sheldon, and Tuck know just how to help her out...

I was particularly amazed when I first watched this. Even when I stopped watching Nick for a while, this was one of those shows I just couldn't get out of my head. My Life as a Teenage Robot features a cast of fun characters, a colorful environment, and the perfect balance of comedy and action... well, at least in my opinion. I would highly reccomend this if you're looking for a show that stars an action hero who can't decline a chance to have a great time with friends.
--MeGa eXal (tbc)
Harvey Beaks Comedy Nickelodeon

While most Nickelodeon cartoons are not very good nowadays, Harvey Beaks is one of the few exceptions. This show is absolutely beautiful. It's animation is smooth and the backgrounds are amazing. The show about Harvey, a bird who is a bit of a overprotective neat freak. His two friends, Fee and Foo are polar opposites. These three and other side characters go on fun adventures, such as climing on top of a tree, or trying to destroy a bag of harmful plants by throwing it into a volcano. The best things about Harvey Beaks are the characters and audio. The voices are good, and most of the characters are hilarious, but what do you expect from the mind of C.H. Greenblatt?

Besides Spongebob, this is my favorite Nick show, and one of my favorite cartoons of all time, barely making the top 5.

--Kirby X-NEO (tbc)

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