In this section of Fantendo - Highlights, you can submit a song, album or artist that you like and describe it, allowing for other users know about it and maybe get interested in them.

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Cover Title Genre Artist Description
220px-Dvorak1 Dvorak's 9th Symphony, "New World" Classical Antonin Dvorak Dvorak's 9th Symphony is his last and his most famous. It was written in the year 1893. It consists of four movements. The first is in E minor, the second is in D-flat major, and the final two are in E minor as well. It is one of the most well-known classical music pieces.
- Lumoshi (tbc)
ANNotes Go Wait Fall Electronic Approaching Nirvana

This song isn't really to be described and I don't know how I would exactly, but it's definitely something a bit more peaceful compared to my usual electronic genre taste and actually most works by Approaching Nirvana. I'm recommending it so I can't say it's half bad at all, definitely worth a listen that will leave you relaxed and somewhat happy, if music makes you somewhat emotional as it does me.
- TechBreloom (tbc)

Dark Was the Night, Cold Was The Ground Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground Blues "Blind" Willie Johnson This song is a blues rhythm. No lyrics, just humming and moaning. This song is on the Voyager Golden Record, as the definition of human "loneliness," billion of miles away from Earth, sung by Willie Johnson (who was blinded when his stepmother threw tide at him when he was 7), representing his sentiments when he had no where to go, and no where to sleep, and this, until he died from malaria, with syphilis as an aggravating factor, when his house had burned down and where his only place to sleep was in its ruins, on wet and moist newspaper.
- FrenchTouch (tbc)
no picture yet Welcome To The Breakdown Rock/Chiptune I Fight Dragons This song is catchy and fun. The singer, Brian Mazzaferri, has some great vocals, Bill Prokopow, the guy behind the chiptune, has a great solo partway through, and the chorus is empowering. It's certainly one to listen to. RTA fan (tbc)
BadKingdom Bad Kingdom Electronic/Minimal techno Moderat A haunting track with a great beat. The vocals are great and give a sense of a reflection of a empire falling. The visuals in the music video are one of intrigue and feature some of Bernado Maldonado Morales, Daavid Mörtl, Benedikt Rugar, Arne Jysch, and Moritz Friedrich's best work. Exotoro (tbc)


Cover Title Genre Artist Description
Deavid Soul - Sparkling Music Sparkling Music Electronic Deavid Soul An unusual yet amazing electronic album from the duo Deavid Soul, featuring genres such as house, chamber rock, jazz and electro. Some tracks were featured in Jet Set Radio. Highlights include: Dunny Boy Williamson Show, Escape from California, Red Thunder Drivin and Yappie Feet.
MouthSoundsCover Mouth Sounds Mashups Neil Cicerega A pretty weird album, yet somewhat amusing mash-up album, featuring weird mash-ups that you wouldn't even guess that you would even see in your life, such as Imagine All-Star People (Smash Mouth's "All-Star" x John Lennon's "Imagine") and Daft Mouth (Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger," Smash Mouth's "Walkin' on the Sun," "All Star," Kanye West's "Stronger").
AMillionMilesAwayCover A Million Miles Away Future Funk マクロスMACROSS 82-99 A great introduction to more experimental sounds like Vaporwave while remaining catchy pop. Sounds similar to French House, Pop, and 70s disco. Highlights include: 『82.99 F.M』 and Horsey (Feat. Sarah Bonito).
- MidnightYoshi (tbc)
220px-Torches foster the people Torches Indie Pop Foster the People Alright so you've probably heard Pumped Up Kicks before cuz thats a real popular song BUT there are a lot of other songs where that came from, and it came from this album right here. In fact I would say that a lot of songs on here are actually better than that but you should detirmine yourself. I guess it's "indie" pop I'm not 100% the genre. Cool ones: Call It What You Want and Houdini.
- NepetaLast (tbc)
Moderat III Artwork III Electronic/Minimal techno Moderat Moderat's third album is easily one of the darkest sounding ones, though more in a haunting frantic way. These tracks build up to low wobbles and glittering trills are strung together in a hypnotic equilibrium. Honestly it's a perfect album to me, with the exception of "Finder" but I might be in the minority for this. Hightlights include Reminder and Animal Trails but really the whole album's worth checking out.
- Exotoro (tbc)


Picture Title Genre Description
WF Waterflame Electronic Waterflame is an electronic music composer that has been creating music for about 11 years. For his youtube channel, see here. His first released song was sunrise, in 2004.
Woodkid Woodkid Neofolk Woodkid is a recent up-and-coming neofolk musician who has been in the music industry ever since 2010. His songs are difficult to describe, but they are amazing. You probably heard some of them while reading Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered. I recommend Iron, Run Boy Run, I Love You, The Golden Age and Land of All. Also his music videos are fantastic.

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