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In this section of Fantendo - Highlights, you can submit a comic or manga that you like and describe it, allowing for other users know about it and maybe get interested in them.

Don't forget to sign the description with your username using the User template. To submit, edit the section below. A cover is optional, but it would be useful if you could upload it.

Pictures must be 180px on the table.


Cover Title Genre Description
JojoCover Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Various An amazing manga written by an insanely creative writer and an amazing artist. Featuring unique characters, settings and abilities, every part of Jojo is a entirely different one, so it never gets repetitive. One part has a British man punching vampires with the power of sun, while in another one, a New York boy has to fight Wham and AC/DC. It features a lot of music references as well, if you are a hardcore fan of music.
- .vectorDestiny (tbc)
Damoon Moon Cops, Action, Comedy A shitton of years ago a cult wizard got struck by lightning on a certain night in a certain year and accidentally brought the moon god to earth using his body as a vessel. He currently works for a secret agency working to arrest super criminals. His partner Shades is an insane police officer who once did 1 million pounds of property damage to deliver a parking ticket. Watch as these two face off against villains such as a stuffed bear who is also a crazy mercanary.
- CrunchyTommy (tbc)
52e6c3c8df654 Ms. Marvel (2014) Superhero If you're a fan of Marvel or just superheroes in general, you're probably going to like this series. Really good, unique art and while some of the stories take beats from Spider-Man, they're told through a perspective that feels entirely new and relevant. Later issues have some really surprising twists and moments and if you haven't checked out a comic book before, this would be an great place to start.
- Exotoro (tbc)
Adventuretime12cvra Adventure Time What you would expect a Adventure Time comic to be I got this free off a post I saw on Tumblr and reading it actually got me back into comics, which had been something I really wanted to do for a long time but didn't know what comics to start with. This is a good place to start. If you like Adventure Time (or hell, even just the older episodes) this is a good read. All the stories are original and it's just a good read in general. All the covers are top-notch too.
- Exotoro (tbc)
Infinity Gauntlet 1 The Infinity Gauntlet Superhero If you're wondering why the Marvel Cinematic Universe is leading up to Thanos and the Infinity Stones, this is why. While it's not a totally underrated comic, most of the users here don't even read comics to begin with. I wouldn't recommend this to total newcomers, but it's still simple enough to understand without years of backstory thanks to the efforts of Marvel's cinematic universe. The story is grand and epic, it's art reflecting this along with it's dialogue. Thanos feels outright powerful here and he's not even the main threat.
- Exotoro (tbc)
Campweedonwantcha Camp Weedonwantcha Humor I think this might be my favorite webcomic of all time and I have a lot of those. Camp Weedonwantcha is surprisingly dark but is very relaxed about it, it's bright points consistently shining with it's characters and world-building. Camp Weedonwantcha is a continuity light (with references to the past but not to point where it makes the plot) comic but you can pick up from almost any point. It was the winner of a show named Strip Search, which is also a good watch and it's made by one of my favorite artists Katie Rice. Seriously, if you haven't checked this out, do so. It's really, really good.
- Exotoro (tbc)
Gunshowfine Gunshow Humor It's a very loose comic with some recurring plotlines and characters, but Gunshow is a really good webcomic. You probably have seen the one with the dog and the room on fire but I'm here to tell you there's a lot more than just that comic (in fact, it's not even close to the best strip in the several years of Gunshow!) It's ended now but there's a ton of material to just read. (Light NSFW content and a lot of swears.)
- Exotoro (tbc)
WalkingDeadComic The Walking Dead Drama, Slight Horror Rick Grimes, a deputy in King County, Georgia, gets shot while on the job and goes into a coma. He wakes up two months later in a hospital...only, the place is abandoned, and he soon finds out that the world was thrown into an apocalypse. The show is obviously extremely popular, but the comic that it was based upon is infinitely better. It has the best story I've ever had the pleasure of seeing unravel; the characters are absolutely amazing, and when one of them dies, it's heartbreaking. The story is fantastic and there are a lot of interesting arcs. The character development is realistic and genius. The antagonists are terrifying and human, and the zombies themselves are a huge threat. There was never an issue in the currently-145-issue-long comic where I felt bored or uninterested. Overall this is a very terrific story and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody, even if you aren't a zombie fan, because this is far more than a generic zombie story.
- SonicWiki (tbc)
Wolverine Vol 3 70 Second Printing Variant Old Man Logan Superhero, Dark, Slight Horror FrenchTouch (tbc)
Seconds Cover Seconds Sci-Fi This is considerably more grounded than Scott Pilgrim, the author's previous work although it has it's share of strange happenings too. Not gonna spoil much here since the story really deserves to be read without knowing what is going on but it's a really good graphic novel with excellent art and a good story. I could just give you the premise like everyone else but I mean, it's a bout a girl who eats mushrooms to fix her life. What else do you really need to go off of?
- Exotoro (tbc)

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