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Cover Title Genre Description
Bms0tvyrebd0ka0tewlu Discworld Comedy, Fantasy The Discworld novels all take place on a disc-shaped world on the back of 4 elephants riding on a turtle swimming through space.Technically, you dont have to read them in order but its much better if you do.
- CrunchyTommy (tbc)
71SeMxaQjLL Skulduggery Pleasant Comedy, Fantasy, Action Stephanie Edgley's uncle dies and he leaves his house in his will to her. Deciding to stay there for the night she ends up meeting an enforcer of an evil sorcerer who is killed by a skeleton detective. The two become partners and work to stop many threats to both the sorcerer and mortal worlds.
- CrunchyTommy (tbc)
Johndiesattheend John Dies at the End Comedy, Horror This book is impossible to describe in a few words. It contains so much strange and wacky things, mainly centering around the drug, Soy Sauce and the things that happen toward the main characters John & David. David is being interviewed by a reporter named Arnie about the strange things he's been through after taking the soy sauce, including a magical Jamaican, evil Vegas ghosts, and an alternate universe run by a biological computer.
- Trucky (tbc)
Tanglewreck Tanglewreck Sci-Fi Tanglewreck is kind of hard to describe. It's about time travel but not really? It's a really complicated book that is constantly shifting directions and perspectives but it's pretty creative. A friend from middle school gave me this and I still have it for some reason. It's got time tornadoes, black holes, and some really weird stuff with twins. It's really obscure and Wikipedia doesn't have a article on it but if you see it, give it a read.
- Exotoro (tbc)
Hyperboleandahalfcover Hyperbole and a Half Comedy There's not anything else quite like this book. It's a collection of stories based on the author, Allie Brosh's Life, highlighting all the shenanigans she's been through in a lively manner, complete with funny, crude illustrations by the author herself. Some of the stories beloved ones from her online blog, while others are completely new ones. Read if you want a big laugh, with even a touch of good feels here and there.
- Trucky (tbc)
Petri Pan Peter and the Starcatchers Fantasy Maybe a bit geared towards a younger audience, but still an interesting read. It tells a version of Peter Pan's origin that doesn't involve turning Tiger Lily into a white girl or random Blackbeards or Hook being a surname - so basically, it's better than that Pan movie. Its retelling of the events is pretty damn unique, too, with characters unique to the book and its sequels, such as the cunning first-mate Slank and the mysterious Molly Aster, and an interesting (if quirky) way of explaining all the mysteries of Never Land, from Tinkerbell to the mermaids to Peter's immortality.
- Monstermanchego (tbc)
ASoUE The Bad Beginning A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning Action(?) Marketed toward younger children, but written with adults in mind, this book series is for everyone. If I could recommend the entire series, I would, but here's the first book. When the Baudelaire children's parents perish in a fire, several mysteries rise. They move in with their distant uncle, Count Olaf, whom they have never heard of before. Olaf is a sadistic, vain individual who doesn't seem to care for anybody. Over the course of the series, Sunny, Klaus and Violet look for answers to a what feels like a million questions to them. This series is amazing, definitely my favourite series of books. It's packed with references to literature, Monty Python, you name it. And most of the time when it uses a new word, it puts it into context for easy reading. And hey, every good book has a terrible movie adaption, right?
- Hamclub13 (tbc)
JohnSteinbeck TheGrapesOfWrath The Grapes of Wrath Realist Drama, Classic This is one of numerous books that author John Steinbeck wrote during the Great Depression. This one specifically focuses on the Joad Family who have been evicted from their farm in Oklahoma due to the Dust Bowl which ruined their crops. The family, believing that there's nothing left for them in Oklahoma, proceed to pack everything they own, and head westward to California in the hope of well-paying jobs. Along the way, they face hardships, and other obstacles as they try to succed in a world that isn't doing any favors for them. A must-read for everyone!
- Thatkidwiththeafro (tbc)
Thecruciblebookcover The Crucible Tradegy, Drama

This is really powerful and it does have a lot of tradegies. It feels like it has a bit of mystery in it as well; there are some parts of this book that holds mysteries like how did that happen or who did that. The story's setting is at Province of Massachusetts in the early 1690s where Salem witch trails were a thing. In the beginning, a bunch of girls were in the middle of the woods dancing around a fire for an event of some sort, then the Reverend Samuel Parris spotted them, making all the girls to flee away. He comes into the spot where they were dancing and then he spotted another thing... his daughter, Betty Parris, was unconscious in his sight. What happened to Betty? Who were these girls dancing around the the fire? Were they worshipping the devil? Will someone be hanged? You'll have to see for yourself.
- Neon the Spelunker (tbc)

Gone Michael Grant Gone Supernatural, Horror, Sci-Fi, Dystopia, Thriller It's basically Under the Dome, but starring teenagers and if superpowers and mutants were involved. Also, unlike every single other YA novel, it's not focused entirely on romance. It's there of course, and some of its sequels base plot points on romance, but its not like Divergent or Hunger Games where the romance takes over everything else
- Mirai Moon (tbc)
FantendoHighlightWarriors Warrior Cats Dawn of the Clans - The Sun Trail Action, Adventure For all of the cat lovers, people who like the Warrior Cats series, and people who like skipping to the fifth arc and not being spoiled about anything, this book is for you. It follows a tribe of cats that end up splitting up with some of them staying in the mountains to essentially slowly starve to death, or going to find a new place to live that may or may not exist. On the way there, they face things like cars and rogues. If you end up liking this book, you should check out the other books in the series which is where the Anyone Can Die trope falls into place.

- TheFireDragoon (tbc)

512RYvvDVJL. SX315 BO1,204,203,200 Of Mice and Men Realist Drama, Classic Set in the Great Depression of America in the 1930's, the book dicusses and focuses on two men named George Big, and Lennie Small who travel from ranch to ranch around the state of California to look for work. They end up at their current one due to an incident in Weed, California, and they end up getting to know the rest of the ranch staff. The main focus of the book appears to be the dream of a ranch to be owned by George and Lennie, a dream that is also shared with the other ranchers who find out. Much like the Grapes of Wrath, the book is yet another masterpiece by John Stienbeck. - Thatkidwiththeafro (tbc)
Book-color-of-water The Color of Water Autobiography In the Color of Water, author James McBride switches between two different narratives to tell his story. The first of which is his own childhood in New York City in which he grew up impoverished alongside his 12 brothers and sisters under the care of their twice widowed single mother Ruth McBride. The second narrative is when McBride finally cracks down on his mother's identity and finds out that he and his siblings are biracial, due to their mother actually being Jewish, and her story about the racism she experienced, her abusive father, and the family that disowned her because of who she married, and the ethnicity of the man as well. A great book that shows family is family, no matter what color they are. - Thatkidwiththeafro (tbc)
Animal farm cover2014 Animal Farm Realist Drama, Fiction A group of Farm Animals get tired of their druken farmer always ingnoring them, and overthrow the farmer and his wife by kicking them out and running the farm themselves. Animal Farm is in a way a retelling of the Russian Revolution, even going so far as to attack the concept of Communism, with the pig Napoleon taking the place of Joseph Stalin, and becoming just as insane as he was. The book is a major attack on the concept of communism, and that the idea of a unified society where everyone is equal is non-existent when it falls into the wrong hands. -Thatkidwiththeafro (tbc)

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