Welcome to Fantendo Highlight!

Fantendo Highlight is a special part of Fantendo, where users can recommend any kinds of media to other users, such as movies, video games and even other Fantendo content. Users cannot submit the same thing that has been already submitted, but the user can add a comment in order to further support the content.

Any user can participate Fantendo - Highlights with only one exception when it comes to Fantendo content, in which you can only submit content that was not made by you.


  • No NSFW content.
  • If the content that you are submitting features mature content, that doesn't involves NSFW content, such as swearing, mention it on the description.
  • Do not remove any submissions or post comments like "no this game/song/series/etc sucks" on the submission.
  • Do not post any links that features illegal content, such as links to rom websites, webpages that shows the manga/series, etc.
    • Content such as fan translations for games can be linked to, however, that's the only exception, however only for patches, linking to patched ROMS is rule breaking.
  • Fantendo Content only: Do not post a submission from one of your creations. The purpose of the Fantendo Content section is that you can submit other people's creations so those creations get more attention, if you feel that those articles are being underappreciated.

Break any rules and you get a strike. Two strikes, you get temporarily banned from inserting content on the page. You can suggest extra categories for Fantendo - Highlights on the comments.

  • Not really a rule, but more like a suggestion when submitting content: sell the idea. Posting the synopsis of your submission won't really make people interested in the thing you are submitting, so when submitting something, tell what is really great about the show and why it is deserving of the people's attention on said content.



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