Fantendo - Gravitation is a series that takes place during the events of Victory when a space expedition to discover an ancient city that was literally blown off a whole planet. The space expedition goes off track and leads to them flying off track and out of the transmitter's way, leaving them without any help.


Main Characters

Character Description
Jordan Bowman The pilot of Gravitation, and seems to be a very, very good pilot. He loves to crack jokes as much as he loves piloting. Jordan is a bit of a crazy person when it comes to planning, and he must have everything planned and it must be that way, or he'll go crazy. 
Ashley Bush The scientist of the group, and was sent up to take some tests and bring back samples of futuristic items and/or things that just dont happen in the Milky Way. She has alot of anxiety attacks, and seems to ramble on and on.
Magnolia Coronado The engineer of Gravitation, and a really laid-back person overall, she takes pride in most of her stuff and usually really keeps calm in almost about any situation. Magnolia seems to always look after the other 3 crew members aswell as the stowaway dog they found. She is Serqekinetic (controls acid).
Arnold Alvarado Jordan's co-pilot, aswell as the person who keeps track of how the ship is doing and the supplies. Arnold is a rather quiet person, but when he does speak it's only for something important usually. He has a robotic eye from an experiment gone wrong when condensed sentilenium made contact with his eyes. He is cryokinetic.
Hippity Hippity is the second test of the 'Firball Program', and a stowaway on the Gravitation. She looks similar to Firball, except with a much longer tail. Like Firball, she is rather hyper and always playful. 


Episode Description
Liftoff The group takes off into space and begins to head for the ancient city.
Engine Failures The ship is hit by an unknown material and is sent flying off track, and loses track of where they are.
Dark Side of the Moon The group encounters a rather eery moon.
Extraterrestrial Encounter The ship steers itself straight into an alien war, and they're in the middle of it.
No Moon The 'eery moon' is found out to be more then what it seems..
??? Guest written by Exotoro.
Edge of Space Cantina The group finds themselves out of fuel and lands at a space-travelling Cantina, filled with ruthless bounty hunters, and one attempts to take some of their belongings, chasing them down
Phantom of the Second Moon The crew takes a break to go to a massive space gathering, and a group of masked aliens ruin the party.
Protocol The crew discovers an old droid who has coordinates to the lost city.
Vortex TBA
World Consumer Season Finale. TBA

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