YE stands outside with a portal open. He needed to stop Overman Corp. It might be a little late considering how much time he had been away, but he knew that Rhodes and Tulip could hold their own. He ran and jumped inside.

Iron Mask noticed the portal open up in the Wasteland and then something flew out of it. It tumbled down the mountain and the device it was carrying shattered into a couple of pieces. It was a green raccoon as he could see now.

Iron Mask: Hey, woah. A green raccoon? Scarlet, PAIN-T, Whitney, and Sydney come look at this!

The racoon gets up on it's feet and brandishes it's giant syringe.

Iron Mask: Easy buddy, we're not here to fight you.

The racoon sets down it's weapon.

Sydney: Looks like he's far from home... like dimensions away from it.
Iron Mask: Hey, we can fix the device and get him home. How about that, little buddy?

The racoon holds out his hand as Iron Mask shakes it.

YE will return in Wasteland Warriors.
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