Helen walks into the Oval Office. The chair spins to reveal a man there. The president of the United States.

Helen: You need me, President Independence?
President Independence: Well, I have become aware that you were the one that sent Unten to stop Six...
Helen: Yeah, that's kind of true...
President Independence: I have a great offer for you that I think you'll like. See, now that extraterrestial threats are a thing, I think we need a whole new department. I would like you to be the head of it.
Helen: Really?
President Independence: I'm serious. Unlike my rival Snaily Joe.
Helen: What do you want to call it?
President Independence: How about Forces Against National Threats?
Helen: F.A.N.T?
President Independence: Is that what it spells out? Oh well, makes just as much sense as FBI, am I right?

Helen forcibly laughs as she leaves the Oval Office.

Helen will return as the head of F.A.N.T in Fantendo - Gaiden
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