3.14 asked the room a question.

3.14: Hello?

No response.

3.14: Please talk to me. I’m not here to hurt you. I’m probably considered your ancestor or something to these people, but in reality we’re both people.

The screens stop flickering.

3.14: My name is 3.14 and I was created by A22 industries in a failed attempt to create a super solider. In actuality, they created a being that couldn’t harm a fly and named it stupid and tried to throw away their results. I don’t like them either.
???: oh… hi…
3.14: What’s your name?
???: Flic- Flicker.
3.14: Hi, Flicker.
Flicker: Hi, 3.14.

A woman appears, her image coming from the computers which now look their normal state.

3.14: How about we get out of here, okay?
Dr. Hex: Hold up, you can’t just do that!
Dr. Luna: Dr. Hex…

Flicker grits her teeth and runs towards Dr. Hex, punching him in the chest. It turns to rainbow colored noise and he sputters in agony. 3.14 looks horrified. Flicker looks at 3.14 and begins crying.

Flicker: It’s my fault!
3.14: No!

Two officers arrive in the building and attack Flicker with shock sticks, which seem to knock her out. As they grab her unconscious body, 3.14 attempts to run towards her before being grabbed by two officers.

3.14: She doesn’t understand anything! You can’t do this to her! She’s a living thing!
Dr. Hex: It’s best she’s shut down, 3.14.
3.14: No!

3.14 is shocked by the shock sticks and falls unconscious. Dr. Hex groans as he gets up, his torso still affected by the glitching effect that Flicker’s attack had on him.

Dr. Hex: Best to put him out of commision too. Luna would you do that for me please?

Luna is agape with shock herself but closes her mouth and nods.

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