3.14 stands knee deep in swamp water. It gives him a weird sensation that makes him feel at peace, even as insects pile up over the light he gives off. He closes his eyes and then opens them again to see two armed men wading through the swamp water. He attempts to get away from them but he trudges too slowly for the men and is grabbed and dragged up to the armored car.

3.14: Just let me be!
Armed Man 1: We can’t do that, unfortunately, at the moment.
Armed Man 2: A22 requires your services for something.
3.14: Oh, them.
Armed Man 1: We’ve actually know where you’ve been for a long time but we’ve neglected to get you at the request of Dr. Hex.
3.14: Then why do they need me?
Armed Man 1: There’s been a incident.
3.14: I’m already gone though.
Armed Man 1: A different one. Look, it’ll make sense when you arrive.

3.14 walks with the two armed men behind him. 3.14 notices that A22 is on lockdown, much like the time he escaped. The second armed man moves up to scan his retina to open a door, which weirds out 3.14.

Armed Man 2: What? You scan your eye to open the door. It’s pretty standard, isn’t it?
3.14: It’s not happy.
Armed Man 2: What?
Armed Man 2: laughs as 3.14 hears audible screaming coming from the retina scanner. The three walk inside the room.
3.14: What’s the deal?
Armed Man 1: Well, there was a… actually I probably shouldn’t tell you.
3.14: I don’t see why you need to bring me into this, then.
Armed Man 2: Okay, there’s another living program on the loose.
3.14: Why would you do that? Didn’t you “learn” from me?
Armed Man 1: Dr. Hex is not exactly what I would call sane.
3.14: That’s why you brought me here?
Armed Man 2: I’m guessing they want you to talk to the program or something, seeing as you’re both the sam-
3.14: You know, for a bunch of people that managed to bring a program to life, they aren’t very smart.
Armed Man 1: Yeah, that’s pretty true.

The three continue into the lab, which has been locked down almost entirely. 3.14 covers his ears as the Armed Man scans his eye and proceeds in, only to have door almost immediately shut behind the three as they enter.

3.14: Where is this program you guys were talking about?

3.14 glances over to the computer screens, which have all have a flickering pattern displayed over them. In a corner of the wall, something entirely alien is happening; a mess of pixels and numbers.

3.14: What did you guys create?
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