3.14 and Flicker walked down the concrete of the city. Flicker smiled, knowing she wasn’t a mistake.

3.14: Where do you suppose we go now?
Flicker: I dunno if there is a place for people like us.
3.14: There has to be.
Flicker: People hate what they can’t understand.
3.14: We can’t just go nowhere though.
Flicker: Maybe we could live with Luna at A22?
3.14: She seems nice but…

3.14 looks at the A22 Incorporated building.

3.14: I feel sad for anyone trapped there still. I doubt Luna has a choice about it either.
Flicker: I guess you have a point.
3.14: Say…
Flicker: What?
3.14: Who said it had to be on this planet?
Flicker: What do you mean, 3.14?
3.14: Maybe we don’t belong on Earth. Maybe we need to expand our horizons a bit.
Flicker: Another planet?
3.14: Right.
Flicker: I mean… that seems somewhat… hard to do.
3.14: Yeah, but I imagine it wouldn’t be too hard to get a rocket from A22, right?
Flicker: Do they even have one?
3.14: I’m willing to bet they do. When I was created in the confines of A22, they were working on an engine for interstellar travel. Unless they utterly scrapped it, it might still be feasible.
Flicker: Then let’s go, then!

The board meeting was stuffed with businessmen as Dr. Grant attempted to quiet down the room.

Dr. Grant: Nobody knows what happened to Dr. Hex, but until he returns we are not electing a new chairman in his place!
Businessman 1: Is A22 supposed to run on it’s own then?
Businessman 2: You cannot seriously expect the company to work when there is no man at charge!
Dr. Grant: I’m not, jesus christ!

There is a knocking at the door. Dr. Grant glances at it and then walks over to open it. To his surprise, he sees Master Binary.

Dr. Grant: Who the hell are you?
Master Binary: I was Dr. Hex, but you can call me Master Binary now.
Dr. Grant: Get out of here. Not putting up with jokers.

Master Binary flings Dr. Grant across the room, pinning his arms with a pair of green glowing 1s. He sits at the end of the table.

Master Binary: If you need a witness, you can ask Dr. Metal Mario, who’s currently busy with the machine. I don’t think we really need further clarification, do we?
Businessman 1: I suppose not.

Businessman 1 and 2 sit down. Master Binary creates a blackboard, manually typing in the words in binary himself.

Master Binary: We have a new focus here at A22, although it’s not a direction you didn’t expect. We’re putting full focus in the super-solider program.
Businessman 2: I’m not one to usually question bad business decisions but are you not aware of the amount of negativity towards the “Flicker” incident?
Master Binary: She was merely an error. We will ensure it never happens again.

The room goes silent as Master Binary begins outlining the new plan for the super-soldier project.

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