3.14 started to walk slowly towards Flicker, who began to back away.

3.14: I’m not here to hurt you!
Flicker: Stop!

3.14 stops as Flicker continues to back away.

Master Binary: Do you not see what she’s doing? She’s a mistake, 3.14. She turned me into one and you’re going turn into a bigger one if you don’t let me shut her down.
3.14: And why should I let you?
Master Binary: Stop being naive, 3.14. You’ve seen what she can do. There is nowhere on Earth where she can call home. She can only cause harm.
3.14: What makes you say that?
Master Binary: I suppose you don’t recognize the scientist she wounded when he’s in this form?
3.14: She’s scared and she needs to calm down. Flicker!

Flicker turns to 3.14 and begins sobbing, her tears transforming the road into data-bended garbage.

Master Binary: Thus begins the breakdown that ends the world.

3.14 eyes X-OLLY and transfers inside. X-OLLY awakens and begins to scale an office building in order to get closer to a floating Flicker.

3.14!X-OLLY: Flicker!
Flicker: Leave me alone!

The building corrodes even further. 3.14!X-OLLY jumps over some of the glitching, trying to get closer.

Flicker: Why won’t you leave me alone?

A spherical shock wave echoes, spreading her glitching effects further. Master Binary attempts to depart but realizes he is trapped.

3.14!X-OLLY: Just talk to me!
Flicker: Haven’t you done that enough? I’m just an error.

Flicker curls herself up as she floats higher.

Flicker: That’s all I’ll ever be.

3.14!X-OLLY looses his grip on the building, falling to the ground. We get an outside shot of the city, with it’s glitching effects beginning to spill out into the more rural areas outside of it.

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